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Frequently I get asked why I take pictures.   Frankly, a lot of people take pictures.  There is nothing special about taking pictures.  The more appropriate question to ask me is “Why are you so passionate about taking pictures?”  Why am I so passionate about taking pictures, you ask?  Good question (this is called “leading by the nose”).  I take pictures to make a mark... and to leave one. Photography is important to me.  Photographs leave our legacy of how we see the world. This legacy is our mark.  I want to make and leave marks for myself and I want to make and leave marks for my clients.  Remembering is important. Making a mark is important.  YOUR mark is important. This is what I think about with every click of the shutter - making and leaving marks. It's remarkable that a photo I made may still be up on the wall 10, 15, or 20 years later as child goes off to college.  Parents will reflect on these years of life while looking at one photo. Photos are important.  Photos are powerful.  Photos make marks.



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