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Ballerina Erica Mulkern

I have shot with Oakworth fineart photography a few times now and I was delighted to see him walk through the door at the Christmas Event organised by Photography Session Days. He has a great understanding of timing as well as a creative mindset. I can't wait to see the images and I look forward to working with him again soon!

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Oakworth Fine Art Photography is a superb photographer! Very patient friendly, respectful and lovely!

The detail that is checked in every photo is amazing, and has an extreme eye for detail.

My four shoot felt like two minutes, I enjoyed every minute and allowed me to gain further confidence with posing and positioning.

I can't wait for further shoots in the future!

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Laetitia Steampunk

I have been admiring Oakworth fineart photography's work for some time on Instagram and was over the moon when he offered me to do a shoot.

Pre shoot communication was excellent, great sense of humour and made me feel at ease before I even met him.

So easy to pose for, great personality and I loved being able to see the results of the photos straight away on the computer screen.

I am in love with the style of the photos and I did not see the 2 hours go by. Such a relaxed and fun shoot, I didn't want it to end.

Highly recommended photographer.

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This was my first shoot with DPK and it was a Fine Art/Dance/Bodyscaping workshop hosted by Brian Sandham at the Attic Studio near Preston, and I truly hope it will not be the last!

DPK is so easy to talk to - he immediately made me feel at ease with his conversation, and his willing to learn more about me and my capabilities. It turned out we had quite a bit in common, in the sense of working with similar people, so we were very quickly on similar wavelengths - I understood what he wanted to capture very quickly.

We worked through a series of different sets, and DPK was incredibly respectful and professional throughout, regularly showing me the back of the camera to show me what he had shot - he is a wonderful photographer, showed a great deal of talent in each image.

DPK is a great guy - laid back, chatty, and full of knowledge, with a great amount of ideas, and a clear willing to learn. He is a true pleasure to work with, and certainly someone I would be happy to work with again.

Thank you so much, DPK. Highly recommended from me!

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Monia El

I had a studio shoot with DPK and loved every minute of it! Communication before and after was brilliant, lots of ideas exchanged, great understanding and professional approach. Even when we had a late MUA cancellation, it did not put him off and we just adjusted and carried on. He is calm, relaxed person and a very polite gentleman. The photos looked amazing at the back of the camera and I really enjoyed creating them. He knew how to make things work, paid attention to details and made sure everything looks great. Highly recommended! Till next time :)

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The Bard

Second shoot with this brilliant and amazing photographer! This time at a Lord of the rings inspired group shoot that I organised. Simply love working with this man. He is an amazingly talented photographer and a lovely person. Wonderfully creative ideas and exceptional results! Highly recommend working with him and look forward to the next time!

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Worked with John on a Lord of the Rings themed group shoot yesterday. Absolutely fabulous shooting with him. He was so friendly and full of enthusiasm. Brilliant photographer all around and cannot recommend him enough.

Thanks and hope to work together again

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Monia El

I had my first photoshoot on location with Digital.photography.keighley and it was an awesome one! He is a very kind, chatty and positive, a great photographer to work with and a true gentleman. I love his style and working with him was a pure pleasure. I cannot wait to the next shoot and a cuppa after that! 100% recommended

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Ballerina Erica Mulkern

My second shoot today with Digital Photography Keighley at a group shoot led by Brian Sandman.

He is just honestly one of the kindest souls I've ever met.

Oh and he's insanely talented, comes well prepared and is a gentleman :D

Literally can't recommend enough, WORK WITH HIM NOW!!!

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David Ribbands

This was the first time I have worked with you and the shoot was fantastic.. I had a great time with a professional and talented photographer..

It was excellent bouncing ideas together and producing some amazing images.. I can't wait to see them all.

I will recommend you to anyone wanting photographs done with not only a fantastic attitude and professionalism but an amazing eye for his work. Truly awe inspiring. I cant wait to work with you again.. And thank you for all you hard work.. Get booking now if I have as you

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Well what can I say about this this superb photographer and lovely person,

Have had two shoots for charity with Digital photography Keighley and absolutely loved our time together,

Such a lovely person,easy going,fun,chatty just how I like it but also creating superb images,

I have loved both shoots that much that I am going over to do another shoot at his home studio which I can’t wait for,

Would highly recommend to all models,

Kat x

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The Bard

Had an amazing shoot with this exceptional photographer. Was a Game of Thrones themed set. Incredibly creative man, fabulous eye for pictures and composition and great captures. Easy to work with, enthusiastic and very artistic. Highly recommended!

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Was great to work with this photographer again , lovley Chap and easy to talk to , we gt some lovley images , really great tog and highly reccomend :)

Hope to work with again in near future



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I had the pleasure of shooting with DPK at an event at my local studio. Despite us shooting for a short time, we got some strong images. DPK is very easy to work with, makes sure you are relaxed and having fun, and is excellent at communicating ideas and giving direction. Very much enjoyed shooting together and hope to do so again in the future. Would recommend to all models!

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Marie Jean Saxton

I don’t even know where to begin.... except for to say I just wrote an epically long and deserved ref here... to then accidentally hit delete instead of submit haha! Oh well, I think it’s safe to say that having worked together more times than I’ve had hot dinners then it’s worth me writing it again!

I’ve always loved working with this amazing creative individual and will continue to do so for many many moons! One day he will get bored of my face I’m sure haha!

But what an incredible industry this is to not only find likeminded creatives like this one but to also then be able to call them new found lifelong friends.

I always look forward to our shoots and I can’t wait for our next one which is fast impending! I can’t wait to have a catch up and create amazing images... win win situation!

I will always recommend to the highest degree. Seriously going places and always willing to try something new and to delve into new techniques.

Seriously proud of you.

And proud to call you my friend.

Best wishes always


(I’ll click add and not delete this time haha)

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Keli Cartwright HMUA

I worked with Digital Photography keighley at a group shoot yesterday where I was makeup artist for Marie-Jean Taylor.

Digital Photography keighley was lovely, easy to talk to and took some fabulous images!

I'm looking forward to working with him again at some point in the future and can't wait to see the finished images from yesterday.

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Marie Jean Saxton

I’ve worked with this fabulous creative for over a year now and in the meantime he’s bent over backwards for me as both a creative AND as a very dear friend. He’s been to literally all my workshops and studio days in his local area and much further since we first met and shot at Crossroads! A true gentleman and talented artist!

I’ll always highly recommend!

Best wishes always,



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Work with digital photograghry at a recent charity shoot utterly amazing would 100% reccomend made me feel so comfortable the photos are amazing and would definantly shoot again

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Working with Digital Photography recently at a charity group shoot. Very good at trying new shots, giving direction if needed and can not wait to work with again. Recommend very much

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I really enjoyed shooting with Digital photography keigley at Saturn Studios. He was able to give me clear directions and made me feel very comfortable during the shoot. His professionalism shines through his work and I was really happy with the final result. Highly recommended to everyone!

Would gladly work with Digital Photography keigley again! Thank you :)

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