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Giaa had a shoot planned with Naz to model her Jewelry. Pre communication was excellent and I could tell from her messages Giaa would be in great hands. As Giaa has only just started to attend shoots without me chaperoning, Giaa said on meeting her she was very welcoming and friendly which put Giaa at ease straight away. Giaa also said she was very professional and Naz and her team knew exactly what they wanted from the shoot. Gia has also expressed how fabulous and light the jewelry is and thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole team.

Giaa would highly recommend anyone who gets to collaborate with Naz and as a mom can totally say she is 💯 trustworthy.

Giaa would work with Naz again and is honoured to have been chosen to be apart of Nazs journey in her jewelry business.

Thank you Naz hope to get to meet you 1 day! :)

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