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Ginger Galore

Had a fantastic shoot with Ruth today. After answering her casting call for a creative ballet shoot, I jumped on the idea! Pre-shoot comms were fantastic and Ruth was happy to give me pose ideas via a moodboard, as well as assisting me with outfit choices that would work best for the shoot.

Ruth is very friendly and very easy to work with. I felt completely at ease during the entire shoot. Ruth worked with me during the 'en pointe' shots, and was happy to accomodate with counting down to get the action shots right. She was happy to direct as well as take on my ideas in the ballet side of things. Ruth came with a head full of ideas and I hopefully assisted in making them come to life!

I've seen a few of the shots during the shoot, and I am SO excited to see the rest! I would happily work with Ruth again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much!

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Naomi Leeanne

Did a funfilled shoot today with Ruth. She came well prepared with lots of ideas but was also open to suggestions. Am really looking forward to seeing the results and would work with Ruth again.

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Had a shoot today with Ruth, despite prompt and thorough messages there was an oh so slight miscommunication which came to light last minute but it was all good :)

Ruth is absolutely lovely and a delight to work with. She had clear and concise ideas about what she wanted to shoot. She came very prepared complete with homemade props (excellent quality) I love a well prepped and planned shoot. The time went very quickly, too quickly and sadly we ran out of time for one of her ideas, although on the plus side, the weather was on our side despite the forecast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ruth, she is keen to learn, keen to experiment and open to suggestion. A delight to work with. Thank you

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Constance Ravenhearst

Did a two part mua for this lovely lady. Was a intersting amd inventive shoot. With clear ideas of the shots she wanted. Would recomend this young lady.

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Had a great day with Ruth, she is very friendly and skilled, I was really satisfied with my pictures.

I can recommend working with her :)

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Sara Ramos

Ruth is a easy-going person, very versatile and easy to work with. I really enjoyed working with her, she is very talented and trustworthy :) I highly recommend her work x

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