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Salski Cymru

Met Richard at a shoot in Newcastle very recently and was really happy with the shots that we created. I only wished I had more time with him that day as I'd stepped in last minute. Was not really sure what quality the shots would be as didn't know Richard but was really happy as they are amazing and great quality! I'll definitely take a visit to Newcastle to see Richard again! Take care Richard x

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Went on my first shoot with Richard the other day. He was really easy to work with and communication was great before, during and after the shoot. He was good at taking the lead and giving direction and also letting me do my own thing too. We shared inspo pics beforehand which we worked with, and came out with some really good shots :D also a big thing for me is that he sent the images over within a few days which was great. Thank you and I’m looking forward to working together again!

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Gemma Rose

Highly recommend!! Richard is very easy to get along with, great banter & chit chat. He's a respectful professional and a great communicator. Oh, and his work is Absolutely Amazing!

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Keira Lavelle

Richard and I got the opportunity to work together at long last! :D And it was every degree of awesome!

We’d been in touch for a while keeping in the loop with availability/touring plans but always just missed each other’s available time in Newcastle. So I was absolutely over the moon when our diaries matched up on my lastest visit to the North-East... In the run up, Richard had always delivered ace communications and been completely sound in emails... and now we were actually going to be shooting! Exciting times! :D

He’s a brilliant photographer. We shot at HD studios and on the day he had some wonderful ideas for us to take a shot at, he knows exactly what/where he is going with the shots and puts so much care into composing the situation and lighting to make the final images of super quality. We got a lot done in our slot managing to utilise multiple sets in the studio. :) He’s such a great person to work with because of his inspiring creative visions and also because he welcomes the models to give their input/pose independently but also giving direction. Any model would honestly have a lovely shoot with this gent.

We had a good crack too, lots of mud-shoot chatter and bouncing off each other. Richard is such a professional in the way that he works... respectful, courteous and generally so easy to build a rapport with. The whole shoot experience really was a fantastic one and we got some absolutely beautiful images in the bag. I recommend him so highly to other models and really look forward to the opportunity of working together again. :)

Thank you Richard!

Keira x

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Emma Kate Dawson EKD

I worked with richard yesterday and found him to be friendly, very professional and easy to work with. The shoot was very relaxed and was over to quick so I'm hoping to catch him again soon. Would recommend richard to all. A lovely shoot and some great images .

Thanks richard

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I worked with Richard in Gosforth Park on Sunday. We found some great locations around the area and it was a really fun filled productive shoot. Despite the lights playing up at times (technology is temperemental) he kept calm and carried on like a total pro and the images produced were super. Moody and atmospheric with lots of energy! Thanks again Richard 😊

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I worked with Richard on Thursday for the second time many years after our first shoot. He was polite and professional as always and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve. A true perfectionist and absolute gentleman who I would recommend to any model. Thanks again Richard ☺

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Chloe Barnes

I shot with Richard today for the first time; he is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is an incredibly professional, friendly and efficient photographer and I would thoroughly recommend him to anybody looking to collaborate. We shot 3 different looks today, and I was majorly impressed by the lighting and resulting raw images I saw on the camera. I'm very much look forward to seeing the final result, and hopefully will be able to shoot again with him at some point in the future!

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Natalia Ov

Had a great shoot today with Richard, he is one of the friendliest 'togs I know wit such a lovely nature about him.

Richard knows what he wants from the shoot, is very clear on directions, very professional & very good at what he does! I always feel super comfortable around him.

All his work seems to be at a really high standard & I look forward to seeing how the pix came out :)

Would def' recommend & work with again!

Best wishes

Nat xXx

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lance anthony

Thanks richard , would love to work with you again, great photographer, defo recommend richard, great guy, knows exactly what he is doing, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Look forward to working with richard again 😁

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Jun Khanbekian said...

Richard Hanley is a Dude , he has own very particular way of working with the camera, we centred our work around black and white and came up with such strong work , he know exactly what he wants from the shoot prior to it and will deliver a comfortable easy feel to a shoot amazing camera skills and professional attitude. If I have to drag my sorry butt all the way there to get this look delivered by him again I will. Highly recommended 😎

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Maris Teschner

Another fantastic shoot with Richard - I needed to leave another reference as this man cannot be recommended enough! It appears each shoot is better than the last! Richard is so easy to work with; an outstanding professional and gentleman :)

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Maris Teschner

Richard has an incredible talent and keen eye for detail. He is professional and approachable; very easy and fun to work with. He has a lot of great ideas, and am looking forward to shooting with him again soon. Highly recommended.

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Kitty Quinzell

I've wanted to work with Richard for a while, I discussed a concept with him and his communication was excellent, very organised and a lot of input, at the actual shoot he was friendly, funny and completely professional, he knew exactly what he needed to do to get the best images and edited them mega fast so I got to see the results on the same day, perfect. :)

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MetamorphicUniqueArt said...

Really do love working with Richard, he's a very talented photographer and i always recieve amazing images that I can't wait to put in my portfolio. He's friendly, patient, reliable and produces stunning work everytime.

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Melanie Lynn Robson

I shot with Richard Sunday gone. From the outset he was a consummate professional; the arrangements only took a few quick messages back and forth and we had a time, date and location sorted. Throughout the shoot Richard was focused and enthusiastic but also very warm and chatty; an all round genuine and passionate photographer. I would shoot with Richard again any time and would recommend him to any other models in a heart beat! Thank you

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Antonio Townsend said...

Richard is a top photographer, he produced an outstanding portfolio for me. I knew he was capable of doing the job as his work speaks volumes. I will continue to work with Richard on my portfolio as I know I will always walk away with shots that will enable me to compete in the modelling industry. I would recommend him for any occassion because he is excellent, produces shots that you will be proud of and most important he is good to work with.

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Zara Watson

Had a fab shoot with Richard! Amazing photographer! Friendly, professional, fab guy! A pleasure to work with. Extremely quick at getting images back to you, and they are brill quality. Very highly recommended and super talented! :))

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Dana Edwards

I have shot with Richard 3 times and he is an excellent photographer, lovely to work with and produces fabulous images.I would recommend him to models both new and experienced.

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