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Due to the current circumstances we are CLOSED to all.


SCW Photographic Studio - Rotherham South Yorkshire S648BH

Our studio has 4 main areas, an Infinity Curve, Large Sets Room, Dungeon and Wet Room.

We allow virtually anything at the studio as long as it is legal, photography and videography.

The studio is on a private industrial estate with free parking. We have heating throughout so even in the winter it is warm.

Pictures are up to date August 2019


Infinity Curve Area - Large 3 dimension Infinity Curve

8 Colorama Backdrops - 2.72m wide. Pink, Purple, Black, Red, Yellow, Grey, Blue Screen, Green Screen.

Sets Area - Main Studio Sets room, consisting of 7 different sets,

These being a bedroom set, dressing table, dressing room area, office, living room sofa, chaise longue and chair.

We also have a large free standing purple box for modelling in.

Wet Area - 3m wide Rain Curtain / Rain Bar with Hot water.

Roll Top Bath Set which can be filled with water, bubbles applied if necessary. Large Double Shower (with screen), 

Dungeon Area - St Andrews Cross, Bondage Bed, Upright CageTau Chair, Whipping Bench.

All equipment for Bondage Shoots etc

Hire Costs

£30 per hour inclusive of weekends. A booking fee will need to be paid to secure the booking via PayPal or bank transfer.


Equipment & Facilities

6 x Gemini 500R flash heads including flash tubes with modelling lamps

3 x 90cm Silver/White Umbrella.

4 x 60x80cm Softboxes, 2 x 35x160cm Softboxes, 1 x Octagonal Softbox with removable grid

2 x Continuous Lights for video work.

1 x Beauty Dish 60cm with Honeycomb Grid

Various trigger systems for 1, 2 or 3 flashheads. 2 x Tripods for Video Work

1 x Set & Stage Wind machine, Ladders, Snoot, Smoke & Bubble machine

There is a large dressing room area for up to 3 models

Kitchen with Tea & Coffee, Fridge, Toaster & Microwave, Wi-Fi Access, Free Parking

Private Customer Toilets, Iron & Ironing Board, Shower & Towels


Contact 07490705840 via text to enquire regards bookings or email



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