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Erik Matsson

I had a wonderful time at Nikol's new studio, in which she also resides with her husband. After some tumultous heavy "trolling" from people in my home country - and in the Czech republic - that sadly occurred on the same day, just hours before the shoot - my nerves were swiftly calmed, and the whole session progressed most smoothly and professionally. I would say that this IS one of the most professional and best equipped studios in Prague, and that it deserves a lot of more attention from photographers on more advanced levels - I'm just a well travelled amateur..

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REMOTE SHOOT (Canada to Czech Rep.)

Had a shoot with Niky earlier today and what a pleasure. Have wanted to shoot with her for quite a while but never found a way to her studio, so when she started to offer remote shoots, jumped at the opportunity and very glad I did.

Beyond having a great physical presence, Niky is also a lovely person and very easy to work with. All her pre-shoot communications were timely and extremely thorough as she had answered all the questions through her website. She is the consummate professional who works hard at her modelling.

Although remote shoots can be different and will never replace face to face shooting, in these hard times it’s a wonderful way to connect with models and create. Niky and her partner, Vaclav, had everything set up according to our pre-shoot moodboard and Vaclav was terrific in making the shoot go as smoothly as possible. With technology and working remotely there are always small issues but with someone like Vaclav, they were figured out quickly.

Thank you Niky and Vaclav for a great shoot and the previews showed that we captured so many great images of Niky. Can’t wait to get editing.

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In the beginning of august I had a wonderful shoot with Nikol art in my studio and outdoor over two days. 5.th and 6th og august.

Dialog up to the shoot went quick and easy, a dream dialog with all relevant informations, and an easy going communication all the way.

As she showed up, I found her as a sweet and nice person - during the shoot, well prepared, and performing good, listening to my wishes.

I Can warmly recommend her

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Rytter Photography

Professional without comparison.

Spare yourself a lot of struggle - book Nikolart!!

She one of the most professional no nonsens model I have worked with.

Everything a photographer needs before booking is included, travel expenses, accommodation, easy going model release, solid precom when sorting out details, fast response time. All the business perspectives are sorted before a shoot, that makes her very professional.

Nikolart turns up when agreed, bringing an extensive wardrobe/lingerie ,if needed, I only do nudes, but I was amazed by the options.

As a model Nikolart delivers throughout the day, she is comfortable in her posing and own body, as well as in her attitude, when matching the idea being captured.

She is a safe booking no matter if you are new to fine art nude or a have huge experience as a photographer.

We had sessions in studio and outside and I was able to capture many different ideas with Nikolart.

Her physical attributes are stunning giving me a new feeling to my images, I am very happy for the addition this will give to my portfolio.

I strongly recommend nikoleart, she is highly recommended.

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Morten Kjær Yutani

I have had the pleasure of shooting with Nikola in my studio in Copenhagen.

And will give my very best recommendations.

She is very communicative in the dialog up til the shoot, she is well prepared when showing up, easy going, and knows her poses and added new idears for the shoot.

* * * * * *


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Jesper Vig

It was a great pleasure to work with Niky for the first time. Communication before the shoot went smoothly and we could agree about the details in no time.

Niky is a great model, beautiful and professional, who understands how to strike the right pose at the right time.

We had a lot of fun, and I can highly recommend her, and look forward to working with Niky again.

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I shot Nikola at her home bourdoir studio earlier this week during my latest Prague visit. She's a beautiful model with a great figure, and the apartment is very well appointed with good lighting. Definitely recommended :)

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HP Fotografie

I worked together with Nikola at her wonderful Prague Boudoir Studio. Nikola is very professional. As a person she is earth-grounded, nice and easy to work with. She has a great variety of poses. It was a very eficient cooperation, we took many beautiful picturers. The communication befor was very precise. I can higly recommend to work with Nikola

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RLC Photographer

Great communication before hand. Niky turned up with her partner on time and two massive cases of clothes. They were both enthusiastic and friendly and she worked hard. Her figure is amazing and she is very flexible and has a good range of poses. We got a great variety of shots done. Although she says her English is not great communication was never a problem. I really hope to get to shoot with her again in future.

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Had a shoot with Niky at Brockencote Hall on her UK tour glad I was one of the chosen ones. What a fantastic day it was.She is absolutely stunning,what a fantastic figure she has & what a great smile, very friendly got on with her very well, the shoot was just effortless. We had several costume changes & wowed my eyes everytime. Only downside it went too quick. Will very much like to shoot with her again when she is back in the UK.Once again Niky is amazing and would highly recommend her to any photographer. Safe journey back home x

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What can one say when a model sets off from Prague and arrives at my home 2 mins before the agreed time? 'Well done' hardly seems adequate but At 11.58 Nicolart arrives in deepest, flattest Norfolk with enough clothes to stay a week.

Very quickly she emerged from her dressing room , a misnomer, as she was wearing only a dressing gown.

She did two sets of underwear and then she appeared for the shoot proper. I was very impressed by her figure and her posing and can only say that her profile really does not do her justice. She is extraordinary.

The shoot passed all too quickly and then with her assistant driving they set off to dazzle another lucky photographer. I cannot imagine where she gets all the energy to cross frontiers, travel hundreds of miles and still come up smiling. But she does and I for one am very grateful.

Thank you Nicolart, I hope our paths will cross again

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My first shoot with Nikola at 'The Factory' studio and such a great model to photograph.

A model that engages well with the photographer and brings out emotion.

Truly international and would book Niky again, if she is in the UK again.

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trebor images

Had my first shoot with Niky at my studio flat. Great pre comms and arrived on time . We worked through a number of sets , and Niky worked hard to ensure that each set created some superb shots. We had a laugh and I felt very comfortable with such an international model.As usual I ran out of time - so will need to arrange another shoot when I can get to Prague or a return to UK.

Highly recommended :)

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Nikolart is very professional and creative

it was a pleasure to shoot with her

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Mango14 Photography

Have worked with Niky so many times. She's absolutely a gorgeous and talented model!

We have created so many beautiful pictures over the years and will keep doing it.

Looking forward for our new shoot. Who knows we will shoot in a exotic place.....:)

Highly recommended to any photographers......

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Nikolart i tell you is the funniest girl and one of the best models I've worked with . Her personality is so funny along with her smile and the way she says words in English makes me laugh. We had a fantastic day meeting her and her wonderful partner that took the plane all the way from Ireland to come and shoot with us in Horwich Bolton. I can't wait to one day visit them both in Prague . Very very lovely people i can call as my European Friends and would love to stay in touch with. Hey may i ask what the hell are you doing Down Under in Australia lol lol you are Globe Trotters xxxx

Jem and Jewels

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Irish_Artist ☘

This was the first time shooting with Nikolat and what can I say... she is beautiful, highly professional, very experienced and really easy to work with.

I really enjoyed this shoot and can't wait to go out to Prague.

looking forward to lots of editing.

highly recommended.

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Niky is a hard-working, highly professional, beautiful and experienced model who now offers added value to the photographers with whom she works through her Prague Boudoir Studio, a perfect environment for indoor shoots with her. Niky is also very pleasant to work with and is untiring.

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I was delighted to work with Niky a few days ago, she's a skilled and highly professional model and huge fun to work with. Here preparation and organization before the shoot was superb.

We shot a wide range of work some ideas being easy others far more abstract she brought her knowledge and experience to everything we did and produced stunning results.

I now have allot of work to edit and put out there, this was a very very successfull shoot largely due to Niky being so good at what she does.

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Second Glance

Wow - what a model :)

Nikola is the Real Deal - absolutely stunning and very talented

Right up there with the total best in terms of looks and physique

I was privileged to work with her and really hope we can collaborate again when she is next in the UK

Just wonderful :) x

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