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Lady Noctis was the make-up artist on my 3 hour 121 with Gingerface at York Studio and her skills made the shots really pop. She is more than a MUA tho, I really enjoyed having her fine art background help tweak poses along the way, it genuinely made a real difference to the shots I got, so pleased to have her on board with us on the shoot. Great fun and highly recommended, best wishes, Ian :-)

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I've just come back from a shoot where Lady Noctis did the makeup for Emily (Gingerface). At the shoot she was pleasant, engaging and a joy to be around, and the makeup was looking great. Having had a quick browse through the photos I can how the makeup really makes Emily's face come alive. Beautiful work and highly recommended - and great company!. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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ClickClickBang Photography

I love working with Lady Noctis, shes incredibly creative, professional and also absolutely lovely, she fits into my home studio environment perfectly and I'm looking forward to working with her again many times in the future ♥

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AitchKayCee / FnC

Worked with Lady Noctis and many occasions but this recent project was to utilise her makeup skills and the results was stunning. The work was simply great, fitted the project well and had great communication about how to proceed with the concept.

Would highly recommend to work with and collaborate with again.

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Tabitha Boydell

Lady Noctis is super lovely and really creative. I hadn't seen an MUA doing anything remotely similar. It's more art than makeup. Can't wait to work with her again soon.

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