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What is there not to love about Richard?!

Richard joined me at Paul’s studio recently on one of my studio days.

Such a fun, down to earth guy. We worker through loads of sets during our shoot followed by loads of laughs and giggles.

I cannot recommend him enough!

Thank you!

Until next time xx

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

Sooo glad we got the opportunity to meet and cross paths :) As soon as the shoot began it was a cracker! Endless conversation and creativity from start to finish.

You were so friendly yet professional throughout and I literally don't have a single negative thing to say about our shoot.

Recommended To All xX

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Richard (and Rich and Alison) again at the Wales weekend just yesterday and we had a fab time!

They chose to shoot me duo'd up with Pixie which was a lovely surprise as I had never worked with her before!

We got some super images. I went off on one a tad and got excited by bikes, baskets and blankets (haha) and everyone just rolled with me which was awesome. I love the results and really hope Richard (and Alison) can join me abroad next year! Thank you so much :) :)

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Natasha UK

I had the pleasure of working with Richard at Pauls Studio on my studio weekend! Richard is easy to talk too, easy to work with and we had a great shoot, not only that but some awesome images that we created! It’s always good when you get awesome images and a great photographer too!

Thanks for booking me Richard, hope to work with you again soon

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Rebecca Leah

I had the pleasure of working with Richard again at Paul’s Manor House Event. I have so much fun working with Richard and the images look great! Thank you for lots of laughter and joy xx

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I worked with Richard for the second time this time being on the Wales Weekend hosted by Pauls Studio.

As before Richard was such a friendly, chatty guy and was extremely easy to get along with.

The shoot with Richard flowed nicely and we got through a number of different changes and set ups.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Richard again and hope to do so again soon. The pics look fantastic :)

Highly recommended by me

Thanks again Richard


Richard also braved an intense PT group session with me early on the Saturday morning, so extra brownie points for that :)

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Angel price

Well I had the pleasure of working with Richard at my studio day at Paul's studio x

Richard from the start was really chatty and I felt completely comfortable with him straight away x

He knew the exact types of image he wanted to create and I was more than happy to pose away for him.

Richard was great at giving direction too and also happy to let me just do my own thing within what I knew x

The time we had did go by very quickly and I would love the chance to work with him again x

Richard was a complete gentleman and very professional x

I highly recommend him to work with x

Thanku for a great couple of hours x

Angel x

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Ivy Lee

I had an absolutely awesome shoot with Richard today. He showed up with loads of enthusiasm and was super friendly from the start to the finish. We worked brilliantly together as a team. Our ideas were flowing and he was super encouraging with poses that I'd never tried before, I loved it, it was an experience. He took my ideas on board and was very happy to show me the images to see what could be changed to make it better. I love the images I've seen and am so thrilled with what we created in the short time we had. A truly awesome photographer. I would LOVE to work with him again!! Thanks so much Richard, and I highly recommend!

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Alexa Edwards

I worked with Richard on my studio day at Pauls Studio. He turned up in perfect time and with some good ideas. He was well prepared and knew what he wanted from the shoot. I would recommend Richard and of course work with him again. Xx

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Had my first shoot with Richard on Saturday at Paul's Studio in Reading for my studio day.

Richard arrived on time and was very friendly and easy to talk too.

We got through a good variety of changes and the shoot flew by.

A lovely guy who i'd love to work with again

Highly Recommended by me

Thanks again Richard


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I worked with Richard in Wales at one of Pauls Studio events.

Richard was great fun to shoot with, really relaxed and happy to go with the flow!

Really friendly, kind and considerate.

Images look great and I highly recommend him.

Thanks again Richard!


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Keira Lavelle

Last month I attended the Wales Weekend run by Paul's Studio... Richard was one of the photographers I shot with on the second day and it has to be said - what a sign off to the day! :D We first of all shot some solo ideas in many of the beautiful locations inside and out; Richard was excellent at concocting ideas and even the very simple sets looked absolutely tremendous b the time he had finished with them. Working in both natural and controlled lighting conditions, Richard composed shots superbly with framing and angles etc. I felt totally at ease and completely free on a creative perspective as my ideas were welcomed too. :)

I also shot some duo model ideas with Richard which went so brilliantly - it is twice as hard to get the shots with two bodies to think about but he took it in his stride and got some lovely images.

Richard was totally enthused with the shoot from start to finish and gave tremendous feedback as I posed away. He is extremely fun to work with bearing an upbeat character; it's such a pleasure when you enjoy a shoot as well as feeling that the sets are working visually. He is deadly respectful, kind and professionally minded and I recommend him very highly.

Thanks Richard!

Keira x

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Bexh said...

I had a great shoot with Richard at Pauls studio in Reading. He was really friendly and relaxed. He wanted to try some aerial hoop and silks so left some of the poses to me. he was very complimentary and showed me all the images after the shoot and they were excellent. I definitely recommend Richard 100 percept

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Artemis Fauna

I had a great shoot with Richard and Alison at the beginning of the month at my place.

We tried out loads of ideas from nudes... to planking... to bouncing (and pretending to fly) on my trampoline!

I really enjoyed the shoot and the results so far look great- I hope to work with both of them again some time, highly recommended! :)

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Hannah Foster

Had my first shoot with Richard yesterday during my studio day at Paul's studio. It was great working with Richard, he was very enthusiastic & had loads of ideas.

He is a lovely guy & great fun to work with..

Highly recommended. Hope to work together again

Hannah x

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Artemis Fauna

I had a great half day shoot with Richard last week during the Wales Weekend organised by Paul's studio.

Richard, along with Dave had thought about which room to use and had reorganised it to give us plenty of space. The morning resulted in a great collaboration between all three of us. There was lots of chatting and laughs but we got a very strong variety of images too! The room chosen couldn't have been more perfect and the light was great.

I was also booked by Richard and Alison for an hour of duo work with Roxy Mendez which was super fun! I look forward to seeing more results go up :) Thank you Richard! :)

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Rose Magdalene Child

Another Brilliant Shoot with Richard and Alison on my studio day at Fine and DanDee. They are both so lovely and have very unique ideas individually. It is a pleasant to shoot with him solo or together.

Fantastic photographer who I highly recommend.

Would always work with him again :)

Looking forward to the next one already


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Faith Starr Model

Great pleasure working with Richard at the Mancave studio. He was such a lovely person to work with, gave me a lift back to the station although we got got stuck in traffic he was very easy to get along with with a good sense of humor and generally very professional. Will be happy to work with him again.

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Rachelle Summers

Had a lovely shoot with Richard on Friday alongside 2 other PP photographers at Mancave Studio.

It was a pleasure to meet him and work with him also. The image he has put up so far are absolutely gorgeous and I'm really happy with how they turned out :)

He was also kind enough to drive me back to Reading on the doorstep of my next shoot rather than just dropping me at station :)

Highly recommended by me and hope to work with him again in the future!!


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Nikita Banana

Just had another awesome shoot with Richard at Paul's Studio Reading. We only had 2 hours but during that time we worked on several ideas and got lots of different images with some different lighting styles. Richard is always full of cool ideas. He's creative and fun and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for another fantastic shoot! x

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