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M K Winter Photography

Another fab shoot with Kay, my first shoot with Kay was 5 years ago and boy has she gone from strength to strength, what an enjoyable afternoon. hope to do more shoots with Kay in he future. I recommend her very highly, a pleasure to work with.

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Pragma Photography

Had a great beach shoot with Kay today. She has a great personality and is really easy to get on with. She is willing to try any of my ideas, whether they work or not and was very patient while I messed about with lighting etc.

This was a shoot that was, by her own admission, out of her comfort zone. I personally think Kay did really well, there are plenty of great images to work with and nerves haven't shown on the images at all.

Overall it was a productive and enjoyable couple of hours and I would recommend her

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David Austerberry

Had my first shoot with Kay today. Preparations all went well and we met on time at the location. It was a varied day with clouds interspersed with strong sunlight giving constantly changing lighting.

Kay was chatty whilst I photographed and walked from one set to the next.

Kay followed my directions, or posed herself, as we aimed to get the best look with the changing light. I managed the shoot without needing to rig fill-flash, which slows down a shoot.

I would recommend Kayleigh.

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Kayleigh was superb.

Before the shoot communications were brilliant. She was on time, dressed appropriately, posed and took direction well. What more could you ask for?

The shoot went well and we had a good laugh and chat along the way.

I look forward to working with Kayleigh again.

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Kayleigh was amazing.

We planned last minute shoot by the beach earlier today.

Pre shoot rooms was on point.

She came with the right styling.

In the tough conditions at the windy beach she did nice poses for the shoot.

She comes highly recommended and look forward to working with her soon.


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Geoff Sturge

I was so pleased to have a 2nd shoot with Piscean Angel so soon after the first. It was a relaxing and very successful one. She was totally ready when I arrived with make up appropriately for the shoot and although not feeling too brilliant put 100% into the shoot. She was empathetic to the aims of the shoot and created the required mood and image that fitted the various themes admirably. Chatty and friendly but very focussed on the job in hand. I always admire a model who does a fairly lengthy shoot outdoors on location and this time of year and Piscean Angel kept her energy high right to the end. We have provisional ideas for a third shoot (maybe when its warmer!) and I am looking forward to it. I recommend her to anyone and think the future is onwards and upwards for her

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Geoff Sturge

This was a thoroughly successful shoot which was extremely enjoyable. It was all about shooting various themed outfits (50s influenced retro and occasion dresses) for our Clothes for Charity Project (Cot for Tots House). Kayleigh's pre shoot communication was very good and her preparation was excellent. I arrived and she was ready to shoot. An intelligent girl she had obviously given careful consideration to the style of images required and hair and make up were totally appropriate. She was extremely pleasant to chat with throughout the shoot and very relaxed which made the occasion very enjoyable. The shoot was a long one with lunch in the middle. It is to her great credit that she maintained a high energy level and concentration until the end and provided with us with some fabulous images. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly. I have a 2nd shoot booked with her already which will use different themes and am looking forward to it a lot.

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Andy White

I had a brilliant shoot with Kayleigh yesterday at Art Asylum in Weymouth. Really enjoyable to work with, great communication, arrived early and photographed very well.

Kay is a really nice person who, although fairly new to modelling, shows great potential. She bought some brilliant outfits with her too.

A great shoot which produced some really good images. Thanks very much.

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M K Winter Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Kayleigh, she is quite new to the modelling scene, she needed a little direction as she was quite nervous to begin with but once she relaxed we got some great shots, once Kayleigh gets over her nerves which will only happen the more shoots she does I think she will be an amazing model, she is a friendly young lady and I would recommend her to any photographer.

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Chris Smith said...

Had an evening/night shoot with Kay in Bournemouth with Ray Haynes (Photographer) which went well. Kay was a little nervous to start with however soon became at ease, Kay needed a little direction at times but feet this was down to nerves.

Overall it was a successful shoot with beautiful young lady and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to another photographer.

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I shared an evening location shoot with Chris Smith (Photographer) to photograph Kayleigh.

Pre shoot comms very good.

Kayleigh arrived on time and started the shoot very nervously. By the end of the night she was far more relaxed and finding more poses a little easier. She does need some direction and encouragement, but this will pay off.

She is a lovely young lady who I am sure will continue to improve.

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I worked with Kay on her first shoot, She was fun to work with and took direction well.

She has alot of potential and can produce some great work..

Looking forward to working with her again..

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