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Vipul was incredible and full of energy! I enjoyed so much the shooting with him! We created together incredible results. Hope to see him soon!

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Wow Wow Wow! As soon as i seen Vipuls portfolio i was amazed. I applied for his casting call & turns out he had already booked me for a studio shoot in Stratford.

Vipul definitely brought the energy for the last photoshoot of the day. His awesome personality shone and his creativity flowed. He turned up with a tonne of clothing and accessories which we matched together for some epic editorial fashion looks which i loved! He was professional and respectful from start to finish and we had some laughs.

Vipul really knows what he's doing when it comes to photography & also had different lighting and equipment to change up to effects. The back of the camera images look great!

Was such a fun shoot and i will really look forward to the next! Highly recommended :)

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It was fun and good shoot with Vipul, I responded on his casting and next day we was already shooting at Stratford at the studio. He is easy going and nice also very comforting person. I felt very safe shooting with him. He hold his word and sound like a reliable person. It was first shoot and hope to shoot again. I liked the pictures after the shoot and showing them on my profile. Recommend!

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Vipul is such a cool guy and we had a lot of fun:) He was the first one I did a shoot with from Purple port. He made me comfortable, he had a lot of good ideas and he did bring me a lot of good outfits:)

Nice photos as well!

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Vipul was awesome to work with. He's got an amazing energy, is kind and considerate. I'm pretty sure most models would be thrilled know that he has a complete wardrobe for photoshoots. Always such a joy to shoot with someone who invests in his art. I can't recommend him enough!

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I had the most amazing two hours last week with the very talented P1ay at my studio space.

Great person, great photographer and his ideas are out of this world.

I am so happy with the images we got from the back of the camera and very much looking forward to seeing the final edits.

I am honoured he wanted to shoot with me and hope this isn't our last!

You legend xx

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Katie Willy

Had a great shoot with P1ay today - outstanding communication before the shoot, high energy and creative onset, gave good direction, and also left things open enough for me to get creative as a model too :) Plus the raw shots were excellent - looking forward to seeing what we produced when it's ready! Would certainly recommend :)

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I had the pleasure to shoot with Vipul today.

He’s professional, creative, funny and I felt very confident with him.

We ended up having a lot of laughs but most importantly the photos looks amazing!

I highly recommend Vipul for any future project!


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Stefanie Steel

P1ay was an AWESOME photographer to work with. He brought wardrobe, had hand picked some lovely spots in London and was SO professional! He was also very funny and a great person to work with! I’m very grateful we crossed paths.

I would certainly recommend shooting with him— you’ll get great photos AND have a good laugh!

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Wow, what a great shoot with P1ay. I don't even know where to start. P1ay is full of energy, bubbly, chatty, we just had so much fun shooting together. He had lots of great ideas including several outfits and LED tubes that helped us to create some awesome shots. I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with P1ay and would of course highly recommend him! Thank you and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future xx 

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Yaaaassss! What an great pleasure it was shooting with P1ay :D

We planned this shoot a few weeks ago, the communication was spot on through out and he had some amazing ideas & great locations in mind.

Vipul was so much fun to work with and simply thought of everything (pins, heating pad, hair ties... ); I wouldn't be surprised if he brings a pack of urinella with him next time.. xD

Vipul has a great wardrobe of which he send pictures before and brought some very suitable outfits with him for the yoga theme.

It was simply a great experience, from the first contact until the last and I can highly recommend working with this fun & crazy men.

Thanks again!

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K Ravani

It was a great pleasure working with P1ay. He's clearly very talented and knows what he wants and gives great direction to achieve his vision. He takes into consideration all the details, from the outfit to the hair and accessories and is very patient whilst getting the whole look together.

Aside from his talent, he's such a friendly guy who encourages you to not just pose but to let your own personality shine through. His personality can make anyone feel at ease and he was full of energy throughout the shoot. Hope to shoot together again!

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I LOVED shooting with P1ay! We honestly had so much fun, his weirdness matches my weirdness and he brings out the best in me!

He was full of great ideas and locations and really delivered on every single shot!

Highly recommend and I’d love to shoot again sometime :)

P.s I’m now slightly obsessed with Ciara...

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I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with P1ay at the beginning of this month. His attention to detail and creative eye really contributed to the amazing end results. His quirky attitude, behind the scenes filming and all-round great company made it a pleasure to spend the morning with him. I hope we can shoot together again soon.

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Irina N

Every since I’ve signed up on PurplePort I wanted to work with Mr P1ay.... so because he never approached me, I’ve said to myself I should get in touch and suggest a possible collaboration which it happened. And we do have some amazing shots from our first shoot. Looking forward for the 2nd one.

Love your work and loved working with you, Mr. P1ay! Peace!

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Had an amazing shoot with P1ay. Very professional, fun to work with, full of creative ideas. Highly recommend his services and would love to work with him in the future. Thank you. Evelina

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Amazing shoot with Vipul, he was professional and funny and brought good energy to the set.

For someone like myself who is not very experienced in modelling, he made me feel calm and comfortable during the day. Would definitely work with Vipul again :)

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I'm very pleased to have worked with Vipul. He is a really good professional. He has a great knowlegde not just in photography, as well with styles and having an amazing, unusual and artistic ideas. He provided some amazing direction about outfits and pose acting in front the camera. He is a very complete photographer and carried out a really well organised and smooth shoot. Makes you feel very comfortable which helps to get such great results. I had a really fun and productive morning with him and I can't wait to work with him in the future!

Muchas gracias amigo!

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Had a great shoot today with Vipul. Not only is he professional and talanted, he is also amazingly kind and really fun to work with. We had a real creative collaboration and I know the pictures are gonna come out great! Highly recommended.

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Mya Chan

Great shoot with Vipul, good sense of humour and very easy going which made me feel at ease when we started shooting. If you dont know how to pose he will direct you well! full of great ideas and outfits! He kept a good vibe through out the shoot even though I was feeling ill! thanks Vipul :)

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