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Alice Rodriguez

Had my first time shooting with Paul yesterday at a group shoot. He was fantastic! Came up with some amazing ideas. I loved his work. So respectful. Super easy to work with! Would love to work together again! Instructions were super clear and easy to follow! Would highly highly recommend! 10/10

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My 4 th shoot with Paul .. and I have to say he is one of the kindest , most organised and most respectful photographers I’ve ever worked with.

Paul asked me to shoot outdoors which I jumped at the chance and we met and headed to Burbage Edge . The weather was perfect ! We moved to 2 locations and sorted out my exercise for the day walking up the sometimes precarious paths 😊

As always , Paul is full of ideas and we got some great images ! Highly recommend him and already making plans for a group shoot next year -Roo x

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Keira Leigh

Met Paul at a group shoot last night, he is a great photographer, very easy to work with and gave good direction :) Hope to work together again in the near future. Highly recommend! X

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I had my first group shoot today with Rowe photographic Amongst 6 other photographers, as I have to say how at ease he made me feel we did an array of outfits ranging from fashion to lingerie set across 3 different studio sets, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Rowe photographic and we got some great shots throughout he was very professional and has a keen eye for lighting, poses and how to make the best of the space , I look forward to seeing the finished images and can’t wait to work with you in the near future, 100% recommended , if the opportunity arises to work with Rowe photographic please do not pass it up you will not regret it :)

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Jayne Horror

Had our second shoot together today, was quickly planned. But throughly planned too!

Brought a range of great outfits, which looked great - and from what I saw we got some amazing shots!

A fun and relaxed shoot, easy to talk to and get along with, and always feel super comfortable and relaxed throughout our shoots.

Would highly recommend to other models!

Looking forward to the next one! :D

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Kitty Dawson

I had a shoot with Paul at Barlow Studios during a group shoot.

Photographers would each have a few minutes of shooting with me each, before change-overs.

Paul was very memorable, he came with a smile, enthusiasm, passion, joy and professionalism.

I enjoyed creating various sets of images with him from the change-overs and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

I look forward to hearing what Paul thinks of our results.

I hope we get to work together again.

Highly recommended :)

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I owe 2 references! One for the beautiful shoot in Nottingham Paul hosted, and one home& location! Again his planning skills for all of it was second to non! Wonderful guy to work with very much at the top of My favourites ..see you soon Paulie! :D


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Jayne Horror

Fantastic shoot today with Paul.

Pre shoot communication was great and I knew exactly what to expect & what to bring.,

Picked me up from the station on time and had a fantastic place to shoot at!

Would highly highly recommend to any model!

And would definitely work with again!

Thanks & looking forward to the next one! :)

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Another amazing shoot with Paul! Highly highly highly recommended, had a wonderful 8 hour shoot in Doncaster lovely location hotel, paul was a brilliant host yet again and some how our images get better! Thank you paulie :)

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Well it had been some time since I last shot with Paul so it was great to catch up. Paul came and picked me up from the station and drove me all the way to the beautiful hotel where we shot. Paul booked a lovely styled room for us to shoot in.

His communications were impeccable and very precise. Paul even bought lots of lingerie and outfits for me to wear during the shoot and even let me keep them after :) Paul was very happy to listen to the ideas I had for places to shoot and even lighting ideas. Paul came very well prepared for the shoot (2 cameras, cards all formated, lighting all ready to go) He is very friendly and a proper chatter box.

I do hope to work with Paul again in the not too distant future :)

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I had my first shoot with Paul this afternoon in a lovely hotel in Wakefield; we covered mainly lingerie levels but we did an immense amount of sets, all wonderfully waried.

Paul's pre-communications were excellent, and he was such a fun and chatty man, whilst also being extremely respectful and considerate of the model's well-being.

Plus, we got some fantastic images, and I can't wait to get more glimpses!

Paul was a pleasure to work with; I would more than happily work with him again, and recommend him to others.

Thank you Paul! :)

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I cannot Express how much FUN paul is to work with! His communication prior shooting is next to NON!

Paul is so creative and laid back, completely taken care of from the moment your arrive on set!

I admire your work and I love our results !! Thank you so much for another wonderful shoot!!

Here's to next time .... eeeekkk :D

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Rebecca Ray

Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous !!

Thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Paul, he was professional, easy to work with and time just flew by. I enjoyed chatting and his styling is superb!

I have no idea why i didn't leave a reference sooner - im so sorry!!

but i definitely recommend him and look forward to shooting again one day :)

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I met Paul at my studio day at Barlow Studio. Paul is super organised and knows exactly what he is looking for in a shot. His communication is great and he talked me through each set and change in lighting so I knew exactly what we were trying to achieve.

Paul is super creative and fun to work with, always thinking of ideas and ways to improve what we were working on.

I’d definitely recommend working with Paul, I had a brilliant time and hope we can work together again soon!

Thank you Paul!

Alisha x

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I had a fantastic shoot once again with Paul during his hotel stay. Informative throughout the months before, giving me all the information I needed to make sure I was prepared.

He had a great selection of outfits picked out which we discussed at the start of the shoot. All fit perfectly and complimented the sets. He's very creative and knows what works, so each set flew by.

We got lots achieved in the four hours, even with plenty of chatter and a tea break in the middle. I'm looking forward to seeing the results :)

Thanks once again Paul!

Rebecca x

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I had a another great shoot with Paul recently in a fab location. I have worked with Paul numerous times before and he is always organised, professional and respectful. I love the fact that he brought an array of fab outfits to wear and also keep! The shoot went very well and we worked through various sets. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and thank you once again.

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Jordan Melissa

I had a shoot with Paul today at the beautiful hotel where he hosts shoots and just wow! Absolutely stunning hotel, the rooms and lighting were just incredible, we definitely made the most of this. Paul is fantastic, a great communicator, makes you feel super comfortable from the get go, easy ti get along with and makes sure he has snacks and drinks to keep you well fed and quenched! Paul is very creative with outfits and not only let me wear some of his buys but he let me keep them too, he chose very well with outfits and chose them perfectly to match my look and personality! I can’t wait to see the pictures! Great day all round!

Thanks Paul

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Martina Moretti

I met Paul yesterday on Barlow studio day and I really enjoy every minute of shooting with him. He is really friendly and chatty. I really like photos that he took and hope to shoot with him again!

Highly recommended

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Jordan Melissa

I had my second shoot with Paul last night at a group shoot and I have a third shoot with Paul coming up in April which I cannot wait for!

Paul is wonderful, he's a lovely, caring, trustworthy, funny guy who makes you feel very comfortable and at ease from the get go. He pre comms are fantastic and he is simply superb. He works really well in a team with a model and I find him super easy to work with and get along with.

He goes above and beyond to get the shots he is after and he is happy for you to pose on your own accord and he's also happy to give direction where he feels necessary.

Thanks Paul for a wonderful shoot and I can't wait to shoot with you in April!

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I worked on a group shoot with Paul and he was incredible from start to finish.

As soon as Paul entered the room, I was warmly welcomed and felt at ease. What an incredible photographer he is!

Fantastic at giving direction when required but also allowing you to work freely to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

The images produced are fantastic and was sent in much less than 24 hours. Thank you so much for photographing me Paul. I hope to see you in the not so distant future as I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

I for one recommend working with Rowe photography if you’re given the opportunity.

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