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s-Elfie ~ s-Elf Portrait

s-Elfie ~ s-Elf Portrait / Photography by Sam Stormwolf, Model Sam Stormwolf, Makeup by Sam Stormwolf, Post processing by Sam Stormwolf, Taken at Sam Stormwolf, Hair styling by Sam Stormwolf, Artwork by Sam Stormwolf / Uploaded 17th April 2018 @ 11:09 AM

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I was playing with face paint and working on the theme of a Dark Fairytale character. I was thinking creature of the forest, not like an actual creature but like when you feel as if you are part of the forest and you blend in, you become a part of it. The face paint can be seen as tears or war paint, the war against the destruction of our amazing forests, woodlands, and other natural environments. The tears are from the sadness at what has already been lost. I've been deliberately growing my beard long just so that I can create more self-portraits! This was my first time ever using face paint and I hope to do more with it during the coming year!

Self Portrait © Copyright 2017 Sam Stormborn Ormandy

s-Elf Portrait ~ sElfie ~ © Copyright 2018 Sam Stormborn Ormandy