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Zami Queen

Plonyte is very talented ant professional model. I booked her to test out some new lighting techniques and sets and she did so well. We all know how test shoots are for models - boring! Needs a lot patience and she completely delivered. We got some amazing shots and had a great time too. Would highly recommend!

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bob macmillan photography

Once again Victorija (Plonyte) arrived on time and in good spirits with a vast variety of clothes and a big smile. We had a wonderful shoot and I got some amazing images, why an agency hasn't already snapped her up is a mystery she has the talent,looks and attitude to go far in the modelling world. I would certainly 100 percent recommend her to any serious photographer. Just look at her images on my website https://bobmacmillan.smugmug.com/ when they're loaded later this week.

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bob macmillan photography

Viktorija Plonyte (Vitoria), came to the studio for a shoot, communications prior to and during the shoot were excellent, she took direction well and was very inventive herself that made my job easy, I only hope that my images do her justice, she is tall, slim and good looking with a lovely attitude and we've all heard of that expression "leg's up top her armpits", well Victoria is that girl. A pleasure to work with and I will definitely be inviting her back to the studio again.

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It is very easy to work with Plonyte. She follows instructions easily, she is very smart.

Plonyte is very creative, friendly and patience. Besides, she is very professional, getting the studio before the time. And She brought all necessary and more, just in case.

I am very happy to make a session with Plonyte, and I will be work with her again!!.

I strongly recommend Plonyte

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