Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 33yr old Male model
  • 34in waist
  • 46in chest
  • 6'4" tall
  • 228lbs
  • USA shoe size 13
  • Blue eyes
  • Medium light brown hair
  • White skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Lifestyle, Nude and Portrait




I'm only just starting out in the modelling industry. I've always been interested in how the human form can be portrayed in photography and how endless images can be created. I'm yet to take part in a professional shoot but hopefully I can make connections on here to help expand and develop myself as a model.

I'm a very sociable person who prides them self on a hard work ethic and i'm able to adapt myself to situations and scenarios with ease. I think this makes me a willing model who would be more than happy to try out many different photography styles in front of the camera.

Any interest, feel free to send me a message or 'like' an image of mine.





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