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Tribal portrait

Tribal portrait / Photography by Leigh Drinkwater Photography, Model Paige Tamara Frost / Uploaded 12th October 2015 @ 09:02 PM

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T O X I CT O X I C said, 1565760162

Simply superb...

AndyrewAndyrew said, 1462820336

Really cool look :)

kneil77kneil77 said, 1461941174


PentHousePhotographyPentHousePhotography said, 1460234827

Excellent, I hope to work with you soon

007 1/2007 1/2 said, 1460229125

Great makeup, super image!

Paige Tamara FrostPaige Tamara Frost said, 1450980932

I did my own make up for this also!! ☺

Colin Roberts PhotographyColin Roberts Photography said, 1450966394

lovely model great make up

Paul Webb PhotographyPaul Webb Photography said, 1450963933

Awesome work here. - The colours of the makeup are amazing...

Paige Tamara FrostPaige Tamara Frost said, 1450958336

Thankyou ☺

Emerald CloudEmerald Cloud said, 1450954571

This is so beautiful!

Billy Cee..Billy Cee.. said, 1450951961

loving this, superb...

SaffiraSaffira said, 1450951476


AnodyneAnodyne said, 1450950363

Love love love

Pip the Gentleman!Pip the Gentleman! said, 1450943530

The eyes!