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Kylie Britain

My second shoot with Steve and this time I was invited to his beautiful home to shoot. A stunning Elizabethan style house with great natural light and decor and a beautiful garden for some outdoor images.

I arrived and Steve had coffee ready for me. We had a chat and a tour of his home and immediately I could see some fantastic areas to shoot in. We discussed outfits and got to work with a couple of sets. The natural light is just amazing and along with the outfits we chose, from what I saw on the back of the camera we were certainly getting some stunning images.

Steve provided me with lunch and was professional at all times, giving me a room to change in, drinks when needed and a gown to use between shots,his hospitality was spot on. He was always making sure I was ok (especially if we shot outside) and was just such a lovely guy. The 4 hours just whizzed by and we only touched the surface of the images you could get in his beautiful home.

I would highly recommend working with Steve and I look forward to working with you again some time in the future.

Thanks Steve for a fantastic day 😀

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯


Recommended by Sparkly Sparkles to all models...

Stevie Ball and DaveEd are always awesome to work for (2nd time working with these guys)...

I feel very comfortable around both of them...

They have me smiling or giggling throughout the day...

So many good ideas and help each other out to create that perfect shot...

Loads of props and unique backdrops...

Their images from the back of the camera are incredible...

Thank you for booking me...

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Victoria C

I have known Steve for a very long time now and I absolutely love working with him. you will see from my previous references on how each shoot goes but this shoot was by far the best.

With both our ideas the shoot was amazing and also the pics are the best we have ever done.

I really cant wait for our next next xx

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Amber Belle

It was lovely to work with Steve again at Daves pop up studio.

Just like last time, he bought along so many amazing props, outfits, jewellery and shoes - it was like walking into a boutique! We used some of the beautiful pieces for an Egyptian themed set which turned out beautifully.

I have loads of fun working with Steve, he is so creative and has bags of energy and enthusiasm when shooting which is highly contagious!

I would wholeheartedly recommend to other models :)

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I had a wonderful shoot with Stevie at a pop up studio where I had a pleasure to shoot with him too together with Dave. I loved the creativity, different props and it was so much fun and delight to shoot with them both.

Highly recommended. Thank you Stevie and looking forward to our future shoots 😀

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Cariad Celis

I recently had a fantastic morning shooting with Steve and his friend Dave at their wonderful 'pop-up' studio.

They bought with them an array of props, backdrops, lighting... everything you could wish for, along with an abundance of ideas.

Steve has a collection of jewellery the likes of which I have never seen and having the chance to rummage through it all and model with it was a privilege and made my day!

Both Dave and Steve were loads of fun to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend either of them and, of course, to work with them again together or individually.

Thank you for a lovely day and I'm so happy with what we created together!

Cariad :)

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I worked with Steve last month and I must say he was a joy to work with!...

He attended a shoot as a duo with DaveEd and they worked so well as a duo.

Bouncing inspiration & ideas off each other was lovely to see!...

He also made sure I was looked after throughout the shoot with cups of tea and such!...

And the amount of gorgeous props!...

Anyway we had a fabulous shoot which absolutely flew by with laughs and wonderful images!...

Thanks again Steve... ! I would recommend working with Steve to other models and I hope to get the chance to shoot with him again in the future!

Arabella x

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Second shoot with Stevie this week at Pop up studio hosted by Dave. It was great working with both of them!

Stevie is a joy to work with! He had plenty of ideas, brought along lots of costumes, dresses and fantastic pieces of jewellery. We had amazing time shooting with plenty of breaks and good chat.

Stevie was professional and enthusiastic all the way through, kind and respectful. Easy to get along and fun to work with! Would definitely recommend to any other models and I look forward to our next shoot together in the future!

Thank you Stevie

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯


OMG where to start with this reference...

If there is such a thing as the perfect shoot...this was it!

I noticed some really good references on their ports and thought I would contact them...so glad I did!

Steve and DaveEd work extremely well together (so I have decided to give them the same reference)...

I hadn't done a shoot in 4 days, so I had loads of energy and enthusiasm haha...

Steve and DaveEd are absolutely fantastic to work for...easy to get on with, super friendly, chatty, gentlemen (they were both always making sure I was warm, plenty of tea and not hungry), professional and respectful...

They are both soooooooo good at getting the lighting really good (totally different styles of lighting, which is one thing that makes it so fun to work for these guys)...

They brought loads of props that worked so well and the dress just made my hips look even more sexy haha...

We did a mixture of portrait, fashion, nudes and bodyscapes...

The time went so quick...

Thank you to both of you for booking me...

They are the best and I hope to see you both again...

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Yet another great shoot with Steve at daves pop up studio.

Very professional and great ideas.

Very down to earth and great to get along with.

100% recommend him to all.

Enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks again louise

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I had a wonderful shoot with Stevie yesterday.

This was my second time working with him and if I have anything to do with it - it won't be the last :D

Stevie is a delight to work with, a very competent photographer with some great ideas.

I was very fortunate in that he brought along his jewellery collection for me to use. He has some fabulous pieces - a collection to be proud of.

Stevie is a gentleman through and through, kind courteous and fun.

I would 100% recommend Stevie. Thank you!!!! xx

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Amber Belle

I had my first shot with Steve at DaveEd pop up studio and it was bags of fun. Steve is fantastic company and has a wonderfully happy and upbeat personality. Our time shooting together went so fast because it was just so much fun! We were never stuck for ideas and it really helped that Steve had so many gorgeous outfits and shoes with him on the day!

We have already spoken about out next shoot and I'm really looking forward to it! I would recommend Steve whole heartedly if you want to have a really fun shoot with an extremely talented photographer

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Kylie Britain

Had my first shoot with Steve on location today. Steve is a lovely guy, professional, polite and very respectful. Steve has vast boxes of different outfits and accessories which was fantastic and we shot with some of them. He is very creative and full of ideas which makes the shoot very enjoyable. The four hours just whizzed by and the conversation just flowed. He also brought along coffee which was an added bonus!! Steve showed me the back of the camera throughout our various sets and from what I saw we got some fab images. I would highly recommend working with Steve and I hope to work with him again soon. Thanks Steve for a fantastic shoot.

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Yet again another fantastic shoot with Steve.

He comes up with some amazing ideas and great outfits.

Always look forward to working with Steve and seeing what he has next to bring in his amazing box's :)

He is very down to earth, a true gentleman and amazing photographer.

Thanks again for a great shoot

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Highly recommended!

I had my third shoot with steve, and definitely there be many more.

Was a joint photographer shoot,with fantastic equipment backdrops .

Steve is a true Gentleman, Enthusiastic-respectful, but also a creative professional and accomplished photographer.

Brilliant communication all through the shoot, knowing how to me with profection.

Steve is such a joy to work with, we always get lots unique creative images that’s for sure!

Thankyou for a fun - outstanding shoot steve,

Kind regards,

Violettacurves 😘

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It was a pleasure meeting Steve for the first time on a joint-photographer shoot, this week. He's a really pleasant guy to work with, and his lovely personality helped to make the shoot thoroughly enjoyable.

Steve has a great eye for an image, and that allowed us to achieve a good range of sets and styles.

He is very professional and extremely respectful to the model.

100% would recommend!

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Well yet again a fantastic shoot with Stevie at daves pop up studio amazing set up by all.

Again a very professional photographer, an all round amazing person.

Had some amazing ideas so fun and creative.

I 100% recommend him to all.

Thanks again for the shoot.

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I've worked with Steve quite a few times over the past 3 years. We've attended workshops, tutorials and done a number of joint shoots together. He's always very polite and respectful to the the models he's working with, very friendly and approachable and an asset in any situation. Steve recently joined me in a shoot at my new 'Pop Up Studio'. He was a tremendous help on the day, he arrived early and helped with setting up the studio, bought some fabulous props to use during the shoot, worked beautifully with Misuzu, our model for the day, took some fabulous pictures and he stayed and helped clear everything away after the shoot. A gentleman, a good friend and an excellent photographer. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve to all models studio owners and togs.

I'm looking forward to working with Steve again soon.

Thanks for all your help Steve, you're a star.

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I had a shoot with Steve a couple of weeks ago at Studio G in Redditch.

Steve is an absolute delight to be around and very easy to work with! I feel like we got some great images in the short time we had together and I definitely hope to work with him again soon.

I'd happily recommend Steve to any model :D

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I worked

I worked with Steve for the first time yesterday at Myk Studio G’s studio at a model day. He booked 4 hours with me and we had an amazing time! Time flew, we had fun and created lots of images in a relaxed atmosphere. Great personality and 100% professional. Lots of great pictures from the back of the camera and I am very impressed by the edited images I saw so far.

I would love to work with him again, Highly recommended! Thank you Steve :)

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