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Miss L

Me and my fiancé did a "engagement shoot" with Nikkala!

I really enjoyed it, she was helpful with poses and certain looks.

We both got along really well.

I done another shoot with nikkala for a jewellery photoshoot which I enjoyed, again she was very helpful.

I would recommend Nikkala!

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Had a great shoot with Nikkala. On a chilly day she was amazing very approachable and happy. She knew what she wanted from the shoot and had many creative ideas for the shot she was taking at the time. She advised and talked to us throughout, she was great. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Nikkala

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Nikkala was absolutely brilliant, she had everything organized by the time I got there. She did my hair and it was amazing. It even managed to stay in for me to go out with that night! She knew exactly what she was doing and knew the right kind of styles and positions she wanted. I felt very comfortable and taken care of! So thank you Nikkala. Hope to work with you again.

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Claire Gasking said...

Did an amazing photoshoot with Nikkala yesterday, she was a very approachable person with a bubbly personality. She had many ideas that we used for the shoot and was very creative throughout.

She encouraged me during the shoot and gave me the chance to view my images. She was also a very good hair stylist!

I would recommended her to anyone and hope to work together again soon!

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Wendy England MUA said...

I had wanted to work with Nik after seeing her amazing work and I was over the moon when I got the chance to. A very talented photographer who knows exactly what she wants. She was easy to work with a built a natural rapport with both myself and the model.

She asked me if there was anything I needed from the shoot which she hadn't covered and kept a close eye on the details.

A pleasure to work with and I very much look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Ambernectar said...

Had a great shoot with Nikkala. She knows what she is doing and is also a great stylist too! We had a really fun day and the images are going to be fab.

I look forward to working with her again soon =)

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ola michalska said...

Had an incredible shoot with Nikkala, her skills are simply unimaginable, and she is so friendly and nice. I would love to work with her again, and highly recommend her. She knows straight away what look and surrounding will look good with you.

Incredible photographer, loved her!

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olive said...

I had my first shoot with Nikkala yesterday she is very friendly and I never felt out of place, she took her time with the shoot it wasnt rushed, her attention to detail and lighting was brilliant.. After flicking though the images I was very pleased and would happily have payed for the shoot even though it was tf. By far my favourite shoot of my career, HIGHLY recommend :)

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GemmaLouisianna said...

Had a great shoot with this lady yesterday. She's a true talent and perfectionist. I felt really at ease and relaxed from the moment I met her and I'm confident we got some amazing work. She came more than prepared and even took her time to add fine tiny details to every outfit. You would not believe she is a student when you see the quality of her work! Would definitely recommend her to anyone! X

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Seska J said...

I had a great shoot with Nikkala yesterday - she's a really lovely easygoing friendly girl that you'll instantly warm to, and she's also very creative and talented to boot. Nikkala has a real passion for photography and is able to create strong fashion images and is also completely prepared to try new challenges and experiment, which meant combined with her natural creative ability and we achieved some great results. She's also an excellent stylist with a good knowledge of fashion and make up as well, and gives good feedback throughout as you shoot and works with you to achieve the shot. I highly recommend Nikkala, shoot with her! :-)

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Jordan Davies said...

Very good photographer, Made me feel very comfortable and was very easy going, A great Photographer and i highly recommend, Very Professional.

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Fawnya Model

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Nikkala. She is an immensely talented photographer with a real sense of direction about her work - and like all great photographers is unafraid to try new things. :) I had a very pleasant shoot with her in Simon Fairclough's studio. Nikkala is easy to work with and a lovely person. Highly recommended!

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Lizzy Wyatt

I had a brilliant shoot with Nikkala last week. We had good pre-comms and she was really lovely on the day. We got the shots we wanted really quickly and I'm so pleased with the results so far.

Nikkala is an extremely talented photographer and it's difficult to believe she's not been shooting for long at all. I really hope to work with her again and I highly recommend her to all models and make-up artists.

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Tansy Blue said...

I shot with Nikkala last week, she's lovely and very talented. :) Also she let me keep a basque she has no further use for! Got great images back quickly; would highly recommend her.

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Id wanted to work with Nikkala for ages as she is so talented and I love her photography. She was very understanding after I had travel issues, and was so down to earth, friendly and chatty when shooting. The day was so much fun, Nikkala is amazingly creative and spent ages making a lavender headband for me! Any model should feel extremely lucky if they get to work with her, I really hope I get the chance to work with her again! Amabel

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Izadora said...

I always wanted to work with Nikkala, I thought her work was brilliant and wanted to be a part of it one day...

And finally it became true :) I had a photoshoot with Nikkala yesterday, 2 words..."Blooming Amazing" :) From the very first message to giving me the pictures!!

We went for 3 completely different looks, 2 in the studio and 1 on location.

Nikkala is such an amazing person, so easy-going and friendly, we had such a laugh, it was so easy to work with her.

She is full of great ideas and gives direction when needed, she is also good at makeup...due to mua cancellations we had some worries to create the look we wanted but she managed to do it for me! :) who needs a mua!! :) Thank you so much for such a great shoot, I really enjoyed it and so happy with the pictures, I hope we will work together in the future.


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River said...

I have worked with Nikkala many times, and am never dissapointed. Nikkala is a great photographer and her work gets better and better every time we shoot. She makes me feel very relaxed and is very chatty (not in a bad way lol!). I would highly reccommend Nikkala, she is a very up-and-coming photographer!! Keep an eye on her port!


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Simone Orsini

I worked with Nikkala when she modelled and she was a joy to work with then.

Nikkala has since turned in to one of the most talented photographers around, she has a wonderful eye for shots and really knows what she wants to achieve..

I will be watching her career with great interest Nikkala is a star in the making...

A lovely lovely person if you get the chance to work with Nikkala you have to do it or regret it for the rest of you life when she becomes a top fashion photographer..

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Katie Mae said...

I had a shoot with Nikkala yesterday at a studio and on an amazing location in South London. Nikkala is a fantastic photographer, she's super easy to get along with, has a great sense of humour. She's full of loads of ideas, and brought some stunning outfits to shoot in, I can't wait to see the pictures, from what I saw, they looked fab on the back of the camera. I would most definitely work with Nikkala again anytime, and reccomend her highly to everyone :D Thanks Nikkala!!

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Gerda Model

Had the pleasure of meeting Nikkala today, had a really fun shoot this afternoon with some great results that im extremely happy with, Nikkala is very creative in styling which helped the shoot as well. Not only is she a good photographer she is great company too. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to other models + photographers to work with her!!! Thanks, Gerda xx

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