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Tony is a fantastic photographer to work with, he is very good at relaxing you and knows what he likes with an image, I worked with him at a workshop and he had me in fits of giggles, he is also good at letting you know when he has the pic he was aiming for.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone

Thank you for such a lovely shoot


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Elena D

Shooting with Tony was a pleasure .He is a great person to work with .The location he chose was splendid (Beaumont park in Huddersfield ) i could spend there all day shooting with Tony .Highly recommended .

Thank you Tony

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I worked with Tony for an hour on my studio day at LP Photografix. We managed to cram a lot of Tony's ideas into a short space of time and he was very clear in what he wanted to achieve and what poses he wanted me to do. I look forward to seeing the images!

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I worked with Tony yesterday at the charity event hosted by LP Photographix. He was really friendly and great to work with. Also good at giving direction and then letting me come up with ideas as well. The original shots I saw on the day looked fab so can't wait to see the edited ones.

Would definitely recommend

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I worked with tony Friday at a group photography club.. I was offered to model for.. he was friendly, nice, polite and willing to learn.. he did a great finish set and was some nice images taken... Tony adapted to my ideas in poses and directed a few well himself.. Tony was happy to have me take part in his final finish image..

was nice working with him and ill look forward to seeing images if I receive few.. hopefully maybe chance to work with him again ;)

I would recommend him ;)

thanks again.


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Jenny Von

Tony came to my studio day yesterday at Bolton and first of all i was impressed he had come and took trains and buses to get to me all the way from sheffield. I was so grateful for that as the travel itself is time consuming. Tony had ideas at the ready and knew what kind of shots he was after. He was well mannered and polite and came across a generally a happy chappy which from a models point of view makes a shoot more delightful :) happy to work with again and recommended to all, thanks again for taking the time to travel :)

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Attended a lovely group workshop with lovely photographers tony was great with helping with my posing stucture and what poses suited my body shape best love the photos and am very pleased to add them to my portfolio had a laugh was a lovely night thanks tony ☺

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Layla Jayne

I shot with Tony on Monday at a group workshop! Tony is a lovely talented guy who clearly loves photography! He had lots of creative ideas which made the shoot thoroughly enjoyable and the time flew by! Thanks Tony and hopefully shoot again soon!

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Zoe Harlotta

I shot with Tony at a group shoot at Ian's Studio the other day and he was a pleasure. Very polite, worked with focus, and communicated any ideas he had well.

A pleasure to work with, would recommend.

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Chloe Dignam

Tony was a great help with me being a new model, taught me about posing and got me some great shots. I'd definitely recommend and work with again.

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tony and i had a really good shoot he was great at pre communicating, travelled with me to the location and back and we got on really well throughout the shoot and on the way back, I would happily reccomend him and maybe shoot again if we can get something booked

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Had a shoot with Tony on Monday in Heaton Park, he is a lovely man and got some really good images. I had not done a shoot for over a year and he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, would recommend him to anyone and would definitely work with him again. Thanks again :)

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Charlotte Raven said...

I had a lovely shoot today with Tony! His pre communications leading up to the shoot were fantastic. Tony is so polite and lovely but also knows what he wants from an image and shoot.

He came all the way over to Derby, from Sheffield and we shot on my local park area. Even with overcast weather and it being damp and miserable, he was full of enthusiasm and happiness for his work.

I would definitely recommend him to any model, new or professional. Tony is just so lovely and one of the good guys! Work with him whilst you can people! :)

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Nic Tyas said...

Tony attended my studio day at Barlow studio, as always Tony was a complete gentleman. Tony instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence. He has some great unique ideas on different shots and Im always looking forward to hearing what he wants to gain for our shoot:) As always I look forward to seeing Tony again.

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