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MVJ Photographie

My favourite model.

I've been lucky to work four times with Riona so far.

She is very professional and easy going. A very versatile model with whom I shot very different styles from pure portrait to art nude.

She is always very involved in your project and really adds a personal touch.

I look forward to working again with her.

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HP Fotografie

I had the pleasure to meet Riona in person after two remote shoots we did before. I participated on her perfectly organized and hosted French Maidens event at Burgundy.

Working with Riona remote was already wonderful, but shooting with her in real is even more amazing. She has awesome posing skills, doesn´t fear heights or cold water and goes that extra step to create wonderful pictures with you. It is always worth to listen to her suggestions and ideas. It was a collaboration at its best.

Riona is a lovely person and one of the best models i ever worked with. She has that unique natural elegance, which seems to be so effortless and that i am always looking for. If you get the chance to shoot with her, don´t hesitate. Highly recommended

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I met Riona on Sunday and she was a joy to work with. She knows her stuff, lighting, posing and what would work styling wise. Easy to collaborate with. Delighted to have met her and hope to work with her again.

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Riona, was fab today, it was the afternoon session of her third straight day in New Generations Studio. Her energy was great, she was open to suggestions and had some great ideas herself, Highly recommended

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I had the truly great pleasure of working with Riona at the NGCC studios, Dublin.

Riona was awesome in her posing and willingness to ensure I captured the images I had intended to create.

Her outstanding insight into light and the fine art of posing was extremely useful to me - again allowing me to capture high quality images on each shutter click.

I cannot recommend Riona enough - simply awesome!

Looking forward to seeing you back in Dublin again soon!

Tot ziens,


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Michael Hayes

I know Riona at this stage of her career does not need references because she is incredibly talented, professional and has a magnificent personality on top of all that. I always wanted to do a shoot with Riona, and today, my wish came through. So this is not so much a reference for Riona, but a huge thank you to her for her patience and input into the shoot which made it a totally great experience and of course produced lots of amazing images too.

Until the next shoot Riona, take care x

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Had a great shoot with Riona during her visit to Dublin in June 2022. She was relaxed and great fun to work with. She has wonderful poses and has great ideas during a shoot.

I really enjoyed working with her and would be delighted to do so again.

Highly recommended.

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I'm fairly new to model photography, and was absolutely thrilled to experience a shoot with Riona. She came with a suitcase full of clothes, carefully selected to match the moodboard I had sent her.

And what a joy the shooting process is with Riona. We agreed she could provide tips and remarks, and the result was real teamwork. Efficient and enjoyable at the same time. I'm so happy with the images as they turned out better than I could have imagined.

Oh and yes, Riona is a beautiful person, both physically as in personality. I look forward to work with her again!

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Don Bodat

I had the pleasure to shoot with Riona today. She is a professional model and a delightful person. Upon my request she gave me attitude. I truly recommend working with her.

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James Box

I had a shoot with Riona as part of the event Ladies of Boulevard Leopold, organised by Zoi Morgan & Dreamingofmodels.

Riona was fantastic to work with, knows how to work to her strengths, plus knows a thing or two from behind a camera.

I can highly recommend Riona.

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It was such a delight to work with Riona. I love her style and skills.

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I have done three shoot with the lovely Riona (all of them have been remote shoot from Zoi Morgan's studio in The Netherlands) an have been delighted with all of them.

Riona is an experienced model who is happy to work a whole range of styles covering everything from highly stylised sets to art nude.

She's also a lovely person who likes chatting and laughing with the photographers and this makes the shoots great fun.

I will certainly be working with Riona again and I strongly recommend yo do as well.

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HP Fotografie

I had a lovely remote shoot with Riona at Studio Sapphire at The Hague. It was a very productive shoot and we could realise some beautiful pictures with availalble light. Riona is great in posing and adding the specific emotion to the pictures. She is very versatile and it was a great experience and joy to work with her.

Thank you again Riona.

I highly reccomend working with her.

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Ivor TL

I had the great pleasure of working with Riona today remotely tethered at Zoi’s studio in the Hague. We tried painting with light and long exposures and Riona pose with elegance and grace throughout the session.

Zoi kindly assisted waving a light stick across Riona achieve some fabulous images.

Thank you Riona for your hard work.

I highly recommend working with Riona.

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I had a very nice and productive shoot with Riona in the Sapphire Studio in The Hague. Riona proved a very versatile and easy model to work with and we were able to make all the pictures I had planned. Riona was not "just posing" but did her utmost to make sure we would get the very best results possible. All in all: a delight to work with and I gladly recommend her to other photographers

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Tim Tombeur

I love this shoot with Riona. The different looks we talked about beforehand, she created masterfully. It was spot on and unique. The modelling is very creative and diverse. She does bring that “je ne sais quoi” into the photo. It was fun to work with her. I adore the results we made and i feel i have photos from multiple photo shoots. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future.

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For my shoot with Riona I was after a vintage look, trying to make best use of the location that is Sapphiretudio. I had sent her a few 'moodboard' images beforehand, and she kindly brought along some very suitable bits and things to add to the atmosphere. Shooting itself went smooth as ever, with her being able to pose in a artistic way - each and every time. You only have to give her the smallest of platforms, and she is able to execute!

Yes, I can recommend Riona full stop.

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Paul Cooley

This was my second shoot with Riona. Riona is a fantastic model, mosing machine and pays great attention to detail wheile working. She is very easy to work with, a joy in fact :) Todays shoow as a Remote Shoot, organised by Zoi Morgan :) I have absolutely no hesitation in recommend Riona and look forward to our next shoot in a few weeks :)

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Riona recently visited the Netherlands recently and I was offered the opportunity to work with her and with Modelzoi. Knowing them well, I did not hesitate for one second but booked immediately.

On instigation of Modelzoi we chose a location near one of the 17th century windmills. Styling was a joint offer by the models.

The session went well, even when it was a bit busy at times. Both models know their way around. As the results speak for themselves, I can only recommend Modelzoi and Riona full stop.

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Riona was one of the top-class models of the "Sunset Beach Event" as organised by Dreaming of Models / Zoi at Scheveningen.

She is a very good model, as simply as that. Even when the conditions were not perfect (only 18 degrees Celsius and a lot of wind) she soldiered on, running and jumping along the shore in very light clothes. And all the time keeping up a good spirit.... until she literally could do no more. We only had to move to a spot which was more or less shielded from the wind, when she regained control and continued posing in a very elegant way.

And the results? We both like them a lot!

So in two words: Highly recommended.

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