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Due to Covid, I haven't done much photography for a while. Now restrictions have been lifted, I intend to rectify that.

I am a now two things:

An experienced Rope artist

I am drawn to the Japanese style of rope because I admire the beauty of it. Since taking up rope for photography, I have been fascinated in creating the best shibari pictures I can. I don't just want to create just pretty ties but amazing photographs. I also want to work with models to make their experience of the art form both safe and positive. I want to allow photographers to capture the best pictures of the bound model. And for the sake of clarity, I am not here to make porn.

I can also offer shibari training for those interested in learning more about the art.

A photographer in training

2018 update: I am learning to take my own photographs. I am keen to practice so will find me popping up in group shoots. I take all genre of photos there.

And also

I am always looking for opportunities to do more photo shoots. I am particularly interested to hear from models who want to work on a TFP basis.


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