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This was the first time I had worked with Rhos, and I am definitely booking her again. She contacted me a while ago to shoot, but pandemic pandemonium got in the way. So I was pleasantly surprised when she contacted me again recently to ask if I still wanted to shoot. I never do long shoots the first time I work with someone, but I could have easily shot for hours with her. Although she has not been modelling for that long, her posing was spot-on and you could see she has taken the time and effort to work on this. Her outfits were perfect for what we had planned, and the results we got were fantastic. She is also really easy to get along with, and we chatted away like old pals all the way through the shoot.

I can see myself working with her regularly, and as soon as she has availability I will book her again - for longer next time. Highly recommended.

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Had an absolutely fabulous second shoot with the awesome Rhoslyn. We shot on location in Shrewsbury and it was so much fun. Rhos is a delight to work with and she’s such a talented model - able to pull off a wide range of looks and styles. She super professional and so lovely to work with.

I couldn’t be happier with the images we created!

Here’s to more shoots in the future with the fabulous Rhos! Highly recommended (of course) :-)

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Chris Baugh Photography

After several rainchecks due to the wonderful (lol) summer we've had, Rhos and I finally got to shoot together.

Her comms were fabulous, concise and effective, no worries at all.

Rhos is a lovely girl. From the first moment of meeting her, it felt like I'd known her for years. Polite, effervescent, great sense of humour and a professionalism that only the best possess.

We whistled through the set we intended to shoot with Rhos never missing a beat, resulting in some incredibly solid and ethereal images.

I cannot recommend Rhos highly enough and look forward to our next shoot with great anticipation!

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Great Duo Shoot with Rhoslyn and Her Friend Riky

Great Chemistry between friends Great Outfits and Makeup

Great Shoot would recommend both these talented young people

Heres until next time

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Absolute pleasure to work with. Showed enthusiasm, great character and an overall lovely person to work with. has an amazing look and so much character, cannot recommend her more!

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Malc Lander

First shoot with Rhos, pre comms were first class, as was communication on the shoot. Despite being relatively new to modelling Rhos is already a highly professional, organised and extremely enthusiastic model, blessed with natural talent and a very engaging personality. Definitely recommended.

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Barb Lander

What a great shoot!


Rhoslyn is a lovely person. Creative and a delight to work with. As well as being very professional and hard working.

Can't wait for out next shoot

100% recommended tp everyone.

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I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Rhos this morning. She arrived at our agreed meeting point right on time, as we made an early start at a popular location to avoid the crowds later in the day. Rhos has a very likeable personality, is easy to talk to and get along with, and is a very talented model too. Her background in the acting industry, and her kind and caring nature really shine through in the images. Rhos is very down to earth and was quite happy to throw off her shoes and socks to wade across a stream at one point as we headed towards our waterfall location! She came well prepared with a nice selection of outfits that worked well at the location. I'm very happy with the results we got from this first shoot, and I hope today's shoot is the first of many with Rhos... 100% recommended by me! 🙂

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Shutter Mayhem

Had another wonderful shoot with Rhos. It was a horror theme in my local woods this time and she performed exceptionally well.

As usual Rhos arrived on time and thankfully with her partner who was a great help in carrying equipment.

She was more than happy to wipe dirt on herself and the nightdress I'd bought for the shoot. She crawled in dirt and climbed trees and shared plenty of ideas.

Rhos is so adaptable and willing to try something different.

I thoroughly enjoy working with her and am really looking forward to working with her again x

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Spirit Of Wales Photography

Another superb shoot with Rhos, we have had so many brilliant shoots together, I am not sure what eles I can add to what I have already siad.

We have so much fun on our shoots, but Rhos always gives 100%, we have created brilliant images everytime. As Rhos has siad we have so many ideas we will be shooting together forever.

I look forward to every shoot with Rhis as I know it will be amazing.

Looking forward to our next one and many more.

If you don't book and work with Rhos it will be your loss.

Thanks for not just the shoots but also the friendship we have, see you very soon.

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Jon Bowen

Another fabulouse shoot with rhos in the scorching heat and carried on like a trooper, arrived on time with a selection of outfits, we were overlooked by a few onlookers but rhos carried on regardless, we got some supperb shots yet again and cant wait for our next shoot. Rhos is versatile and can pose effortlessly. highley recomended. see you soon.

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dave band

What with covid, bad weather and difficult diaries, this shoot took some time to arrange. Rhos was patient and communicated well at every stage. The shoot was at a rough beach in aberystwyth in unrelenting strong sunshine. This made portrait work almost impossible but Rhos was happy to climb over rocks, get her feet wet and just do whatever was necessary to get the shots I was looking for. Naturally photogenic and with a lively personality she was a pleasure to be with. Her partner, Levi, came as well but, as agreed he kept out of the way and was good company. Thanks both.

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Aspects Photography Wolverhampton

Even though I haven't shot with Rhos yet (we are booked early July), I feel compelled to leave a very positive reference regarding communication...

Rhos has a professional approach to pre-shoot communications beyond her years and this is essential in prep for any shoot. Time is money!

I work with a lot of established models,MUA's & photographers and Rhos is up there with the best of them.

We are going to have a fantastic first shoot together I know!

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Rhoslyn is fantastic to work with. Friendly and professional from the outset, with excellent pre-shoot communications and timely arrival at the meeting point. From then onwards the rest of the day was a perfect combination of creativity, fun, friendly chatter and productivity. Rhos is definitely one of those people that, within an hour, you feel like you’ve known for years, and that translates into a relaxed working environment that just allows you to get on and create. Rhos came up with plenty of poses and looks that just worked, and required very little direction, however direction was also followed perfectly when required to refine a shot. I would happily recommend Rhos to anyone who is looking for a first class model with a wealth of great look and a wonderful bubbly personality that makes her so easy to work with. I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating on future projects.

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Shutter Mayhem

Had my second shoot with Rhos, as again she delivered well beyond expectations.

We did a fashion theme this time and went really well even though I was experimenting with lighting Rhos was very patient.

We had a laugh and giggles along the way and she performed in her usual professional manner.

She gave me more time than she needed to and was a real pleasure for her to be my model for this shoot.

She's such a kind pleasant person and even volunteered to give me a lift to the train station for my next location,

I am looking forward to the next themed on-location shoot with her.

Tony x

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Jon Bowen

This was my 3rd shoot with rhos and was excited to work with her again, I had ideas I wanted to try and she deliverd and more, although i had the clothes i wanted to use rhos was well prepared for any eventuality with plenty of her own. Rhos is very adaptable to shoot styles and pasionate about producing the images you want.. we achieved a lot in the shoot time and shots as usual were stunning.

Rhos is very relaxed and proffesional and fun to work with.

I cannot wait till our next shoots that are already booked and cant wait to see the results.

I highly recomend this young lady and look forward to next time. Thankyou.

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Shutter Mayhem

Had my first shoot with Rhos today and she was very professional and friendly throughout. She arrived on time and was happy to try ideas as well as adapting to the small space we were working in.

Although the shoot was cut short due to unforeseen circumstance, we still managed to get plenty of excellent shots within the time we had and was great fun.

Rhos is a photographers dream model. She has great character, photogenic and a pleasure to work with.

Looking forward to working with Rhos again.

Tony x

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Mike Kelly

This was my second shoot with Rhos. What a pleasure to work with her again and how much has she learned in such a short time! Rhos is a highly photogenic person, a treat to work with and so relaxed and full of ideas.

Pre shoot coms were excellent and despite heavy traffic Rhos was there as expected with a fine array of suitable clothes.

We shot a castle location mix of fashion/ lingerie and then a great derelict quirky urbex location with tutus, lingerie, shopping trollies, smoke bombs, water throwing and giant sparklers!

Rhos rocked it all! Can't wait to work with her again. Book this lady!

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Jon Bowen

I had my second shoot with rhos, and she didnt disapoint. Arrived on time and hair, makeup already to go, it was an extremely hot day but still managed to produce some stunning images which im extremely pleased with, a very relaxed atmosphere and very proffesional. what a pleasure shooting with her again and another already planned, cant wait. thankyou rhos for another great shoot.

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Second time shooting with Rhos. Comfortable, fun and easy. Rhos is growing and becoming more confident and passionate about her images with some very cool imagery of late with a host of photographers helping her to create images of worth. Highly recommended. Thanks Rhos :)

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