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I shot with Peter for the first time recently at Ian's Studio in Stockport, he chose this as it was easy for me to get to (or should have been), he was very understanding about train cancellations as I ended up being a bit late, but the shoot went off without a hitch.

We shot a good amount of outfits and some cool lighting with a few different backgrounds and I think we got some great shots.

Peter was great to work with and easy to chat to, easy going and relaxed throughout. A very fun, successful first shoot.

I would definitely recommend. :)

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I had a shoot with Peter at one of Ian Butterfield's group workshops quite recently, where we covered various lighting techniques in the studio.

Though a fairly brief shoot overall, Peter was a pleasure to work with, and I'd happily work with him again.

Highly recommended- thank you Peter! :)

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Georgia Brown

I was booked by oak tree for a duo at my home with Miss April and it was a pleasure to host oaktree at my home and create some awesome images - we worked through some great sets and used the space well, I would very much much recommend and hope we have the pleasure of working together again in the future, thankyou!

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Cariad Celis

I recently had my first shoot with Peter at an event hosted by Lizzie Bayliss in Manchester. Peter was a great to work with, he was kind, respectful and an experienced photographer. Peter has great knowledge in lighting and we captured some great images! I look forward to seeing them, I know there were plenty!

I would happily recommend working with Peter :)

Thanks for a great shoot,


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Shot with Peter again last week, as part of a group shoot, and remembered just how much I missed shooting with this lovely man. First to arrive, as always, supportive and courteous to other group members, and full of ideas and creativity. His soft spoken and polite manner always puts a smile on my face and makes a shoot comfortable. He gives great direction, light suggestion, and just knows what he's doing. Shows images throughout, which I find helpful, and just an all round fun shoot. Thank you, and hope to shoot again!

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had a shoot with oaktree yesterday while on tour he down to earth lovily to be around great images and knew what worked and what didnt i hope i get the chance to work with him again x

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Yet another cool shoot with Peter :) He was kind, respectful and chilled like always. I like working with him 1-2-1, in duo settings and group shoots alike. I can recommend him to anyone. Shooting with him is always a pleasant experience so don't hesitate if you get a chance to pose for him, you will have a great time, that's for sure!

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I had a chance to work with Peter this weekend. Professional, respectful, friendly, absolutely pleasure to work with. He had some particular ideas and he was able to set up everything very quickly. He gave me a very clear direction and everything was flowing. We have managed to do a few sets in a short time and the images from the back of the camera look very promising.

Peter, thank you for a great shoot. I hope you are happy with the final results and the travel was worth it the effort.

Highly recommended.


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I've met Peter for a third time yesterday in Level 3 Studio in Wigan. He's fantastic guy to work with. I would love to shoot with him again.

Thanks a lot for another fab shoot :)

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Anna Amy

I shot with Peter today whilst on my tour in Sheffield. We shot in my hotel room, Peter was friendly and chatty throughout. We got some great images. Recommended

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Hazel Rose

I recently had my first shoot with Peter and he is a wonderful gentleman to meet and shoot with.

He is fun and professional to work with. His communication is fantastic and he is full of a variety of ideas and styles to try throughout the shoot.

He directs well and is friendly, polite and a joy to work with.

I can easily highly recommend shooting with him!

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Recently I had my second shoot with Peter and it was as good as the last one. He booked a beautiful hotel room local to me and Hazel Rose - we was working as a duo. He is professional, very respectfull and full of creative ideas - 100% recommended! Being in front of his camera was a pure enjoyment. He is just delight to work with.

Thank you very much for wonderful, relaxed time!

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Had a lovely shoot with Peter last week, he was very open to looks and ideas, which meant I could bring a big selection of outfits I felt comfortable in. Friendly and professional throughout, and pre shoot comms were great. We did a very small bit of rope work, for which safety shears were on hand if necessary. Whilst chatting about recent shoots I had done, Peter respectfully asked about my impact rates and we upped the levels for the last hour of the shoot, which I feel was approached with genuine interest and respect without any level pushing. Impact safety and limits were discussed before we started and I felt comfortable and relaxed. Hope to work with him again in the future!

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Felicia Grace

I had my first shoot with Steve today. He had booked to work with me and the lovely Honour May on our model day together.

What an absolutely lovely guy he is! Definitely one of the nicest guys I have met in the industry. Steve was so friendly, professional and creative. It would be a joy to work with him again in the future.

Definitely recommend!

Felicia x

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We had a fab shoot today with Peter, it was lovely to work with him! He is a capital photographer, I can recommend him without hesitation to any level of model :)

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Chloe T

Met OakTreeUK on my Sandon Studio day and from what I have seen we got some lovely shots together hopefully there will be another shoot in the new year

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Honour May

I had my sencond shoot with this lovely man on Saturday and boy was it a good one! All preshoot communications were spot on and I knew exactly what to expect from the shoot, what levels were needed and what outfits to have ready. He made sure I was 100% comfortable with all the shoot ideas and remained professional but friendly throughout the shoot. The time flew by and we created some wonderful images! A dream to work with! This man is a cracking photographer and a lovely man! HIGHLY RECOMEMDED 5*

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Toxic Innocence

I had a really lovely shoot at Sandon Studio with Peter. He has great ideas and he is a very friendly and professional photographer. I would definitely love to work with him again!

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Kristine S 🇩🇪

Peter came to a rope event I was involved with so this was the first time we really met, or spoke

Peter is a loverly guy and very nice to shoot with, I hope we can arrange to shoot again as I would love to work with Peter in a different environment

Thank you Peter

K xx

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I today met Peter for the first time on my Weekend at Sandon Studio. Im so glad he came, we had such a laugh shooting. He arrived on time, full of ideas, fully equiped and ready to go!

He was such a lovely person to work with, really easy to talk to and really accomodating.

We did a range of styles from, art nude inside and out, boudoir, lingerie to open leg, to say we only shot for 2 hours we got so much done!!

Cant recommend him enough, really hope we get to work together again!

Thanks Pete!

LottiiRose x

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