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Sandon Studio is one of the largest and busiest shoot locations in the UK. It comprises a twenty-room house, most of which is available for shoots, and 1.5 acre mature and very private garden with lots of features, including trees and outbuildings, and extensive parking areas. Originally built in 1580, with additions in 1760 and 1847, the house retains many of its original features. Some rooms contain built-in sets and others have movable furniture and lots of props. There is also a fully-equipped dark room. Most windows are VERY tall, thus providing an abundance of natural light throughout the building. There is a kitchenette for the exclusive use of users, with milk, tea, coffee, biscuits and crisps provided free of charge. It includes a sink with hot and cold water, a kettle, a table-top fridge and a microwave oven. The room also contains the original 19th century range oven.

Due to the size of the site, we specialise in catering for large groups of thirty+ people, but also welcome individual photographers who bring just one model with them. We are open seven days a week.

Disabled access: The ground floor, which includes  several rooms/spaces, the kitchenette and toilet, is accessible to wheelchairs

About us:

Lizzie was a highly-acclaimed international model for eight years and is now a prize-winning photographer. She also appeared in the film ‘The Look of Love’, starring Steve Coogan, and has written a book on modelling (The Wise Girl's Guide to Freelance Modelling) which has now sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. It is used on model training courses both in the UK and abroad. Over the last two years, her photographic work has expanded to offer a full menu of choices, including family portraits and weddings. 

Tony was originally a teacher who then became director of a teachers’ centre in London, offering courses and events for those working in education. He broadcast on BBC Radio Four and gave presentations at a World Congress for educationists. He went on to become a school inspector in the Midlands, and then built a property business. He has published several books, including one on property management, and a number of novels. He has travelled the world photographing wildlife and urban street scenes, but defers to Lizzie as the expert in photography. 

Lizzie and Tony have been together since 2010, and now have a son, Freddie.

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Current sets include:

Arabian Nights: lots of floaty curtains/sashes, exotic style daybed/table and a carved mangowood screen.

Piano room/ Office room:This room has 12'6" ceilings contains a Victorian walnut piano, antique desk with various oddities, stripped oak wooden floor and plenty of open space. This room is large enough for groups to use for teaching or use as a base for large shoots. When we get groups of 20+ they often use it as a dressing room or room to put equipment and have lunch. It is next to the Kitchenette. 

French Boudoir (Red room): 19th Century walnut French bed, Victorian silk screen, traditional red rug, and burgundy chesterfield sofa. Antique furniture, classy paintings, including 15thC Venetian brothel scene, and antique oak panelling on the walls.

1960's style 'Mono' Sitting room- Black,white and grey chequered floor, grey modern modular upholstered chair, white and chrome funky swivel chair, chrome arc lamp and bentwood coffee table. 

Art-Deco living room: 1930's French Bergere vintage sofas, wind up gramophone in cabinet, with musty beige rug and pale old peeling wallpaper.

Botanical Boudoir: Study bedroom, desk, 1920' typewriter, antique brass bedstead, spinning wheel, botany posters. The room is 12'6" high and has very tall west-facing windows with 19th century shutters.

Models' Dressing Room/Pink Boudoir: Day bed, Chinese bamboo bookcase, cast iron fireplace, rack containing negligee items, small satinwood dressing table with mirror, 19thC wallnut dressing table, standard lamp

Vintage Hallway: Grandfather clock, antique checkerboard quarry-tile floor and red velvet love-seat as well as hat stand, gold overmantle mirror with 18th century carvings, and very large large fireplace.

Gentleman's living room: Antique panelled walls, Leather brown chesterfield furniture, rustic stone fireplace and regency style curtains.

Bathroom: Bright and airy bathroom with white roll-top bath, large walk in shower and plenty of natural light. Oak flooring, traditional style fixtures and fittings. You can use the bath and shower with water in them- they are fully working! We ask that you bring your own towels.

Middle hallway: Contains various old photographs, antique cabinet with old cameras. The glass doors are also good to shoot through and up against.

The attic rooms (natural light from above): a grungy bed, as well as a spinning wheel, fantastic floor with ancient planking, and other props.

X-Pole Stage Lite: We have a professional pole dancing pole on a portable stage, which can be used inside in some of the rooms or used outside if the weather is fine. If you require this to be moved please notify us in advance and allow 10 - 15 minutes for it to be moved within a shoot. The pole is a chrome 45mm pole with spinning or static modes. 

Cellar: Large, dry cellar with original pub wine/beer stone storage racks, original 1580 stone work, medieval, dark and dingy.

Staircases/Halls: There are three staircases, wide hallways, and some ceilings are twelve feet six inches high.

Garden: The garden is 1.5 acres and completely private.  It has a wide variety of trees - over 100 in number - (one in a fallen, horizontal position), and lots of different levels. There are two sets of stone steps, old walls, a pond with four Aylesbury ducks, a garden swing, a medieval stone sarcophagus,  a semi-derelict summer house, and extensive lawns. 

Studio room and inventory:

The Studio is situated in the attic, and is 5.5 metres wide. It includes the following equipment:


2 X 500R Bowens lights (S-Type fit)

2 X 200R Bowens lights (S-Type fit)

1 X 600w battery pack with two heads- one is an S-Type fit regular flash head the other is a Ringflash head Please specify if you want to use this in your emails. This can be used outside.


1 X S-Type fit 70cm beauty dish with white interior and removable grid

1 X S-Type fit 20cm long reflector, with silver interior and removable grid.

1 X S-Type fit standard spill kill/ reflector with grids

2 x S-Type fit medium strip boxes with removable grids.

1 X S-Type fit small square soft box with grid.

1 X 1m square S-Type fit soft box with grid.

1 X S-Type medium size softbox

Universal white, black and silver umbrellas.

S-Type fit barn doors which clip onto standard spill kill/reflector. They have removable grid and gels.

1 X S-Type fit snoot with removable grid.

Small silver/gold/ white/ black Reflector and stand, also two large and two small polyboards

There are radio triggers which means the lights are all compatible.

The lights will also work with infra-red triggers.

There are three vinyl backdrops: in black, mid grey, and white and three paper backdrops in carnation pink, ceramic blue, and beige. There is also a portable backdrop stand which can be used to suspend material/ curtains etc.

Hiring Charges:

The hire charges are as follows:

For two/three people (usually one photographer and one/two models): £25 an hour, £80 half day, £130 full day

For four people: £45 an hour, £130 half day, £220 full day

For five people: £50 an hour, £170 half day, £300 full day

For six - thirty people: £70 an hour, £240 half day, £400 full day. Groups of six or more will have full and exclusive use of the whole site. For a group of twenty this works out at only £20 per head for the whole day.

Please note that this is a HUGE venue, so it is capable of hosting several photoshoots simultaneously without any need for sharing. Only those paying £400 get exclusive use of the whole site for the day.

Terms and Conditions:

PLEASE NOTE:  We are having problems with people who leave rooms and areas in a mess. Please leave the place you shoot in EXACTLY as you found it. Persistent offenders will be banned from future use of the studio. Thank you.

Payment: Payment should be by bank transfer at the time of booking, or by cash on arrival.

Cancellations: There is no penalty for the cancellation of studio bookings (except for 'no-shows' without notice), but any event organised by us where we have hired models, e.g. a 'studio day', requires a two week cancellation notice. Unless we can fill the cancelled slot(s), the deposit paid will be forfeited. Where the cancellation is within 48 hours of the event, or there is a 'no-show' on the day, the cancellation fee is 100% of the booking fee.

Studio time: The normal studio day is 9.00am-5.00pm

Arrival/Departure time: If you haven't been before it's fine to arrive 15 minutes early for a walk around, otherwise, please don't arrive more than a few minutes earlier than the time you've booked. Remember this is our home and we may be eating or doing other things prior to your booking. If you need extra time to set up and pack away then it is better to book extra time. The time you book should include time for setting up and clearing up!

Parking: Please park at the rear of the house, taking care not to obstruct others, then enter the house through the front door.

Chaperones: We don't allow chaperones except with models under 18. Chaperones, MUST remain with the shoot at all times, or wait in their car in the parking area. Chaperones must not be left alone to wander around the site unsupervised.

Shoes: In wet weather, please leave outdoor shoes in the front hall, and change into indoor shoes. Models are asked not to stand on furniture or beds in high heels.

Furniture: Please take care not to place hot/wet cups on French-polished furniture. Please replace any furniture or other items you move during your shoot.

Towels and use of the bath: We provide towels for models whom we invite to take part in our residential weekends. All other models are expected to bring their own towels. If a model wishes to hire a towel from us, this can be arranmged at a cost of £5.00. Models making unauthorised use of our towels will incur a charge and will be banned from future use of the studio. If oil is used in the bath or shower, it MUST be cleaned off afterwards so the the area is safe for the next user.

Lights: Studio lights are included with your booking, but it is best to specify that you want them when booking, to make sure what you need is available. There are written instruction for use of the lights in the studio, but if you need help in setting up, please tell us at the time of booking so that we can arrange to be present. There is no charge for 5-10 minutes of assistance at the beginning of your shoot, but if you need more help than this, we suggest you book one of our one-hour tutorials.

Catering: As described above, the kitchenette is fully-equipped for all your catering needs. Please wash up when you have finished. If you wish to have a buffet lunch provided, this may be possible, given enough notice, but please note that there is an excellent pub – The Dog and Doublet – only 100 yards from the house which serves first-class food. There is also a village shop close by which sells hot snacks.

Nudes outside: If shooting nudes outside, please be careful not to shoot on the part of the back driveway which is visible from the road. This is our home and we have to live here after you've gone, so we don't want to cause offence to our neighbours. It is best to shoot outdoor nudes in the rear garden, which is completely private, or in any part of the buildings. Bookings from those shooting 'adult' work are also welcome.

The Coach House

The coach house is now fully-restored and available for hire. Dating back to 1580, the building retains many historic features, including old beams and stone walls, but it also has 21st century comfort – underfloor heating, luxury bathrooms, and a farmhouse-style kitchen. Many items of furniture are antique, and make beautiful backdrops for photography.

The coach house has three bedrooms, two offering EITHER twin beds OR a king-size bed, and the third offers a trundle bed with a pull-out option for a second single bed, so there is sleeping room for up to SIX people. There is a good WIFI signal throughout the building, and a TV and DVD player. 

We envisage that it will particularly appeal to models and photographers who may wish to use it as a base or shooting location, or groups of models who also want to use the main house for studio days, or it may also appeal to photographers who bring their own model(s) and want to stay over. The advantage of staying over is that evening use of the main house is also available.

The cost of hiring the coach house is £150 per night (minimum let two nights). It can also by hired by the hour or day (£25 per hour, £80 per four hours, £130 per eight hours), but a £40 cleaning fee is payable regardless of the length or the shoot.

If the main house and garden is also needed the daily rate rises to £280 for up to three people, more for larger groups. 

You can see photos, and more detail here:

Enquiries are welcome from individuals and groups who would like to discuss the options. Please get back to us.

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