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Rachelle Summers

Had a fab time working with Sean on my recent trip south! Unfortunately we couldn't get outside as we had hoped but we worked through several sets indoors instead and got some lovely images together :)

He was really easy to work for and a joy to be around. Great company and felt totally comfortable throughout, happily recommend him and hope to work with him in the future :)

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Jen Bailey

worked with Sean for the first time on sunday at my home studio. we were hoping to shoot outside but as it raind we had to shoot mostly indoors. Sean had lots of ideas at short notice tho and had creative ideas to use the studio space difrently. he helpd me to set up the screens and backdrops and we got some realy good intresting art nude shots including sport/athletic themes. and we did get a few outside in the end too. Sean is very professional great photographer easy to work and get along with and gave direction to get the right shots. I would definatly work with him again and would recomend him to others.

thanks jen x :) x

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Artemis Fauna

I had a brilliant half day shoot with Sean last week. The sun was shining so we managed to get some bonus shots in the stunning yellow field not far from my place.

Sean's comms were great- our shoot was postponed from February but he kept in touch and shared ideas over the months.

Sean is easy to work with and is a really nice guy- he knows what he wants but there is also plenty of room for suggesting ideas too! I look forward to working with him again :) Recommended!

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Roswell Ivory

I worked with Sean last week and had a great day!

He's easy-going, with plenty of ideas and a great indoor location to shoot from in case the weather didn't want to play (which it didn't). ;)

He's also really interesting to talk to and comes highly recommended by me. :D

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Diamond Doll27

Fantastic shoot with Sean today ! He was on time and pre shoot communication was spot on .

Great guy to work with , conversation flowed easily and he was such a gentlemen making sure I was warm enough when the temperature dropped ! :(

All in all the shoot was great and I can't wait to see the results :D thanks Sean great shoot x

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I had the pleasure of working with Sean for the first time recently and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. He was a total professional and gent through out and we gelled together nicely. I would very much like to work with him again in the future, as i believe we can get some great shots together. I highly recommend working with Sean if you get the chance.

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Fizzy said...

Sean and I worked together on a very early (5am) shoot while I was touring the South. Sean is a pleasure to work with, always concerned for my safety and privacy while we avoided various dog walkers and cyclists, and even brought along snacks in case my energy started to flag. He's also very obviously invested in creating beautiful art nude images and gave wonderful direction throughout. I would happily recommend him to other models.

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Jadedred said...

I've worked with Sean many times, great guy, friendly, reliable and respectful.

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I've worked with Sean a few times now and what can I say. He's lovely! Very professional, extremely friendly, someone who I would work with again and again :) I would happily recommend him to anyone!

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Natural Happy Woman

CLASS ACT!! Very happy to recommend Sean:

-polite and considerate, with a genuine interest in producing great images, and ability to carry off his ideas. Lovely images, especially considering the usual difficulties of working around members of the public- you have to be on the ball to get the shots under those conditions. We have had a few shoots now, I would work with him again and again... I have stayed with Sean, and we've also done some funky pictures with Smurfs :>) ....so he's no one trick pony, but blimey, he's location art nudes really are very good aren't they!

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Elle Black

Another amazing shoot with Sean in my Paddington home. He really makes amazing use of space / back drops given and flatters the location as well as the model brilliantly! Sean is very creative and professional as well as a lovely chap - extremely highly recommended and can't wait to (hopefully) work with him again!

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Sophia Delane

I had a shoot with Sean back in December, it was a christmas themed shoot and was lots of fun. I really loved all his excellent ideas to make it querky and festive. Definately recommended and hope to work with sean again soon. Thanks, Sophia x

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Tansy Blue said...

I've worked with Sean twice now. I've found that he makes beautiful images and is a hell of a lot of fun to talk to - the second time we shot we spent more time eating biscuits (okay, I ate most of the biscuits...) and gossiping than actually shooting. :) He's lovely and makes pretty pictures, work with him!

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Elle Black

Just did a dance themed shoot in a dance studio with Sean and it was brilliant! He has some fantastic ideas and I feel we collaborated really well. He works amazingly well with lighting, including natural, to create some really intense images. Highly recommended and I certainly hope to work with him again soon!

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Gin and Tonic said...

I had a fantastic shoot with Sean, I found him to be extremely curteous and polite with a good sense of humour too. Sean gave good direction and was clear at explaining the image he wanted to achieve, I would not hesitate in recommending him.

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Vickie Marie said...

Sean is a very polite, friendly photographer who has a clear idea of what he wants. He let me know in plenty of time and gave me time to prepare for the shoot. He was considerate to me throughout the shoot, chatty and made me feel at complete ease. Highly recommended :D

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I can't actually remember the shoot date but we have worked together before twice including once at a bunker group shoot. Sean's work has come very far and has got a real style to it. He is professional, relaxed and produces great results. I do not hesitate to recommend or work with him again!

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I worked with Sean in 2008 at his place in Leigh-on-Sea.

Sean was laid back, professional and easy to work with. The shoot resulted in some brilliant images that are still worthy of a place in my portfolio.


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