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Stephen G.

Had first shoot with Pixi princess.

Eventually we managed to get a day with no rain and arranged a shoot,pre shoot communication excellent,Pixi turned up with numerous outfits and posed effortlessly.

Pixi shared ideas via Pinterest

Good fun yet professional shoot.

no issue with chaperone,spent some time talking motorcycles🙂 with Pixies Dad.

Highly recommended.

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Yet another fantastic shoot with Pixi, as always professional relaxed and fun. Pixi is a wonderful model with a plethora of pose’s that just flow naturally. This is our third shoot together and Pixi is not just my Go-To model, but she has also become a good friend 😊

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Andrew Phillips

Had an awesome shoot with Pixi recently, she is a great model and an even better person.

Her pre shoot comms are amazing - she made parts of the costume for the shoot (and did a brilliant job of that) and she kept me constantly up to date with the progress and shoot ideas.

On the day she was great, had lots of different outfits to go along with the theme and once we got going she just gets on with the job, she knows just how to pose and for general stuff she requires little direction, she just gets it and does it.

On top of being a great model she is also a lively and funny person which makes the day even better.

All in all most definitely recommended and would certainly work with Pixi again.

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Fantastic shoot with Pixi in a poppy field. Pixi brought along her own outfits and props which complemented the location perfectly. Minimal direction is required as Pixi consistently devises poses that suit the situation. Pixi is both professional and friendly making her a pleasure to work with and led to a very productive shoot.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Pixi again in the future.

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I had my first shoot with Hutch today... and he brought along Pixi too!

Pixi applied to a Summer-themed casting I put out a while back, and her comms were great. Out of about dozens applicants, she and one other, were the only ones who read it through fully, and so I knew I'd like working with her. She liked many of the other themes I had up on Pinterest and so quickly we had a LOT of ideas to play around with.

The shoot itself was a lot of fun, and Pixi brought over a bunch of outfits to shoot in, and... her pet bunny Hutch! They say never work with animals or children, but clearly whoever said that - hadn't worked with a bunny before! Hutch was as good as gold, and totally adorable!

There are some pro togs out there who dislike chaperones, often for genuine reasons, although I imagine it's mostly the GWC brigade looking to push levels who disapprove the most. Please do not let this put you off working with Pixi if she wishes to bring Rob along, as he's a lovely bloke who helped me out a lot with lighting and such during the shoot.

Anyway, it should come as no surprise to find I thoroughly recommend Pixi to you, and look forward to our next shoot... which I have a sneak feeling will be a lot messier!

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Helena Rigby

I had a joint shoot with Pixi and Ron Kyte: well, I went mostly to meet her horses, and to interact with them if at all possible, rather than as a model, or even a co-model.

Pixi was gentle and caring, with the horses and with me, a total newbie to horses.

I found her dedicated and very easy to get on with.

A brilliant day.

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Richard Weston

Beautiful, Charming, & Professional. Pixi is fantastic to shoot with, her professionalism means she's a pleasure to work with, and an almost empathetic ability to know what a photographer is after means only minimal amount of direction was needed.

A truly amazing lady whom I hope to work with again soon.

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