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Had a great shoot with Neil on my visit to Studio 58.

He turned up on time, full of ideas, ready to shoot! We had lot of fun, bouncing ideas of each other and chatting away!

The pictures were great and im more than happy to recommend him to anyone else!

Thanks so much,


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Kempston Studio [Studio Hire, Bedford]

Another fabulous visit of Neil to shoot with Miss C and Marisa Eva on their Duo day an Neil came with ideas an plenty of energy for the shoot. The ladies seemed to enjoy shooting with Neil and from what I could see some more great images.

Happy to recommend Neil

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Marisa Eva

Had a great first shoot with Niel on my studio day with MissC at Kempston. Andy was professional and friendly and had some great ideas. He made use of the space available and i felt very comfortable working with him.

Highly recommend

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I had my second shoot with Neil, this time at Kempston Studio. After the success of the first shoot I wasn’t sure if we could top it, but I think we may have! Once again it was a super shoot, productive and lots of fantastic results.

I feel relaxed and comfortable when shooting with Neil and feel we work together so well. As mentioned in my previous reference Neil is a joy to work with, friendly and has a fantastic enthusiasm on his shoots. You can tell he really enjoys photography and I love that he shows me the results as we go. A great energy and ideas bouncing of one another!

Another fantastic shoot and has left me wondering what we can achieved next!

Highly recommended :-)


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Kempston Studio [Studio Hire, Bedford]

Great to welcome Neil back again to the studio this time as apart of the Serenity studio days.

Neil is engaging with his models whilst getting the best from them and this shows on his port.

Also came along with his new toy the Nikon Z9 (so I am not jealous at all!) and this looked like some piece of kit.

Respectful as always with the studio its equipment and importantly for me the model.

Hope to see you again soon Neil (maybe in 2 weeks ;-) )

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I shot with Neil for the first time at studio fifty eight and what an amazing first shoot it was! I feel like we hit it off straight away and managed to utilise the time so well.

We managed to capture lots of different styles/sets and achieved some amazing results from the hours we had.

Neil is so easy to work with, friendly and has some great ideas for what he wants to achieve. The shoot time absolutely flew by because of how productive and enjoyable it was.

I also love that Neil was happy for me to make suggestions and give an input too - it’s always nice when you end up working together to get results you both love!

I was blown away by some of the images that were posted and think we smashed it.

I would highly recommended Neil to both new and experienced models.

Thanks again for a wonderful shoot!


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Fab shoot with Neil last week whilst I was working at Studio Fifty Eight:)

Very friendly and a pleasure to meet and work with!

Thank you so much for booking on this event, hopefully our paths will cross again sometime.

Debbie Leema x

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Victoria Birkin

I had a duo studio day which Neil attended and we had a fab shoot! Loads of great photos from what we quickly flicked through on the back of the camera.

It was an absolute pleasure to shoot with you again. Hope to work with you more in the future too!

Friendly, fun and has great ideas! What more could you ask for! Highly recommend.

Thanks again, Victoria x

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Neil is the best...

If it wasn't for Neil I probably wouldn't have made it for my studio day...The main part of the motorway was closed off and every time I diverted it took me back to the same part...Luckily Neil went the same way and gave directions to a very stressed and tearful model...So thank you sooooooo much for that Neil...

Neil is super duper easy to be around, fun, down to earth, respectful and professional...

Neil always has some amazing ideas and he had me in a cage with blue and orange gels...OMG we absolutely nailed these shots...

We did abit of light bondage and Neil soon realised I love shooting that haha...

Thank you for booking me and hope to see you again sometime...

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Effie Diaz

N78 and I had our first shoot at StudioFiftyEight recently and it was nothing short of an incredible shoot. He's passionate, talented, and professional when it comes to the work, with a friendly and welcoming presence. He really does know how to put a model at ease and make the shoot fun, interesting, and comfortable!

Overall, I cannot recommend N78 enough - our shoot definitely stood out as one of the best of my trip. I would love to work together again in the future!

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Monika Lara Smith

I had another shoot with Neil while hosting a studio day in Studio Fifty Eight and hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future. :)

Neil was such a pleasuuure to work with, as always!!

I always get amazed with his skills and technique, even though he hasn't been photographing for that long!

I enjoy working with Neil as he's always got some great ideas but at the same time, he's open to a model's suggestions.

He's soooo easy going, great to chat with and so down to earth. The images we achieved last time are beautiful!! :)

Thank you so much Neil and can't wait to work with you again! :)

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Victoria Birkin

Had a group shoot at studio fifty eight which Neil attended and what a fantastic shoot it was! The ideas were flowing, the banter was just brilliant and made the shoot so much fun!

Neil has amazing ideas and is a very talented photographer! I would highly recommend him!

Also hope I get the chance to work with you again soon!

Thank you again for such a great shoot! X

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Jess Harrington

Neil was my first shoot of the day at Studio 58 I’m so glad as I was in a bit of a flag when I arrived and wasn’t feeling as confident as I should be but Neil being such a skilled and confident photographer he got me back to normal in no time 💕 having most of the stuff ready he wanted to shoot and gave me props to get me going l, before I knew it I was back in the zone having the best shoot which had a knock in effect for my day throughout xx I love shooting with Neil his images always excites me and so happy he had booked me again he made my day basically. 110% recommended 5***** from me 🙏 Thanks again Neil as always, a pleasure.

Love Jess xxx

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Sarah Elizabethxx

Had a great shoot with Neil at studio 58, very professional, thankyou so much! Highly recommended xx

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Neil was wonderful to work with! Can’t wait hopfully first of many x

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Kempston Studio [Studio Hire, Bedford]

Neil booked on the Roxy M studio day at the studio.

Neil was respectful to Roxy and the studio and equipment and the images Neil has posted look great.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Neil

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

100% RECOMMEND...to new or very experienced models...

Neil is an amazing photographer to work with...down to earth, easy to be around, a really nice person, professional and very respectful (even brought me cleansing wipes, as I forgot mine last time haha)...

I really love shooting with Neil...not just because of his personality but also because we produce really amazing images together, so much so a couple of photographers have mentioned that we get really beautiful images together...

Thank you for a fantastic shoot Neil!

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I worked with Neil for first time during my studio day at Studio 55. Nail it‘s such a lovely person, very easy going and great to talk with. He didn‘t shoot for a while and it was his first shoot after a break. Still so good prepared, well organised and professional. He made me feel very comfortable during working together and we achieved such a great resolutes. Creative but also open for a suggestion.

Definitely recommended working with Neil and hope to work together again!

Thanks Neil

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Studio Fifty Eight

Always great to see Neil at the studio and his support has been fantastic so thank you for that!! Neil is very professional and a gent. Neil is producing some excellent images and just gets on with his many ideas. Great photographer!! Thank you again for all your support at the studio. Regards Andy and Lee.

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Monika Lara Smith

I worked with Neil a couple of times and it's always been a real pleasure!

Neil is an amazing person, so easy going, great to talk to, funny and kind! When I worked with him for the first time I thought he had been photographing for a while but it turned out he started quite recently! I was really surprised as the results we achieved and professionalism he presented were outstanding. Neil was really easy to work with, he's creative, thoughtful and open to suggestions. We achieved such great results every single time we worked together while having a lot of fun and plenty of interesting chats.

Thank you so much Neil! I would definitely recommend working with Neil and I'm really looking forward to working with him again! :)

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