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Neil was very professional and friendly from start to finish. I absolutely loved his approach of sending deposit for the shoot without me even having to ask. He was very accommodating with my availability and was happy to shoot at my Manchester flat when studio settings didn’t suit my timings.

There’s a tonne of natural light in my flat but the lighting setup Neil brought added an extra lift necessary for some shots. Really enjoyed working with chiffon fabric for the first time and we created some beautiful art nudes together.

Neil is a patient photographer who is clearly enthralled by his work; he sat complaint free cross-legged to get the best angle for nearly the full 4 hours! Always grateful to work with other dedicated creatives and can’t wait for our next shoot.

Thanks for working with me! Lila x

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Ivory Flame

Lovely 1:1 shoot with Neil at The Boardroom, it was a pleasure to work with him again. Arriving with a smile, Neil is friendly, easy going, considerate and professional.

Welcoming of the model's input and with great ideas himself, we worked on some brilliant imagery together, as well as having a nice catch up and fun time. Thank you Neil :-)

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Keira Lavelle

Neil is good, Neil is great...

Neil is patient - coz me’ reference is late! 🙈

Nowt t’do wiv him, jus’ a Keira brain of mash...

For a crackers winter caused a tonne of dash!

So despite silly jokes, and pokes from daft peers...

I do hope Neil’s sat here, listenin’ wiv all ears!

As he’s a boss and ledge, a photographic magician...

And light up that biatch, oh trust me he can!

No sarky balls-talk will change this, nor banter from parsnips...

As Neil is d’man who nails shoot without blips!

So if you’ve made it this far, and are slightly confused...

Just know that Neil’s a king, and let thy be amused. 😁

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention the next time we shoot we gonna smash some Pac-Man shenanigans!?!?!?! 👀🤫 MACAMACAMACAMACAMACAMACAMACAMACAMACAMACA















I fink we got some other craziness planned too - but y’all gonna have to wait and see! 😁 Alas; I knew as we started rocking that first ever set of pictures together that I’d be hounding this dude to shoot again! He’s opened a rite’ Pandora’s box now... Coz the Keira knows how much of a Demigod of cats and picture-lovin goodness he is. 👀 No going back now Neil. That’s it! 🤚

I should probably talk about our shoot... K den!

Well... I’d kinda planned to go to Scotland, but not go to Scotland; because in the past I have tended to torment the entire country over a period of two weeks or more (bet y’all losing the will to live - but bear with meh... I’m getting there!) But this tour was a bit nuts/not as planned as much as I normally like to. Courtesy of lots happening at once, a bloody leopard going on the run in Yorkshire and me losing my brain somewhere along the way. Now in the meantime; the lovely Neil had messaged me and we chatted about making shootyMcShootNess happen! 🥳 In my usual Keira world: I’d be working with Neil to incorporate our day as part of my tour; because I’m fully charged-up in energiser bunny mode y’understand... But see - this tour was kinda getting planned as I went along/on the road. 🤷🏻‍♀️ All I knew is that; this was an opportunity not to be missed as I’d heard sooooo many lovely jubbly things about Neil: plus met him “virtually” in a lockdown social (full of nutters albeit, but you can’t have everything!) So it didn’t matter! I was booking this dude in - long tour or no long tour! It was a shoot to most definitely look forward to, and dat was all that mattered. 😜

And: the identity of the brave venue that hosted our revolution? Ahhhh, now that would be 2G studios in Accrington. 😌 Somewhere I had never been before nooow - and I have the Neilster to thank for introducing me to a lovely (new to me) local(ish) studio! 🙌 But... What reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy needs talking aboot, screaming aboot, preaching aboot:- is how much N rocked this space! Can we just talk about this for a sec? Is that okay with everyone? 🙊 Beeeeecuz; this fella got straight to it! No need to figure out what was what (I mean he probs needed to figure out what sort of looney he’d hired, but it’s kwl - Neil’s savvy with adapting and survived to tell the tale! 😄) He clearly knows the working of the studio incredibly, and emitted fantastical technical knowledge to make this freaking madhead before him look reasonably artistic and aesthetic. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wait, that’s an understatement: HE TAKES BLADDY GOOD PICTURES ALRITE?! It’s not by chance, it’s not luck - Neil knows how to take a great piccie. 😝 Yup, he’s a dab hand with thee old artsy effect... It didn’t really matter what we threw into the mix; Neil lit the joint like a pro and made it look like child’s play. Cool, collected, confident, cookin’ on gas. Your mans got talent. 😉

Before Neil succumbed to the unfortunate fate of meeting Keira-nutjob-Lavelle; it has to be said that his brain properly ticked-over and did it’s homework in fixing up some uber cool ideas for us to utterly savage on the day... 😲 Materials galore; Neil got contacts! 🤭 Funky, fancy, floaty, glistening, gorgeous, gushing, eerie, emotive, enchanting, conceptual, creative, cooooooooooooooool! Yaaaaassssss; he assembles goodies for his shoots: I dunno who he consulted, the materials fairy or summing? But he picked up some flippin’ fabulous tings for us to work with - that sort of moment when you’re chatting away in pre-shoot comms about ideas and getting the ball rolling... Then the buzz builds ten-fold coz’ you know the photographer means business and has visions-a-plenty. 😍

YepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYepYep - if you’re asking if I recommend Neil?


Aye he’s a decent one. ☺️ As professional as they come as well... Not once did he try to steal my tea! Might have had something to do with it looking like pond sludge mind you - but credit where credits due right? 😂 I suppose he’s a rite nice bloke on a general level though... Even if he does come from the land of the wrong colour rose! 👀 But it’s okay, he’s welcome in Yorkshire anytime. 😆 Think he’s tryna convert me though; as we’ve been talking about shooting on location near his neck of the woods since. 🤔 Bonkers jokes and rambling nonsensicalness aside - Neil has the respect of a saint! Jolly manners, sweet as can be... And jus’ wants everyone he works with to feel content and at ease. 😃 I envisage anybody getting on with Neil... (New or experiences a model person). Because once he’s met/dealt with the Keira, let’s face it - he’ll be grateful for any normal human! 🤣 No, I mean it: the best kind of being out there.❣️

A’ canny wait to work together againagain! 😁


Thank you for being such a perfect person to work with Neil! 👌 Sooooo much enjoyed our first shoot - and for anyone who lost the will to live reading this... I recommend him in the highest possible manner! 🤪

Keira doing what Keira does. 💁🏻‍♀️

Neil to rule the galaxy! 💫

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Nicole Rayner

I am so so lucky to get to shoot with Neil on a regular basis! He is one of my favourite people to work with, a great friend and we have had such a fabulous photographic journey together!!

Every shoot with Neil is great!! We always have lots of fun as well as getting many great images together! I love that no matter how many times we shoot Neil always has more ideas for us to try! He is also always happy to listen too and shoot my ideas, as well as listening to all my input.

Our latest shoot Neil was the first photographer to experience an overnight stay at Rose Cottage. Not only did we have a brilliant and productive shoot, along with the incredible Rachyy - we had LOTS of fun as Neil brought his VR over so we worked hard and played hard!

Neil was a fantastic guest, helping hoover and me coming downstairs to him washing up in the morning. What a babe!

Thanks for being you Neil! Here's to Team NiNe and all our future endeavours!!

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We have worked together before in real life, but tried a remote shoot recently. It resulted in some wonderful results, very different to what we did before. I see how Neil’s photography developed over time and I am very impressed. Thank you so much, always a pleasure!

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We had the lovely Neil on our Underwater Tank Event with models Ayla, Nicole, Ashley and Lauren.

Neil was great to have on our event. We were really looking forward to finally meeting Neil. He is so friendly, great to be around. We can't wait to see the images you did!

We look forward to having you on another event soon.

Thank you again!


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Ivory Flame

I enjoyed a lovely shoot with Neil - this time REMOTELY! We have worked together in person successfully a number of times in the past too.

So this time Neil picked the backdrop and genres to focus on in advance, with Rembrandt inspirations and art nude style. We both input our ideas regarding mood, props and composition, and Neil was polite, professional, easy going and considerate throughout. Such a pleasant and productive shoot. Very happily recommended! :-)

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Stephanie Dubois

Well... my second shoot with Neil, but this time a remote from the U.K. to my new sunny Mediterranean home in Cyprus!

Neil is so so easy to work with and it really is a delight to do so! He is laid back and good company and really makes my job so much easier. We got some fab images in my new space and I hope I can tempt him back again either here or in my other locations!

Very highly recommended !

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Rachelle Summers

I had a fabulous remote shoot with Neil over easter weekend!

It was really lovely catching up with him and we worked our way through various different looks over the 2 hours. We ended the shoot with a set inspired by Helmut Newton shot with directional light out in my garden, we hadn't actually planned to but when I spotted the light I suggested it to Neil and he was happy to give it a go. I'm SO glad we did as it's actually turned out to be one of my favourite remote shots so far :D

Neil is such a lovely person, very kind, respectful and easy to work with. More than happily recommended by me and I hope we can catch up in person soon!

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2G Studios

Neil hired our studio today for a shoot . he is a lovely guy ,spot on with comunications / payment etc .His work is very good & he knows his stuff very well. Look fwd to seeing him back at our studio & would highley recommend to all.

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Stephanie Dubois

I got the opportunity to work with Neil for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Due to covid we did this as a remote shoot from the natural light studio in my home.

Neil is really easy to work with and is happy to bounce ideas around and see what works. He is good company and someone I can recommend without hesitation.

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to work together 1-2-1 in person soon.

Thanks Neil

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I had a great shoot with Neil at my home. We had this arranged for a long time but due to COVID only just got to shoot.

Neil was really easy to get along with and brought all the equipment he needed for the shoot. We did a range of different shoot ideas in different areas of my home and got awesome results. Hope to model for Neil again in the not too distant future.

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Kate Laura

I had a remote shoot with Neil the other day!

Great pre coms and communication before and during the shoot!

We had a great time shooting mainly portrait work! I look forward to when we can shoot again :-)

100 percent recommended from me


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Rhianna Grey

I have had the ultimate pleasure of working wit Neil remotely on two occasions now - one back in June which is when I finally decided to jump on the tethered shoot bandwagon and again last December. Neil was one of the first who was patient enough to put up with me while i was still figuring it all out and giving how experienced Neil is at being able to of course drive a camera and being tech savvy, we were flying high in no time at all. It appears that no matter what you have to offer and throw in Neil's direction, he can make a real art piece out of it on firstly setting the exposure right and being a wizard in edit. The results are just outstanding ! Thank you so much Neil for being a real joy to shoot with remotely and hopefully we can shoot soon in person!

Thank you

Rhi x

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Rachelle Summers

Had another lovely shoot with Neil on my recent trip to the North West.

This was actually our first proper 1-2-1 shoot, and we worked from the accommodation I had booked in Chester :)

Neil is such a kind soul and a total gentleman too! The shoot flew by and it was really lovely working with him on a 1-2-1 basis too :)

Looking forward to him joining us on my Manor event in April and would happily recommend him to others :D

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Another great shooting with Neil! As a duo with Ivory Flame this time!

Smashed it.

I had such a nice time with them both!

We did some fruitful experiments and also tried light painting, which was a lot of fun! We have created a range of interesting and elegant pictures.

Thank you so much, always a pleasure!!

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Ivory Flame

I worked with Neil for the 3rd time at Image Red Studio in Birmingham, where he had booked myself and the lovely Poetic Minx as a duo (we had fun posing together in both classical and quirky styles). I also worked with Neil there with Nicole, and previously at Atlas Studios with Ella Rose and Nicole again.

Neil is really professional, friendly, easy going and considerate. He is quiet when shooting but comes with good ideas, and is happy to let the models flow through poses, and review images together to help improve compositions and poses.

He brought some great light cubes along on the most recent shoot, and we explored some really interesting images using lightpainting, and glowing fabrics. The results are really striking!! Thank you again Neil!

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Image Red

Neil booked the studio to shoot Nicole Rayner and Ivory Flame. Communication was excellent and Neil is well organised. He is very respectful with the models and a very nice gentleman.

I would certainly recommend him and he is very welcome at Image Red

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Rachelle Summers

Neil attending my 'Belles of Bedford' event this weekend just gone.

We were shooting in a fabulous Georgian manor home with myself and 3 other models. Neil fit in to the group incredibly well and it was a pleasure hosting him :)

He was kind and respectful to all the models and other photographers attending and I'm very excited to see some of the final results :D

Happily recommended and hope he joins us on another event in the future!

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Nicole Rayner

I have had a lot of wonderful shoots with Neil and I'm almost running out of things to say! Neil is one of my most regular customers which is just wonderful as we always have a wonderful time!

I've been shooting with Neil from the beginning of his model photography journey and it's been amazing watching him grow in skill and confidence! :D I've just finished a 3-day shoot with Neil in a whole range of wonderful locations which Niel had spent a great deal of time finding and planning!

Sadly we had a lot of poor weather during our 3 days which meant we couldn't shoot as much as we would have liked and it meant that some of the locations were not really usable - but that's okay as we will shoot them at some point I'm sure!! :D We still managed lots of wonderful images which I am really proud to be a part of! We visited so many different locations so got an amazing range of styles !!

I love how passionate Neil is about his photography and his enthusiasm is wonderful! He takes good care of his models - he brought cereal bars, I was given coffee when it was needed and we had some really lovely meals, as well as lots of lovely memories made! I'm very excited for all our future shoots :D

recommended by me !

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