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Flying Munkeh has 10 references; 8 recommended, 2 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Dragon Lily

We came up with great ideas for the shoot, Andy selected a great MUA that made our vision come to life. Looking forward to our next creative shoot

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The shoot was well planned and organised. I loved the creativity and that there was a big team.

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Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1555894800


Lauren Gore said...

Had my first shoot with Andy a couple of month ago. Great photographer who gave me lots of confidence

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Brill shoot! Very helpful and made me laugh all the way through. Would definitely recommend!

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Had my first shoot with Andy, I would definitely recommend, he makes you feel so comfortable, he has some fantastic ideas & I got my images back very quickly and was very pleased with them. Look forward to working with him again soon :-)

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Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1492819200

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Worked with Andy today and it was a pleasure, extremely professional and made me feel at easy. Can't wait too see how the photos turn out. Would recommend 100%

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Had my first shoot with Andy. It was amazing, did some light painting work and the best was the sparks flying around me looking like fire rain. Loved it all. Thank you for an amazing shoot.

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Amanda Tron

Had my first shoot with Andy today. We took shots down at Newcastle Quayside and surrounding areas and then we moved on to the graffiti wall near the Sage. Andy was a pleasure to work with, he is such a gentleman and very professional with his work. He is easy to get along with. His work is great and we had a laugh together too. Highly recommended.

Thanks again for a fun shoot and hopefully we get to work together again :)

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