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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 6 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
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Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Bondage, Cosplay, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Topless


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Greetings and welcome to my little shrine.

I've been on here for a couple of years, mainly to seek out models I'm interested in working with, while I work on my shooting and editing skills. Now I want to actually start working with people.

I'm primarily interested in cosplay, art nude, alternative fashion and fetish/bondage/kink-friendly photography. I'm also interested in doing portrait and general modelling photography, particularly if it's with someone who wants to get comfortable with a photographer before they'll do more revealing styles of shoots.

I would say that I have a preference for shooting outdoors (although with the Scottish weather being the way it is I'm quite used to shooting indoors as well). I enjoy shooting in a wide variety of locations, from natural to urban to the unusual and would be very keen to do shoots involving waterfalls, abandoned buildings and graveyards. Check out my collections of inspiring and favourite images for more ideas of what I'm interested in.

I'm currently looking for mainly trade work as a way to build up my portfolio and get experience of working with models. I do work a full time job and currently rely on public transport to get around so I would need to factor those things in when arranging a shoot, however I'm happy to hear from you no matter how far away you are. I will always respond to messages, usually within 24 hours.

Which reminds me: I appreciate that some models may not be completely comfortable working with a new photographer and I am very happy if you want to bring a buddy/chaperone. Safety is important and I want whoever I'm working with to be completely comfortable wherever and whatever we're shooting.

My story:

I've always been interested in photography. As a kid, I was always the one to volunteer to take the holiday snaps. I finally took the plunge to get my own DSLR in 2013 and was hooked from the moment I took my first couple of shots.

While on holiday in 2014 I was introduced to two lovely local girls who suggested doing a photoshoot with them. After a couple of hours and over 100 photos later, I realised that I wanted to do more than just taking snaps of friends and sharing holiday pics on FB.

So, over the past two/three years, I've spent some time improving my photography and editing skills (always keen to learn more though) and getting a feel for what kind of photography I like. Now, I'm here and ready to steal a little piece of your soul... eh, I mean, capture beautiful images....




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