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Rob Fandango has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Jenni JJ

I had a great shoot with Rob at my home. We had great communication beforehand and he was patient answering all my questions and taking on board any comments I had about the content of the shoot. I was really interested in Rob's concept for this shoot and we had fun developing his idea together. I appreciated that he was happy to take on board my views as well.

It was a fun few hours. Rob is easy to get along with, totally professional, quietly helpful with direction and very very patient! He also brought me coke zero and refreshments so very very happy.

I have seen the unedited photos and I think they are brilliant. I can't wait to see the final product.

Hope to work with Rob again in the future, he's a great chap, very talented and a total gentleman.

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A really great shoot with Rob yesterday. He is such a nice guy, made me feel really comfortable. A real professional photographer. I would love to work with Rob again. Great communication before shoot and nice to talk to through shoot.

Highly recommended.

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Holly Drinkwater

Rob was very warm and welcoming and good to get along with, I had great fun on the shoot and he gave clear direction and kept to the schedule well. Would love to work with him again and highly recommend him. Thanks Rob!

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Bethan Black

I had a great shoot with Rob today, great communication and came prepared.

Rob was very chatty and lovely to talk to, we worked together really well and got lots of fab pictures.

Robs shibari work was superb and very professional during it all.

A very highly recommended photographer. Can't wait till next time x

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Bad Dolly

Great first shoot with Rob today, a true professional with a great eye for light and a creative flair. He was a pleasure to work with and I hope this is the first of many shoots with this creative photographer :)

Thanks a lot Rob look forward to seeing the results! x

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Natasha AK4790

I had an awesome shoot with Rob today at my home, he arrived on time and is very friendly and chatty. I felt at ease right away and he had some awesome ideas with how to utilise the house. Rob is a great photographer and I look forward to seeing the pics! Highly recommend.

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Nikita Caslida

First shoot with Rob! He was super friendly and I instantly knew I would get along with him, not only that, he made sure I was ok and happy at all times. He had a lovely studio in a public area but no one could see in so it was great! Rob was very professional and managed to make me look awesome in a super tiny mini dress, and a sweaty forehead!! The heat was awful today but I enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend Rob!!

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