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Ruby is such a lovely girl, the shoot was so relaxed and we shot some beautiful images. She moves effortlessly and needs little instruction and because of her ability to give me interesting poses she makes my pictures interesting. I would would with her again, and i would recommend her to you. She's brill! - Jenny James - Rosebud

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I had the best fun working with Ruby. Pre-shoot comms were excellent. She arrived on time and ready to go. Although she is relatively new to the business, she was professional, creative and responsive. I would definitely recommend her. I am editing the pictures right now - so far, so fantastic. She looks absolutely lovely. Oh, did I mention that she is smiley, bubbly and laughs a lot?

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Ruby is amazing!

Se catches the light, she fits into frame, she's got the look, she perfectly styled her clothes based on the moodboard I sent.

We had a very easy-going photoshoot, and hopefully I could submit the photos to some magazine.

Definitely recommended.

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Tris Cole

Ruby was a terrific model for our speedlight course on Sunday... although I myself wasn't able to be there I had really positive feedback from all involved and would be happy to book her again. She responded to my casting call communication was good,she arrived on time and performed well,what more can you ask for!?!. Thanks

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She really is good at expressions and this is a reason I got lot of nice shots. Her skill of giving different expressions makes her different from others.

Overall, photoshoot went quite well. I did not want to muss another opportunity so I asked her for second shoot.

No one should miss opportunity to work with sweet, gorgeous and talented Ruby. Highly recommended.

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I got to meet Ruby at a ProjectX photography day and she is such a sweetheart. She is very talkative and easy to get along with. She arrived on time and looked absolutely stunning in her hair, make up and costume.

I would highly recommend her!

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Georgia Nicole Paxton Model & HMUA

Ruby is firstly just a lovely girl and so easy to work with.

As her hair and makeup artist I found her an 'ideal model'. She has a perfect complexion, so there really wasn't much need for colour correction. She wasn't afraid to start up a convosation and asked lots of questions about what I expected from the shoot. But mainly, she she sensed when I was concentrating or needed her still and she adapted.

Prior to the shoot she was due to get her hair cut, she kindly checked with me to see if it would be more preferable for me if she leaves it till after the shoot. Once again adapting and giving a helping hand, to the extant a model possibly could.

On the shoot I stayed with her to keep an eye on touch ups, hair and costume positioning. Her manner in front of the camera was ideal in my eyes, she embrased the look and feel I was aiming for throughout every shot.

We spent the entire day, throughout hair, makeup and the photoshoot duration outside. Ruby was wearing a heavy, black, period dress and it was a 27degree summer day. But she coped brilliantly and NEVER complained or let her standard slip at all. The photographer noted on her individually, that she could hold a pose fozen for a great period of time, being a fantastic benefit for him.

Honestly, I will be recommending her as model for All my future jobs.

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Unico MUA

I had the pleasure of meeting Ruby on a period drama style shoot. I honestly feel as though I have met her before however I didnt have the pleasure of doing her makeup and hair- though I fo hope to work with her as she is stunning. She is such a lovely person to interact with and geuinely friendly. Ruby im gonna glam you one day.

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I had a fabulous shoot with Ruby. She looked absolutely stunning and has a lovely personality, the shoot flew by and was so enjoyable. Excellent comms before and during the shoot, plus the clothes she brought were spot on for the looks.

Although relatively new, Ruby posed with ease and she's keen to develop her skills, adapting to posing guidance - holding absolutely still for a long exposure shot was very impressive!

I'm delighted to have organised her first PurplePort shoot and I hope the images do justice to Ruby's beauty :D

Totally recommended and am so looking forward to our next shoot (Y)

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I had an amazing shoot with Ruby yesterday at Maan studios and I was absolutely blown away by her. As a makeup artist she was a dream to work with, we had a good natter about products, likes and dislikes and from a practical point of view, has amazing skin to which products apply like a dream.

While on set it was very obvious that she knew her angles and took direction fantastically and the pictures I have seen so far look fab and I can't wait to see the edits.

I would highly recommend Ruby and I hope that we get to work together again soon!

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