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I modeled for Oliver's life drawing class a while back, but I will never forget how welcomed I was made to feel. What a genuinely nice, friendly, professional person! His class were absolutely fantastic. Right from the start I felt very comfortable and welcome. If you're invited to be a part of his life drawing class; go! It's an opportunity that you really shouldn't pass up, and if ever asked to return I would have no hesitations in doing so. 100% recommended!

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Andy Bennette said...

I modelled for Oliver's life drawing session last night. Oliver is very professional and attentive to the needs of a model and I was made to feel very comfortable. The group of artists were a great bunch of all styles and abilities and produced a stunning array of wonderful artwork. I look forward to modelling for this group in the future.

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I modeled for Oliver on his life drawing class in Godmanchester, for me it was the first time

He's very professional and a respectful person, he made me feel comfortable all way through

The member of the class were very professional and lovely too, results are amazing,

I had a fantastic time and would definitely work with him again, highly recommend!!

Thanks for a amazing time

Jolie xx

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Amanita Storm

Both myself and my fiancé recently modelled for Oliver's local life drawing class and had a wonderful time - Oliver is artistic, super friendly and was very understanding and accommodating for John as it was his first time life modelling. He always makes sure you are 100% comfortable - he is a perfect gentlemen! With brilliant organisational skills and great pre-comms, I would recommend Oliver to any model, he's an absolute joy to work with and a lovely, lovely guy!!! :)

Thankyou so much Oliver, and I look forward to the next class (and maybe more)! (John will have to draw me next time ;) )

All my love,

Jess x

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Oliver for the first time this week at one of his very well run and friendly life modelling classes.

Comms were great- Oliver needed a model ASAP and I was free- I knew exactly what was expected of me, where I was going and well, he covered just about everything. Perfect.

On arrival Oliver met me, showed me about and took a lot of time to chat an explain everything to me. I was made to feel extremely welcome and well looked after.

Oliver is a very lovely and down to earth chap- I really can't wait for the next life model session and perhaps some 1-2-1 time with Oliver too. Thank you! Highly recommended! :)

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Charli Meredith said...

Haha well Oliver and I have been trying to work together for three years!! It was fabulous, he's incredibly accommodating and great fun!! Plus he is totally respectful of levels and extremely relaxed!

He was so fast starting work and kept me up to date with all the goings-on and progress he made!

PLUS he made me a lovely lunch to eat!

Highly recommend working with Oliver!!

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

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It was great to work with Oliver he's very friendly and welcoming and I highly recommend him! Looking forward to our next meet :) really do love the painting that was created! x

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Nina Swan

After struggling to organise a shoot for while due to various reasons, I finally got the chance to shoot with Oliver today! Twas a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and I throughly enjoyed it. Today was a learning curve for the both of us, from my side I was learning to pose for a painting rather than a photograph and Oliver was trying to create poses for me to try that were different to the rest of his work. Oliver is a lovely and talented chap whom I get on very well with and I would definitely recommend him :) Can't wait to see the final result. Thanks Oliver!

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