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Catrina Rose said...

Simon came for a two hour shoot at my home. During the whole shoot I felt at ease, and we worked well together! Simon was great to work with, and produced great work! He knew exactly what he was doing :) together we worked through a few ideas and can't wait to see the work. Thank you simon for a lovely shoot and highly recommended

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Keira Lavelle

Each time I work with Simon it is a whole new creative adventure and we are always still buzzing and in the zone to keep going by the end of the shoot. Some ideas are pre-planned, some are spontaneous but every set always comes with a whole load of laughs and productivity to the point were we actually need to prize ourselves off one set so that some other material gets shot - I could shoot with Simon all day and it would still feel like a couple of hours, if that! His careful composure to get styles right means you will always see corking results.

He is a true legend of a character, I always enjoy catching up with him and already looking forward to the next opportunity. Models that have not yet worked with him should anticipate a wonderfully joyous shoot; I always feel utterly raring to go, relaxed and enthused when working with Simon. My recommendations still stand very highly of him. :)

Thank you Simon! Until next time. :D

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Rhianna Grey

I had a very enjoyable shoot with simon mid February in Manchester. Pre comms was excellent and we managed to achieve all ideas discussed plus squeezed in some more ideas on arriving at the apartment he booked in Manchester city centre. Beautiful apartment... The 3 hours had flown by and still we left feeling as though we could have shot for much longer. I highly recommend simon. He made me feel at ease, great to work with, and very focussed on achieving the some fab images with good use of lighting even when faced with a challenge of shooting something completely different.

Highly recommended.

I hope to work with simon again soon

Thanks simon


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Tia Roxanne

Simon was amazing! So funny yet so chilled out an actually laughed a lot too (I'm hoping that is not at me) but all the same it was great!

He came with a relaxed attitude and had a 'mood board' in which we could work with also!

I hope he liked working with me as I enjoyed every minute and hope to see him again soon.

Thanks Simon!

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Keira Lavelle

Simon is an absolute star. End of!

This was our second time shooting and he was every bit as lovely to work with as before - the only thing different was instead of working through some chic' sophisticated glam styles in a hotel location, we were splashing around in a waterfall. Sheer productive bliss and a great deal of fun. :)

Be it a controlled environment or battling with the sun and ever-changing environment, Simon tackles every shoot with a genius approach and comes out the other end with killer results on every occasion. Bring on round 3 - and models, if he is in your area then grab that chance of working with him.

A fabulous gent and another great whopping recommendation from me. :)

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Jodie Ellen

Had the pleasure of working with Simon as a last minute shoot on Friday

I am really glad I responded to his casting call- he is very politeness very easy to work with

Has some great ideas and the final results show how great of a photographer he is

Would happily recommend :)

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Sammi Tye said...

I had a great shoot with Simon yesterday. He's a lovely guy with a chilled out approach to shooting which made the shoot really enjoyable & fun. He contacted me a few days before the booking asking me to bring certain items. So nice to have some organisation!! I would definitely shoot with him again. :)

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Dani-Elle' said...

I recently enjoyed a most terrific shoot with Simon during his visit to the North and quite frankly he is simply wonderful, both in his articulate care to nail the best possible photograph and as a person.

Having initially bore the brunt of the hectic tea-time traffic in Manchester cutting into scheduled times, Simon was superby focused and swiftly cracked on with perfecting the setup to start seizing some beautiful images - yet all throughout maintaing a conscientious awareness for all the fine details on a technical level. I had considerable gratification working with him on some fabulous concepts he shared prior the the shoot (through top rate communications), without a doubt one of the most elaborate minds!

Further still Simon is tremendously fun company and by the end of the shoot we had chinwagged and chuckled so much and quite literally until I was back on my train home! A fantastic rapport is most definitely a guarantee with Simon. Very much looking forward to working together again very soon and a whopping great recommendation from me. :)


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Diamond Doll27

Well what can I say about our shoot :/ lol

I had checked the location earlier before the shoot and it was fine . But when Simon and I arrived we were practically forced out by a large Hurd of cows and bulls . We decided to walk up the road to another location which we managed to get some shots done .

It was cold and windy and the grey sky's were in full force :(

Even though we didn't get to shoot as long as we wanted to I can tell from the work we did do together what a great tog Simon is !!

So friendly and easy to get on with , the results speak for them selves and can't wait to see the images already :)

I recommend Simon to anyone wanting to shoot and can't wait for a bright clear day to shoot again :D xx

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Simon booked me at my home studio 2 days ago. The shoot was very last minute, we only arranged it an hour and a half before we started, but Simon's emails were clear and concise.

We shot some fashion nudes and art nudes, and Simon was friendly and easy to work with. :)

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Worked with Simon week or so ago.

He turned up at my home and I felt immediately comfortble.

He is very professional and we achieved some beautiful images :)

Looking forward to our next shoot

Emma Louise


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I worked with Simon at my flat yesterday. He is fun to work with and completely professional, The photos were looking good!

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WillowRose said...

I had my first shoot with Simon yesterday. His communication before the shoot was very good and he was organised. Considering Simon has only been working with models for 18 months, I wouldn't have known unless he would have told me! He was very professional, hardworking and reliable during the photo shoot. He made a lot of effort in ensuring I was happy with the pictures. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to other models, and I would work with him again!

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Revel Lynn

Yesterday was my third shoot with Simon James, he is fun, easy going and very enjoyable to work with!

I would highly recommend Simon. And would love to work with him again in the future! Thanks Simon! :)

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International Pinup Kayleigh Dunne said...

Releyable, easygoing guy who works hard to get shots right first time. Would recommend and welcome back anytime. Can't wait to see the shots. x

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