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Tabitha Alexander said...

How I do love to work with this chap, our 2nd shoot together and yet again not only was it a joy to spend time with Nigel but yet another set of amazing images have emerged. Nigel always has a clear idea of the images he wants to achieve but saying that is also happy to go off on a tangent and explore any ideas you may have, fun, friendly, considerate and inspired - couldn't ask for more.

Should any model have the opportunity to work with him then all I can say is you would be mad to turn it down and although I can't tempt him back with any equipment he has left behind this time I do hope we get to shoot together again soon having discussed so many other ideas.

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Tabitha Alexander said...

What a genuinely lovely chap even after I teased him horribly about forgetting some of his kit. Having never done 3D photography before Nigel kindly had explained how it all worked and the images he was hoping to achieve in excellent pre shoot comms, that, of course, didn't mean that we stuck to the script entirely but having seen some images already have to say the man is inspired - amazing!!!

Having at the start of the shoot forgotten his tripod he then left without his spare bulbs for the lighting - looks like he will have to come back for another shoot - well I hope so anyway.

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Kirsty king said...

I had my first shoot with Nigel yesterday. WOW WOW WOW!!

This guy produced some amazing images!! A real pro & A lovely lovely guy! Fabulous direction & he knowledge of lighting is amazing!! put that all together &n I have to say the initial images are awesome!!

I cannot wait to shoot with him again. Highly recommended to models of all levels!

Thank you Nigel

Kirsty xx

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Nigel is professional provides great communications and is quick with images!

Fun on shoot and creative! I would recommend and work with again anytime :)

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I have worked with Nigel a couple of times in 2011, He is a very talented photographer even though he's still pretty new! He's very enjoyable to work with and I hope to work with him many more times in 2012 :)

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I have shot with Nigel many times. He is so imaginative. Every idea has a thought process and this really show in the shots. His work is beautiful and it just keeps getting better and better. He is really easy to work with and makes you feel at ease always. I highly recommend Nigel and look forward to more shoots in the future. x

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