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I got the chance to shoot with Regine on a recent trip to Norwich, and it was an absolute delight.

Regine is a gorgeous model with a personality to match, and looks reminiscent of Bettie Page.

She came well prepared with a large selection of outfits, and some great ideas.

I'll definitely be aiming to work with her again, the next time I visit Norwich!

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Had a very productive shoot woth Regine yesterday.We tried out some Bettie Page style,Boudoir and it turned out a very good shoot.

Regine is a very easy person to get on with and also work with and I'm sure will develop into a very good model,she has the right attitude.

Thoroughly recommended to all

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A total pleasure to work with! Regine is creative, imaginative, co-operative and totally into photography. She has about the nicest personality you could wish to work with. I really hope I get to shoot with her a whole lot more!! (Plus, I fully agree with everything Nic said - ref bellow this one)

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Regine is an absolute delight to work with. She is an intelligent and creative young lady with a great personality and a very professional manner and approach. Communication between the two of us prior to the shoot was excellent and we hit it off immediately on the day.

As a gifted photographer in her own right, Regine contributed immensely to both the technical and creative aspects of the shoot and even as I work through the initial edit of the output from the shoot it is easy to see that we produced some stunning images.

Regine has all the qualities any photographer should be looking for in a model and I have no hesitation in recommending her to the maximum extent possible.

Regine - you are a delight to work with and I look forward to shooting with you again very soon - thank you.

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Regine at the weekend, she is a confident, smart and creative model, I always enjoy working with models who are photographers as well, I find them more empathetic to the process, Regine was no exception, it was a very positive encounter and I am very pleased with the results we achieved.

Regine comes highly recommended.

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My first shoot with Regine today - one of many, I hope...

Pre-shoot comms were very good and she arrived a good fifteen minutes before the arranged time...

Being a photographic student she has a wonderful understanding of the technical side of photography, which comes across in both the way she is able to pose and a good knowledge of what will and won't work - she brought a great range of outfits with her, of which we were able to use five, to achieve a good variation of looks...

I really hope I get another chance to work with Regine, very soon, as it was an absolute pleasure..!

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