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I absolutely loved working with picmanx we talked about everything we wanted to shoot lighting storyline’s as he’s a cinematographer he appreciated me adding storylines into shoot we kept in touch constantly sharing images of our ideas I really appreciated his willingness to take on my ideas it felt like such a meeting of minds open imagination as he knows my love for not only modelling but photography I appreciated his willingness to talk about techniques things that I wanted to learn about I felt that I could trust him right away such a genuine guy cant wait for our next shoot the result we got from the shoot we did I loved and it was only a test shoot

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I had my first shoot with Picmanx, and what a pleasure it was. He came with an amazing energy and attitude for the few hours we had booked. I was doing a little tour in Glasgow and he booked in for one of my two hour slots.

I think we got along from the get go and discussing ideas for the day over precomms was very easy. Communication beforhand about levels, ideas, lighting set ups etc made the shoot run so smoothly. Picmamx has some amazing ideas and I enjoyed working them so much.

He even brought some bubbles along - which are the sturdiest blowing bubbles I have ever experienced (they remained in tact for hours haha) qnd were so much fun blowing around for pictures!

All in, a very positive experience and with some really cool final images too.

I highly recommend Picmanx. A very creative and outgoing soul to work with. :)

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Lady Heather

Great fun to work with and absolutely love the results!!

So does everyone else who has seen them so far! Well done.

Highly recommended and cant wait to work with you again!

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We shot together wandering around the west end of Glasgow stopping at certain points on a relaxed, fun and productive shoot!

What was good about it is that it allowed us time to get to know each other on a personal level as well, leading us to plan future shoots together!

Very professional, relaxed and great behind the camera, I look forward to seeing how the images turn out!

Highly recommend


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I enjoyed my 1st shoot with Picmanx at an outdoor location.

Picmanx took some amazing images and our shoot went so fast. He is so professional, well organised, enthusiastic and he has so many wonderful ideas up his sleeve. Not to mention his knowledge of lighting techniques, effects, design, editing and generally he just comes across as being a very creative person. His communication leading up to our shoot was excellent and he gives great direction during your shoot.

His ability to adapt to different styles is fantastic wether light is pouring in for or not, a wonderful setup, Picmanx is so full of energy and wastes no time whilst you change he will change things around to get the look desired.

We had such a great shoot with some fabulous results and I highly recommend Picmanx as a photographer.

An excellent photographer and it was a pleasure to work together.

I look forward to next time.


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