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I had the absolute pleasure of working with Reza for the first time recently, at my studio day. I have to say i had a brilliant time and we gelled together nicely. Reza conducted himself in a professional, polite, friendly manner from the start and was also a complete gentleman through out. He has a good eye for fashion and brought several great items of clothing and accessories with him for us to try, as well as some great equipment. All in all a great photographer with a great eye! I would definitely shoot with him again.

I highly recommend working with Reze if you get the chance.

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Roswell Ivory

I had a lovely time shooting with Reza during my recent Lee Valley tour. Pre-shoot communication was excellent and on the day he kept me updated with his arrival time when he was delayed on the journey. (Much appreciated!)

We got some beautiful and varied shots in several locations in Epping Forest, and the pictures I saw in the camera looked great. I really enjoyed the shoot and look forward to working together again.

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Camilla-Rose said...

Ahh Reza! This guy is bursting with creativity! It was such a please to work alongside him and capture some truly stunning images. The shoot went by swiftly and I was always asked if i felt comfortable, warm enough and whether or not i needed a break. True camera capabilities and definitely one to watch! I highly recommend Reza to a model of any calibre, whether you want to kick start your portfolio - or even bring your ideas to life, Reza is the man!

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I worked with Reza at the Eye For an Image studio weekend. He was friendly, respectful and has a keen eye for great images. I understood what he was wanting to create and I am pleased with the results. I hope to shoot again soon. Sammi x

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Lizzie Bayliss

I had the pleasure of working with Reza at Paul's Wales location shoot. Reza was completely delightful, such a good attitude and friendly relaxed personality. He was patient and worked well with the other photographers and was considerate, fun, and communicated his ideas well, so that we could get the result he was looking for. He made sure I was comfortable because we were working outside and planned his shots as well as experimenting with his ideas. Reza has some very funny and creative ideas, which showed in the results afterwards. Something a bit different :).

We had a great shoot and I definitely hope to work with Reza again.

Highly recommended,

Fawna xx

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Rebecca Leah

I have worked with Reza twice over the past month. The first shoot was at an Eye 4 Image and the second was last weekend at Pauls Studio's location event in Wales. Reza is fantastic to work with! He knows what he wants from a shoot and is a prefectionist - in a good way :) What i love about Reza is that he is very honest! He will be straight up with you if he is or isnt getting what he wants, which is perfect! There is nothing worse than shooting with someone who doesnt say a thing and your not sure if they are happy with the images they are getting. Reza is good at dirction as well as letting you do your thing. He is also a great person and very easy to get on with! I highly recommend him to everyone and am looking forward to shooting with you again at the end of the month :) Thanks Reza xxx

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I worked with Reza a couple of weeks back now on a hair themed beauty shoot, I found him to be very professional, friendly and full of ideas. I saw the images as they were taken and they looked great, I look forward to seeing more.

I would strongly recommend Reza to other models.

Thank you


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