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Image Creators Studio

Had a great, and fun shoot with Eva yesterday. Pre shoot communications where spot on, and she came to the studio ready to shoot in her first outfit.

Eva poses with ease and moves between poses quickly, she needs no directions, but when ideas are given, she adapts quickly which allowed our shoot to have a very nice flow.

I have no hesitation in recommending Eva to both new and experienced photographers, who will no doubt have a great shoot, and get some great images for their portfolio.

Highly recommended.

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After getting a message from Eva for shooting, having worked with her before I jumped at the chance of working with her again. As expected pre comms were excellent and even tho the shoot location was busy, Eva had no problem in creating direction like a pro. Also the attire that Eva picked for the shoot blended in perfectly.

Eva showed up on time and was just as polite and friendly as she was last time we done a shoot together. Despite the shoot being quite brief, we managed to get some fantastic unique images, for which I look forward to editing.

I highly recommend Eva and would have no hesitation in working with her again.

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Craig Hall

Had a great shoot with Eva.

She was on time, easy to talk to and had lots of ideas.

Really cool styling in a great location. Would happily work with her again!


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Well what can I add , seriously Eva is a lovely lass, very happy to take direction and also tell me what she wanted to achieve from our first shoot together, and by being able to work together we got the images required. Eva defiantly is a team player. she was not phased by my use of new equipment to her in the form of my Rotolight LED lighting, and actually enjoyed be photographed using it it , seeing the benefits as against conventional flash equipment. Pre shoot comms where great, we met at the appointed place slightly early,and are taking already about the next project together. all round a great lady, great model and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanted to shoot with her

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I had a shoot with eva to day; went really well; pre comms excellent friendly and chatty lady, look forward to working with her again, thanks eva; for your time,

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Alex butler

I had the pleasure of photographing Eva via an online shoot. She conducted herself in a very professional manner and she posed effortlessly. She had lots of ideas and props to hand for the shoot and was a true joy to work with!

I would recommend Eva to anyone, she is a wonderful model!

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Al Saunders Photography

Did some editing work for Eva.. Photos were well posed and thought out was a pleasure editing for this model 5 stars

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I had a great first shoot with Eva her garden. This doesn't seem that big of a deal if she didn't live in an amazing manor house! Communication was very good.

Eva was ready to shoot when I arrived: her make up was done to high standard and she picked a great alternative outfit with an amazing headpiece.

Eva needs very little direction, if anyat all and poses easely, she knows what she is doing, has good input and is very open to ideas. I highly recommend working woth her and would be happily shoot with her again!

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Queen of Dragons was great to work with. She was on time for the shoot, required little direction, but when required she took direction well. She was friendly, chatty and versatile. I would absolutely recommend her.

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Antony taylor photography

managed to have anther shoot with Eva always amazes me how she arrives all ready to shoot make up hair and outfit on .

i do like working with Eva as we always get good results

well worth booking 100% and good fun to shoot with no direction required never a dull moment.

thank you for a very creative afternoon


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Had a great time working with Eva (queen of Dragons) at a recent shoot at Strelley Hall.

She has some really great costumes and knows how to pose in them to make the most.

She is really fun to work with, has a wonderful accent and a great pipe.

Hope to be able to shoot Eva in some of these costumes soon.

Would highly recommend.

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had an amazing shoot with the queen of dragons during a group shoot. What a delightful person, great model and a wicked sense of humour. She poses really well and is so easy to work with. Her costumes are mind-blowingly awesome, and I cannot wait to shoot as many different ones as possible. She has the most respectful manner towards those she works with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time but it went far too quick.

Would I recommend - very very highly I would.

Thank you for a great time :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Eva today at an event at Strelley Hall. Eva came in a remarkable gothic fantasy outfit, and although our time was limited, we got some great shots thanks to Eva's creativity and understanding of what works well. Highly recommended.

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Met Eva on a shoot at Walton Hall and although we hadn’t met or discussed shooting she is professional enough to get straight into character. Eva knows what makes a good picture and after a quick look at the back of the camera is able to change the pose to make it work. Eva will work to direction but has the confidence and knowledge to work without direction, very much adding her own ideas providing a great combination.

Our working time was too short and would definitely like to work with her again.

Thanks Arthur

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Mark Boulton Photography

Well what can I Say I picked Q o D for our studio shoot and Wow this lady has everything you need for a gothic/medieval shoot. I set the studio with the help of my assistant for the day Kirby, and Eva just took over what a professional, little or know direction and fabulous with her unique look.

Pre-coms fantastic we talked about what we wanted and needed from the shoot and delivered.

Eva is confident,professional and charming. I highly recommend a shoot with this unique lady.


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When Queen of Dragons applied for my casting, I just knew that I had to work with her as she had the exact look that I needed. When she told me about her attire I thought this model means business and I was not mistaken as it was perfect for the shoot. Right from the start of communication Lady of Dragons was extremely prompt on replying and upon meeting her, not only did I find her really polite, but also extremely professional, in the sense that she was open to ideas and was able to create direction like it was second nature.

I have only shot in Leicester a couple of other times in the past and the locations that Lady of Dragons picked were amazing and fitted perfectly into the style of the shoot. My only regret was that the shoot was cut slightly short due to bad weather.

Models like Lady of Dragons, do not come around that often and so doing the 3hrs of travelling to work with her was a no brainier.

I strongly recommend Lady of Dragons to all other photographers out there, thank you Lady of Dragons for an amazing shoot & hope to work with you again in the future.

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Thank you, for the shoot today. Thank you, for coming so brilliantly dressed (I like Evanescence, Amy Lee :-) ). Communication was brilliant, second to none, I've never before been in contact with anyone else and had a shoot organized and set up and happen so quickly from first/initial contract. Very professional, punctual, and polite. :-) I wish I'd asked if you would have walked to Abbey Park, the way I went when we parted: I did find four other good locations :-). You'll receive photos, within 14 hours, plus the extra location photos :-). Thank you.

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Simon Reynolds

had a great first shoot with Queen of Dragons at Ashby de la Zouch Castle.

Plenty of communications prior to the shoot, turn up on time ready to shoot.

Even though the day was cold, damp Eva gave 110% throughout the shoot.

Eva's look is gothic, very confident and easy to work with, needed little direction with poses.

Highly recommended

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Beverley Thornton

I was lucky enough to shoot with Queen of Dragons at a recent location group shoot, and found her great to work with. She has a very definite gothic look, beautifully self-styled, with amazing accessories. We worked outside with both natural light and off camera flash, and although it was a very bright, springtime day, and nothing like a traditional gothic setting, Queen of Dragons took direction very well and we achieved some really pleasing images. A smashing way to spend sunny half hour - I recommend Queen of Dragons to anyone who loves dramatic, darkly-narrative images made with a model who obviously loves what she does!

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I was fortunate to meet and team up with Eva during two parts of the Social event day I attended at Strelley Hall. We shot both in the Gardens and later inside the Country Mansion with a great input of ideas from both of us.

She is both good to manage as well as full of ideas herself, posing with ease.

I recommend Eva as a creative Model who will not disappoint.

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