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Another shoot with Dave after a few years. Always on time, cooperative and lots of fun to work with. Performs well too! Highly recommended.

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I have worked with David a number of time, one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with, the finished photos are great, he is a real natural and very open to whatever you ask of him, very highly recommended.

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David Taylor

Fun male model with a lot of experience as I found out on our first shoot, David is keen to try out new ideas as well being back to nature as he really enjoyed the location shoot.

As always the time passes by too quickly but David has agreed to do more shoots with me which will be great.

Highly recommended

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David arrived exactly when he said he would, with everything he said he'd bring, as well as a mound of positive enthusiasm.

He is an absolute treat to work with - nothing is too much trouble and nothing is out of bounds. He is happy to try anything and he greeted some of my more obscure ideas with charm, a smile and a 'yes!'. As a consequence we got through a great number of sets that were outside Dave's usual styles, as well as the nude and natural, total uninhibited shots for which he is best known.

The whole shoot was a joy. Dave is very photogenic, has a good body and absolutely no shyness when it comes to showing it off to best advantage. His motto seems to be 'ask and I'll happily do it and if you don't get the shot, I'll do it again!' and, thanks to his willingness, time fled by.

I hope that he returns to West Wales at some time in the future and I'll definitely be the first to book him.

A very excellent model. Thanks, Dave!!!

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Did my first ever studio shoot with David. He was a great help, enthusiastically doing everything I asked. Really nice, friendly and amenable. Some great shots. Hopefully I will get to work with him again.

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CWPhotos London

I have shot David twice, most recently July, and he is an excellent model. Good physic, great attitude and full of ideas.

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