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Irida S

Yet another fantastic shoot with Stargazer ! Always fun and productive !

On my very highly recommended list :)


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Miss L Ginge

What a lovely guy! From start to finish Stargazer was kind and professional and made me very welcome.

What a brilliant guy to talk to talk to really enjoyable and not a moment of silence. We created some fantastic images one was so lovely it blew me away!

If you get a chance to work with this great guy...take it!!

Thank you for a lovely shoot, defiantly defiantly recommended.

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Hannah Ashton

Stargazer is any model’s dream Photographer to work with.

He is such an interesting person to talk with, full to the brim with knowledge on a wide range of topics. He was friendly, considerate, and is clearly very talented with his ability to tweak details of a shot to make it look outstanding. We had been trying to work together for a few years but kept getting our hopes dashed by public transport, and I’m very pleased to say it was worth the wait and effort.

I would jump at the chance to shoot with him again, and if you have the opportunity to work with him, I implore you to take it. Thank you again for a fantastic shoot! :)

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Lauren Allan

Finally had an opportunity to shoot with Stargazer! After planning to shoot with one another for some time, but unfortunately COVID happened.

The pre com communications were on point & once I arrived to shoot he made sure I felt comfortable for my first ever lingerie shoot.

Definitely recommend this photographer to any newbie models or experienced.

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Lauren Allan

I had my second shoot with Stargazer yesterday.

As always he was courteous & considerate. I had a fantastic shoot with him & have received already received the unedited images from him already.

If you get the opportunity to work this Fantastic photographer, please don’t miss it!

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Amber Tutton

Second shoot with the mr stargazer !

Wow what a shoot, we shot from a Brighton location, the weather was a bit crummy but my gosh did he know how to use light from the large windows we had! Wow!

Stargazer is super personable and friendly, the shoot will feel like it’s going super quickly because you’ll have the most fun with him!

Super complimentary and super with ideas!

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said in all of his glowing messages.

GO WORK WITH HIM! He’s the best!

Highly recommended and looking forward to the many shoots we are planning ahead

Truly memorable shoot

Thank you

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Abbey A

Had a delightful 1st Hotel Shoot with stargazer

Pre comms were great, he remained polite, encouraging and incredibly professional throughout the shoot. Adept changes in room layout and use of the natural light as well as his knowledge and talent for shooting, meant we created several amazing sets that had a soft and feminine vibe to them. We went from headshots to sportswear, lingerie, implied, boudoir and even some impromptu sets using my robe.

Really impressed with what I have seen so far (we reviewed as we went and some sneak peeks were sent that same day!) And I would highly recommend!

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Stargazer was one of my first shoots when I started in 2019 and joined PP and it was lovely to shoot with him again finally! He always comes prepared with ideas and thoughts and is super efficient in getting them done! Highly recommended as always, many thanks!

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Stargazer was friendly, professional and passionate. He gave me a great first impression and no doubt I would work with him again.

He knew lighting, has brilliant ideas for the shoot and I'm 100% happy with our shoot.

Thank you so much! :)

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Ava Lee

Had a first shoot with Stargazer at a hotel. He is very polite and professional. He is laid back and easy to work with and gave good feedback throughout, he allowed me to pose freely and was great adjusting lighting and good at direction. I highly recommend working with him, we got so many classy pictures to choose from!

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Amber Tutton

I worked with stargazer for the first time in Brighton , we worked from a gorgeous room but just wow! Such an enjoyable shoot.. I’d travelled up in the morning so a 3 hour journey before the shoot, but as soon as I met stargazer I felt so at ease and actually very energetic. He makes you feel at ease & he’s super personable!

He’s incredible with light, focuses on making classic imagery and has an eye for detail

I’d like to give the highest recommendation to stargazer for an extra fun shoot, plus the most amazing images I’ve seen of myself in a while!

Thank you again

Can’t wait for our next shoot (in planning) :)

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Great shoot would recommend, very respectful and really enjoyed it. Pictures are great and looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks again.

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I had another wonderful shoot with Stargazer this week, in Brighton. It had been a couple of years since our previous shoot, but it didn't feel like it at all. We picked right up where we left off, and I genuinely believe that we achieved some of our best images together. Stargazer has a great eye for an image, and adapted the environment to suit our shoot, quite spectacularly! I have loved the images I have seen so far - it was a pleasure to be part of such a fun and successful shoot :)

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had a first shoot with stargazer recently what a loivly down to earth guy and what a lovily guy to work with wanted to work with him for a while and finally got a chance to work with him

cant wait to see the images and pick the once i want xx

really hope i get chance to work with him again x

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Had a wonderful shoot with Stargazer today! Made me feel really at ease, pre comms was great and he held great direction- as well as giving me freedom to play with styles. I can't wait to see the finished product, thank you!

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Had a wonderful shoot today with Stargazer in a local hotel here in Brighton. He's a complete gent, pleasure to be around and has great ideas and knows how to direct to get them done! Absolutely recommended, many thanks!

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Pollyanna Hale

Great studio shoot with Stargazer today. He was very clear in what he wanted from the shoot and instructions on what to bring. He directs well but is also happy to let me put my ideas in for outfits and posing, and judging by the photos he showed me as we went along the resulting images are absolutely gorgeous. Polite and professional, I’d definitely work with Stargazer again.

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I had my second shoot with Stargazer a few days ago - I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint! Stargazer is one of the most entourage, kind, respectful and polite people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, or shooting with, in quite a while, and he makes my job extremely easy :-)

Aside from being such a gentleman, Stargazer is also great fun to work with, he has a great sense of humour and I spent a lot of time trying to keep a straight face - sorry Stargazer if you have quite a few bloopers in there :-)

I would genuinely recommend Stargazer to anyone - he obviously is a very talented photographer and every photo he showed me from the back of the camera was beautiful (nothing to do with me!). His lighting skills are great, and he has a wonderful eye for capturing a beautiful moment, so I may have said this in my last reference but you won’t just have a great time on the shoot, you can also leave knowing that any photos he posts will be stunning!

Thank you Stargazer for another really lovely shoot!!! Xxx

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Cherry Tart

I had my first shoot with Stargazer today! Was amazing! He was very lovely and kind. He was no bother and also booked an MUA.

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Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Stargazer is such a treat to work with! He's an absolutely lovely man; highly entertaining, courteous and full of interesting conversation. Shoots go by extremely fast, in part because of his fun-loving character, but in part because he moves through ideas quickly which keeps the shoot energetic and engaging. I love working with him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to everyone. I wish I lived nearer him, but working together once a year is always something I look forward to immensely.

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