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I shot with Paul today and had a wonderful time! He had applied to my casting call and happily discussed ideas before meeting. He is very friendly, I instantly felt safe. He gave some great posing tips on the drive to the location which will be useful in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my climbing on trees.

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Elle DeCadenais

Exceptional Gentleman With High Dedication & Devotion To Achieve Sensational Results, Recommend Highly To Anyone Considering Future Work With Him!

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Luck enough to shoot with Paul at the end of March 2015. He's an absolute delight and full of ideas. Arrived in plenty of time. You'd be a fool not to work with him.

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Hannah Richm said...

I have modelled for Pauls workshops and on separate shoots. He is one of a kind! His work is fantastic, some of the best in my portfolio. He is the upmost professional and has taught me a lot. Highly recommended.

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Nikki Lea said...

Shot with Paul on location at a derelict farm, he was very friendly, very professional and really lovely to work with. He gave some excellent advice, offered endless encouragement and even gave his coat up to ensure I was warm between sets.

Amazingly speedy at image edits and I had an Incredible selection of high quality eye catching shots. Love them all! Highly recommend.

Was lovely to meet you Paul, thank you :-)

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Bexh said...

I worked with Paul for a tutorial shoot with the guild photography society, the shoot was planned to a tea, lots of pre shoot communication to achieve the perfect look. I knew exact-ally how to get to the venue who I would be modelling for and what costume to take. Paul was holding a tutorial for 9 photographers, he was informative and a great laugh I could tell the clients were really enjoying the session. Even after 10 years of modelling I still learnt tips from this, I would certain ally recommend Paul to other models as he really knows what he's doing and the images I saw on his camera were perfect. Xxx

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Dani-Elle' said...

Paul is genuinely the most lovely photographer and gentleman you could meet, I first met him at a social event and what an outstanding character he is - further still the sheer passion for his work and pursuing the best possible photograph is undoubtedly admirable.

We then worked together on a shoot of our own some months later and we slipped right into a prolific flow within the first moments of shooting. Paul knows exactly where to look for the most beautiful opportunities and strives to perfect the composition and lighting each and every time.

A simply delightful photographer who I cannot recommend enough and would certainly look forward to working with again very soon. :)


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Had a great shoot with Paul. He is a lovely person, very kind and considerate as well as being well planned and a great photographer!

The shoot went really well, and I had a clear picture of what we were going to do before hand.

Highly recommended :)

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Hannah Richmond said...

Worked with Paul several times, absolutely fantastic experience, definitely a pro in all areas. If you get the chance to work with Paul, DO IT!

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Jen Brook

I worked with Paul for a Guild event and for another training day. He is a true gent and an excellent teacher who puts 100% into making both the delegate and the model comfortable. Looking forward to working with him again soon :)

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