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Trevor Morris photographic

I found a rising star this week in the guise of Paige..... for someone who is new to the industry in my opinion she's off the scale!

An absolute pleasure working with this young lady..... a little shy at first but her confidence soon blossomed and I had a bit of a job to keep up if I'm honest, brimming with ideas, just went from one pose to another without effort.

Needs little direction but happy to take it onboard if given.

100% recommend Paige..... other ideas for shoots already discussed, dates and locations being researched.

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2nd shoot with Paige, and a pleasure to work with her again. looking forward to many more shoots in different themes. amazing photos created again and always willing to try new items. And her confidence is growing with each shoot. if you can work with her, please do.

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A new model to the scene but dont let that put you off, working through the cold we got some amazing shots which im currently going through still. good comms, good time keeping, brought clothing and was ready to shoot. A pleasure to work with, and if you get the chance book a shoot with her.

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It was a pleasure working with Paige on her first shoot I travelled to Chelmsford from Kent it was worth the drive her mum was a great help hanging on to my light stands, although chilly at first Paige gritted her teeth and pulled through I'm happy with the results and looking forward to our next shoot.

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Lockdown in the UK has caused a lot of issues for us creatives, however being able to work virtually has meant neither a model, or photographer can be without work.

I worked with Paige just last week on her first ever shoot. It was a virtual shoot, so she needed a little guidance, but after about 30 minutes she came out of her shell completely, she oozed confidence and I'm so happy with the how the shots came out.

She's determined to please and willing to learn and will put 100% into what shes doing. She's defo a model i'll be continually working with as she develops and can't wait for our first shoot out of lockdown!

Thanks Paige! :)

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