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Kira Dawn

I'm gobsmacked at how good my shoot with Alex was. I saw his last minute casting and it was something I'd been dying to shoot for ages so I couldn't resist applying. So glad that I did. We shot on Saturday morning and by Sunday night he surprised me with a link to a tonne of gorgeous edited images from every set we did. The shoot itself was great, We made the most of the beautiful weather and went shooting as many flowers as we could find. Alex is relaxed, creative and easy to chat to and work with. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, highly recommended by me.Thanks Alex! Kira x

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Loved working with Al today. He was hard working and easy going. He gave direction well and had a good vision of what the shoot needed. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him to anyone.

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Stray Mac

Alex is just mint. The first time we worked together, we walked around a few different sites getting to know each other but he'd always have his eye on the surroundings. I felt like he managed to capture my own style and personality. The second time was in my house where he was persistent with the challenging lighting and homing in on the environment. Although he has ideas he allows for a lot of deviation and creativity. Did I mention he's dead cool and funny too?

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I'm a little lost for words at how awesome a photographer Alex is. The most interesting shoots I have done are with this guy right here, and he is able to capture the image you had in your head, but somehow, even better. I am always blown away with what we have created, and he makes it feel like teamwork. Highly recommend.

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Kristy Leönie

Alex was an absolute star from start to finish and would like to call him a friend! Great connection full of banter like me and we got some of the best images I have ever had taken to date! Such a lovely guy.. I was absolutely thrilled when I got my images back yesterday.. I had a serious omg moment!! We are looking to shoot again :).. I'm fussy who I work with but seriously this guy knows what's he's doing 20/10 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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Natasha Brammah

One of the best photographers I have ever worked with, very fun to shoot with and made me feel relaxed and at ease. I received an abundance of images at outstanding quality and couldn't be happier with how the shoot turned out. Recommended to anyone!

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Freya Celeste

Shot with Al for the first time on a sinister woodland shoot at Snake's Pass. Al was super friendly and chatty. We had a coffee waiting for another model who sadly didn't show, and had a nice chat while we waited. He drive us to the location. He'd put a lot of thought and effort into the shoot- the first conceptual one he'd tried where he took charge of the creative direction to this degree and he nailed it. He provided me with a dress and fox mask and parked next to a pub so I could get changed.

He was very clear in his direction and had a clear vision for the shoot and what he wanted to get out of it. Therefore he was very vocal and gave clear instructions when needed as to what he wanted from each shot/scene which is great for a model as you need to work together to get the shot. It made it easier for me to help achieve the vision.

He was creative and thought on his feet to try different things in various scenes that the woods provided us with.

I recieved a lot of edited pictures very quickly which was great. Pre communitarian was excellent as well as post communication! He even dropped me off back in town so I could meet my friend for a post-shoot lunch. He got the coffees in and also got me a hot chocolate to warm up afterwards. Very thoughtful and generous. Good chat and banter. All round very enjoyable morning!

He was funny, friendly, creative and professional. Great to work with and I'd like to work together again.

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I had a lovely little hang out/test shoot with Al last night - and it was a blast. He was fun, polite and really accommodating - clearly interested in my creative input.

He is an extremely creative guy himself, with a great eye for detail and cool edgy locations. He made me comfortable straight away and his enthusiasm was highly infectious - he had me jumping up and down excited to make art in no time - despite a long stressful day in the office.

He stayed up editing our images overnight, the legend! And the results are awesome - quirky edgy cinematic urban gorgeousness.

Seriously, book this guy before he's too busy to shoot with you! x

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