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Nicole Mae has 11 references; 11 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Phoenix is a great model, and someone I'd thoroughly recommend. We met to shoot a highly conceptual series, after lots of detailed, well thought through comms. Despite walls of fire, petrol fumes, freezing cold and rain, Phoenix was on point and focused throughout - even jumping back into shoot mode to pick up some unplanned opportunities on the walk back from the location. She's got a incredibly expressive face, and brings real standout intensity when called for. Certainly someone I'd love to work with again.

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Shot with PhoeNIX today on location in some woodland in deepest darkest Hemel Hempstead, on an Autumn themed shoot. PhoeNIX is a very hard worker. Able to work without direction, but happy to accept it, where given.

Fun to work with, but also maintaining a professional attitude. Able to work with my ideas and input her own. Would recommend working with PhoeNIX .

Would like to work with PhoeNIX again in the future, on a warmer project! ;O).


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All Those Yesterdays said...

Had an awesome day, shooting PhoeNIX at Unique Capture Studio. She arrived on time, and came well prepared bringing a mixture of alternative and Pin Up clothing. PhoeNIX is confident in front of the camera and needed very little direction. Totally recommend anyone to work with PhoeNIX. She is a great model. :)

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Lyla said...

I shot along side Phoenix at Unique Capture Studios on Tuesday. Excellent model who has some great poses. Very easy going and works hard to achieve great images.

Phoenix was very welcoming and great fun to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Phoenix to any other model or photographer. I would happily work with along side again Phoenix if the opportunity arose :)

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dandreamer said...

Had a good shoot with Koochie Koo and with PhoeNIX, Both were good fun to work with and we got some really good ictures done.

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ZigZag Retouching

i have had the pleasure of post processing a few on PhoeNIX-x's images and as you can see has a fabulous look and will go far in the modelling industry...

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After shooting today with phoeNIX-x for the first time I think I have found my new favorite alternative shooting model..not only was she on-time but she came full equipped & organized with everything required for the shoot and 'not to forget' very patience we me whilst I did her face-paint..

At first you would assume phoeNIX-x is a pin up only model But believe me she is 'oh so much more', phoeNIX-x is a very versatile model and I can full recommend this beauty to anyone who is looking to shoot with a fresh new model who doesn't just concentrate one type of style. Thanks again phoeNIX-x look forward to working with you again in the future

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Addison Duggan Photography

I had a great pin-up shoot with PhoeNIX and her sister Koochie Koo on Saturday. Pre-shoot talks were good so the girls were ready to shoot as soon as we met up. MUAH was done to a high standard and they brought some good outfits with them. They were very easy to work with and needed very little direction as they instinctively knew what was required of them for this style. The weather, although sunny, was bloody cold but they never once complained. I will definitely work with them again and recommend them to any aspiring pin-up togs. They make a great team!

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TJ Resnick said...

PheonNIX-x is a cool funky model who gets my vote. Came early, stayed and worked her socks off and like ELVIS, left me all shook up. Awesome awesome awesome. Really beautifull, great figure, great smile with a genuine personality. Unlike a frozen strawberry cheesecake at Iceland, i felt like a thawed goose leg ready xmas. TJ

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Darryl J Dennis

I’ve worked with PhoeNIX-x a few times now, each session has been a joy. She’s a natural in front of the camera and happy to offer up ideas that help with the creativity of a session.

Highly recommend.

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Katherine Velours said...

PhoeNIX is wonderful to work with! We modelled together really well, bouncing ideas off of one another. She isn't afraid, when it comes to posing. Definitely recommended!! :)

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