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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 8 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Hello and Welcome to my World!

I am the Official photographer for a brilliant brand new musical by Ollie Mills called Tree of War.

For what it's worth I've also had work published in several publications including Vintage & Twisted.

I am a member of the SWPP and working my way (slowly!) to licentiate standard.

I truly believe that anyone can make a great model....

For me it's story telling and portraying the inner beauty", the hidden vulnerable parts that makes a truly memorable photograph.

I want our time together to be chilled, relaxed and most importantly FUN!

I will work really hard to create the best images I can. You will find me to be professional, respectful and considerate.

In return I expect you to arrive on time, well prepared and rested, ready for a demanding few hours of hard work.

I usually work out of my studio which is in South Mannchester near the airport. (http://[url removed])

The studio is about the size of 3 double garages and I have loads of props, outfits, and backdrops so you will never be short of stuff to experiment with. Nearby are some great locations.

I generally only do TFP or paid shoots.

Occasionaly I will pay for a model but this is only for specific projects ( but I will make first contact.)

In the near future I want to start running studio shoot days and will be on the lookout for models who can work well with group shoots (this would be a paid job!)...priority will always be given to people who have believed in me enough to work without financial reward.

I am also happy to go out on location, but if I'm being honest I only like to go when its nice weather,,,,otherwise I like to be in a cosy warm studio!

I believe that everyone should have an equal say on the shoot, I value the opinions and ideas of models, designers make up artists and yes on the odd occasion there is one my fellow photographer!

I will treat you with the utmost respect, I won't be adjusting anything on your person or sorting your hair out....I leave that to mua's and stylists! Levels are agreed in advance I won't ask you to exceed what you are comfortable with.

What to Expect from me from a TFP shoot..(t&c's)

To get the very best images possible I use a qualified make up artist. I very rarely accept a shoot unless we have an mua ( or you are a fully qualified mua). Sometimes the mua will work TFP . but the majority of the time I expect a contribution from you towards the mua.

This has to be paid on confirmation of the shoot. Usually for a 3-4 hour shoot your contribution will be about £25. The total amount ( + my contribution) goes directly to the mua.

You will receive 2 fully edited images per hour of shooting. This included retouching, levels, white balance and any enhancements.

Often you will get more but I prefer to under promise and over deliver. I try (but sometimes fail miserably) to get your images to you within 7-10 days of the shoot.

I choose the images to edit but if you ask me I will send a small selection of unedited thumbnail images for you to choose from....( this will add time to you receiving the final images). The images will be sent via dropbox ( you DON'T need to have an account). the images will come as jpgs at a quality suitable for publishing on screen or printing upto about 10x12. If you want any images to be printed larger I'm happy to supply a better quality file. copyright of the images remain with me but you are permitted to publish the image on any website to promote yourself. if you ( or me) sell an image profits to be split equally (including mua's etc). Generally I don't like my images to be redited but if you do any editing, any reedited published image must be clearly labeled as redited. I DO NOT release the original file of my work. Cancelling the shoot. Once a shoot has been confirmed as far as I'm concerned we have a deal. I understand that occasionally "life" inteferes but so far in 2 years I have never had to cancel at short notice. I have had about 12 no shows or short notice cancellations which is wasting far too much of my time. I expect (and give) professional consideration. If I don't get at least 72 hours notice that you can't make our confirmed shoot then I won't rebook with you. ( unless you have had a genuine emergency). On confirming a shoot I will give you my phone number and ask for yours.

I only use this to text you about 4 days before, the day before and the day of the shoot...that way we both know that the shoot is going ahead. I think that covers most of the stuff that needs to be mentioned. If you want to know anything else I guess the best thing to do is message me and ask!

Now If you've read all the way down to here


...... but surely you have better things to do with your time than reading this! i look forward to hearing from anyone interested in working with me. May your next Image be an FPI!

The C Question

I know this can be a very contentious issue. I'm not saying this is the right or wrong solution, but its what I do. I don't allow anyone that is not part of the shoot to remain in the studio. The only exception is if the model is under 18 and then I would require a chaperone to be present. If someone brings you they are welcome to pop in say hello have a drink look around but then they need to leave :-(

Please pass me by if its a problem.

On the shoot you will be treated with the utmost respect.

In the studio you will have a private changing area.

I provide a big fluffy dressing gown for you to stay warm and covered between sets.

The studio is always warm and private.

I will not be touching you to "arrange " your hair, or clothing.

However if you are paying me then its your choice.... ...I would still strongly advise against it but if I'm being paid then I'll work as you require.

Hopefully I have answered most of your questions and put your mind at rest about working with me. If you have a burning item that I haven't covered please feel free to email me.....


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