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Tamara rowlstone mua

Rick what a gent. Loved working with him previously and loved it again xx always a pleasure to see rick. His communication skills are spont on. At this small group shoot he was more than happy to share his knowledge with others. A real gentleman. Hope to shoot again soon xxx

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Hetty said...

Had a fantastic time with Rick on the Latex shoot day. He made me feel relaxed and happy complimenting me on my abilities as we went and managed to get some lovely shots. A very talented and confident photographer who I would recommend to newbies and professionals alike.

Would love to work with him again on another project. Thank you.

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Rick was fantastic to work with! We worked together on a latex group shoot and he was the perfect partner in crime :P He has such a cracking personality, you really felt you could let loose and throw some crazy stuff together to make some utterly fab images! Such a gent, I would more than happily work with him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others :)

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Rick came on a location shoot with me as I required an assistant and I got far more than that shooting with Rick.

Rick brings a technical expertise, superb knowledge of light and an unending stamina for location work.

Absolute pleasure to shoot with and a great photographer.

Thanks for your support :)

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I had the privilege to meet rick recently at a planned shoot with urban Scott where rick came along as a assistant and a photographer and had his own idea's and input when taking his shots, little did i know i would have be meeting this good man twice in one day as i was later modeling for a group shoot with Rick and his fellow toggers on thursday! Communication and direction he gave during the shoots was good to achieve what he was aiming to get from the shots he wanted during both times we shot in the morning and night. It was a pleasure working together. Rick is very friendly, professional, easy to work with and effective, It was a fun and relaxed shoot.

If u get the time to work with rick then get on it you will get some great images!

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Robyn Summers

I first worked with Rick at a model and photographer studio day run at Bodyline the other week.

We worked very well together and produced some stunning images- especially with a metal frame mask Rick had brought along to use.

We were bother very please with that particular set and Rick soon booked me for a couple hours on my studio day yesterday.

Again, there was good communication prior to shooting and we had discussed a few ideas in which we we worked with.

Rick is an absolute top guy, open to ideas, fun creative and very easy-going... I just think he needs to not be so scared of my wacky ideas ;) But then again he is always pleasantly surprised once he has taken that first shot of a strange idea of mine :p Then the real enthusiasm kicks in and we get great results!

I was very please after Sunday and I hope you were too.

I would highly recommend Rick to other models and I hope I get the pleasure of shooting with him again!:)

Rosa xox

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Pandora Poison

I worked with Rick briefly in a group photo shoot and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was really calm, friendly, with a warm and enjoyable personality. His lighting is second to none and I'd love to work with him again!

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Tamara rowlstone mua

Worked with Rick at a group shoot at bodyline lovely guy easy to get long with very pleasant and political xx gave me a mask and said what can you do with this xx put a simple look together and the results were simply wow Xxx made me cry Xxx can't wait to work with him again Xxx

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Lylia Jane said...

Working with Rick was a pleasure. He was polite and friendly throughout and I found it very easy to follow his direction. Although I was a little out of my comfort zone with the style of what we were doing he made it very easy for me to understand what he wanted from the images. I would definitely consider working with him again.

Thanks Rick! :)

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Heidi said...

He was great to work with! I shall forever know him as 'awesome headshot guy' as his lighting is amazing. Very pleasant and polite too.

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Scarlett T's said...

I have worked with Rick on a couple of occasions and have enjoyed every minute of it. He is a true professional, that puts the model at ease making working with Rick a very enjoyable experience. He delivers top quality images in no time at all. I would definitely work with Rick again and hope to do so very soon.

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Rachael Gunn Makeup artistry

went to group shoot that was organised i did make up on a few models and rick was one of photographers that taken pics of my work would recommend nice clear photo's and produced the final images in good timing defo would like to work with again :)

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Scarlet Page said...

great photographer, really enjoyed working with you and hope to work together again in the future

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