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Rob was one of the photographers at my recent day long group shoot at Abbey Mill studio.

He arrived with lots of props and ideas of what he wanted to achieve.

I found him to be professional and with a good sense of humour.

Can't wait to see the results!! :D

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Moon Kitten

Such a lovely, calm and easy shoot.

We had a 50s style shoot alongside another model with similar dresses. We were able to think of lots of different ideas under this style, both in and outdoors.

The shots we were given looked fabulous.

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I was asked to come along to a evening at abbey mill were I was lucky enough to met rob. I must say I enjoyed every minute of it.

Rob is fantastic fun to work with. He is Very laid back and I felt very comfortable in his company.

Rob has a fantastic eye in capturing photos. I was very impressed with the end results and Iam looking foward to working with him again in the future.

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Soooo... i was booked to model at the Abbey Mill studio were i met this lovely guy! very professional & easy to work with, i was made to feel at ease on the day! look forward to seeing the results and possibly working together again in the future. :)

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Worked with Rob at a Woolton Hall networking event a week ago and he was such fun to work with! He brought all the gothic/ Halloween props and was ready to go.

Great communication and was willing to try all sorts of styles. Would definitely work with Rob again :)

If you want to try something new whilst having fun I recommend Rob x

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Worked with Rob today on a horror/ Halloween shoot. Rob brought lots of props to the shoot and had amazing ideas for the shots he wanted to create. He gave direction very clearly and was very welcoming. I would definitely recommend Rob and look forward to working with him again.

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Kayleigh dawson

I have shot with rob numerous times on different styles. This time it was 50s and vintage cars. He is amazing to work with and his pictures speak for them self's. Looking forward to the next event/ shoot.

Highly recommended :)

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Had Rob take pictures of me at a festival and at Burnouts and Burgers. Highly recommended, very good at what he does as well as friendly and personable.

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Bex Luther

Worked with Rob at Millwood Studios at the weekend. I had great fun and Rob had so many weapons for me to play with it was awesome! Really happy with the results and would definitely recommend Rob to all models. Thanks Rob :)

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Hazel Rose

I met Rob again at the Burnouts & Burgers event where we shot some Pin-up with classic cars. Rob was a delight to work with, he was full of great ideas and captured fantastic shots! He was very fun, friendly and professional. I hope to shoot with Rob again soon. Thank you for a fantastic evening at the event!

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Kayleigh dawson

Ive met rob on two shoots now and i love working with him. He is a great character and makes the shoot fun with all hia different props and great ideas. This particular shoot was at an abandoned building and i already have some fabulous images back

Definitely highly recommended! 😀

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I have worked with rob many atimes. He always has good pre shoot talks. Rob is so easy to shoot with and makes you feel relaxed. Hes helpfull in which pose works best and has great ideas of shoots. Would always recomend rob as a tog and i look forward to more shoots with him. Thank you

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TheUnit Fetish/Alternative venue

Rob as attended many of our group shoots, always the gentlemen and he kindly donated some of his work for our walls, very talented photographer.

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I've attended several photo events as a Photographer that Rob has also been at. He is open and friendly and having watched him shooting with models of all experience I can say he has the ability to get the very best from them in a relaxed way.

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Emma Darling

I worked with Rob several times now... Rob is a easy going great guy and a fabulous photographer! the shoots are always great fun and I love the images!

I highly recommend Rob to all models and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Thanks again Rob your a star! :)

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Becky Kvittems

I collaborated with Rob at a vintage car show. A very relaxed and informal shoot. Very friendly and easy to work with. Communication beforehand was good. I genuinely enjoyed myself, and would would with Rob again. The time went very quickly. Feel free to PM me if you need a further reference.


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Matt S

I had the privilege to reacquaint myself with Rob it had been a long time since I last saw and worked with him. It was like greeting an old friend and felt like the time hadn't passed at all.

Rob is a paramount professional and makes every shoot a joy to be part of. This occasion was at Abbey Mill studios network evening and he brought one of his toys along in the shape of a classic car for myself and the female model Emily C to model on. Images were spectacular and I would be interested in definitely working with him again.

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Rob and I have worked together on many occasions and last night met him again at a networking evening.

What can I say about Rob? He is a joy to work with, has a great sense of humour and works with you to get the best possible shots. I would highly recommend him without hesitation. He always has great ideas and I always give them a go. I know that we will have produced some great images. So Rob, till the next time x

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I had the pleasure of meeting Rob at a group shoot at Abbey Mill, where I was booked to model for the evening.

It was an absolute treat to shoot with Rob. His ideas and images were fabulous. He was entertaining and lovely to chat to.

I am certain that we will be shooting together again in the near future.

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Have met Rob a few times and got to work with him on 1/3/15.

Very easy to work with. He has a great eye for what will make a good picture. He provides direction where needed and I'm very happy with the results of the shoot.

Really nice easygoing person who I'd be more than happy to work with again.

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