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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Des and I have done a few shoots now and I absolutely love working with him...

I think every model wants to get rebooked with Des...

A genuinely really nice person and so easy to be around...

He always has loads of fun ideas...

Time goes so quick when we are working together...

We shot with bubbles, tin foil over my boobs, fabric stuck to me with water and art nude...

Thank you for booking me again...

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I had another wonderful shoot with Des at Kempston Studio. 4 hours just isn’t enough!

Des is an absolute pleasure to shoot with, we did a cake smash shoot with was a tonne of fun and Des was great with the set up and execution.

Des is great to work with as he is open to lots of ideas and suggestions and always looks for ways to make them unique.

I cannot recommend Des highly enough, you will have the best time!

Thank you so much Des 😊

Alisha x

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Working with Des in Kempston studio was truly a pleasure for me and such a cool artistic experience. He had many ideas and was very creative whole time. Besides that he s a very friendly person and lovely company which makes the shoot much easier and with so much fun :) i really hope tow ork with him again!

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Rebecca Perry

What a pleasure it always is to collaborate with Des

Prior to shooting pre-communication was great and everything was so easy to organised

During the shoot Des gives such a relaxed atmosphere to shoot in. I loved that I could just flow through poses and get on with the shoot.

Des is also really good at suggesting ideas and trying new and different things. We got a variety of so many different great looks and themes and produced so many sets during our shoot together.

More than recommended to all Models! Such a creatively interesting, and inteligent photographer and person

Thank you for another fantastic shoot Des :-)

Best Wishes

Rebecca Perry


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Miss L Ginge

Oh Des what a lovely lovely man!

I was lucky that Des choose to book a slot on my model day and we had a ball...well I did hopefully Des did to!

Des had some great ideas and we ended up doing bodyscapes which are my favourite! We got some great shots as well as talking about dogs, Des showed great interest in my beautiful dogs which was so lovely.

Des clearly gets on really well with Andy the owner @kemptsonstudio and clearly with other models also.

I very much look forward to working with Des again. Highly recommended!

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Ms Tiana Kaos

I always look forward to shooting with Des and, after a long Christmas and New years it was great to catch up with a friend who i shoot well with.

we seem to get better every time we shoot, and the shoots always run smooth!

We have a good laugh and always end up with good images.

I always love and respect clients who want to learn and gain more skills and i am looking forward to the plans we have this year


would recommend :)

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Tania Aresti

One thing you can say about when me and incident light get together is that we sure do like to talk haha

This was the second time we shot together at my studio day at studio fifty eight and it was a most enjoyable experience.

Not only did we have a very interesting discussion and speak deeply but we also experimented with different sets and outfits.

I felt 100% comfortable around him and he was professional throughout.

I highly recommend and I'd love to shoot with him again.

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Irida S

I have had such a wonderful shoot with Des on my recent studio day at Studio Fifty Eight!

Des is an absolute joy to work with ! Professional and a good photographer

Very highly recommended and hope to work together again soon!!!

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯


Des is such a nice person, genuine, so soft natured, very good company, lovely to be around, good fun, professional, respectful and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to all models...

When we last shot he was very new to photography but with new equipment and experience he has improved massively...

We got some really creative images and I can't wait to see them...

Thank you for such an amazing shoot...

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Kempston Studio

Des has now upgraded his equipment and his images are getting better every shoot.

Every model that shoots with Des wants to shoot with him again so what else can I say he is doing something right!

He is such a great guy, respectful at all times and full of engaging conversation it's always a pleasure to have him in the studio.

As it says above

Would you recommend incident light?

Yes every time

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Great second shoot with him this time at his farmhouse location. Was a very long day of 8 hours shooting he kept me warm, entertained with his cat and lovely animals :) and the endless food and tea very much enjoyed my day thank you!

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Ginger Jess

Had a shoot with des today and he was on time and prepared.

Although new, he took direction well and also provided his own ideas and direction too.

He is polite and friendly and communication was good too.

Would recommend :)

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A Scorpion Residence

Great to have Des doing a shoot here today.

Friendly guy with great comms and time keeping. Got on well with his model and treated studio spaces / props respectfully.

As such, I am happy to fully recommend Des and he is certainly welcome to return!

Thank you - Lee

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I have had a few shoots now with Des! He is a respectful photographer and also very fun to talk with. He is new in the photography world but his passion to learn is inspiring. I have seen him slowly grow over our shoots. He always lets the model see the images as shooting, which is great to check for labels or if a pose didnt work. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to shoot with him. Heres to more weird and odd images in the future!

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Ivory Flame

I had the pleasure to work with Des recently at the fab Bigshot Studio. He was so professional, friendly and respectful throughout, was open to ideas and shot absolutely beautiful images. A very enjoyable shoot and I look forward to working with him further very soon :-)

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Jon Downs

Des came along to the workshop that I ran with Theresa Louise at Big Shot studio in Leighton Buzzard on Saturday.

Des really is a great photographer and it was fantastic to meet him. He's friendly and was very receptive to the techniques we discussed ... picking them up very easily from the start and putting them to good use.

I really recommend Des, what a great guy.

all the very best


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Marisa Eva

I had a great shoot with Des on my studio day at Studio 58. He is a lovely and friendly guy very easy to talk to and we had some great conversations during our shoot. Des made use of all areas and props within the studio and had some great ideas of what he wanted to create.

He’s very professional and would ask me if I was happy with what he wanted to do before he would do it.

Des was happy for me to put my own ideas across which made for some interesting images and was kind enough to send the raw copies over.

Hope to work with him again when I return to Studio 58.

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Georgia Brown

Des is just an angel, we had such a good laugh creating imaging, moving lights and using the amazing space around us! it really was nothing but a pleasure to work so creatively and collaboratively with someone.

a real delight and someone i very much look forward to having the pleasure of working with again, very much recommended.

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Ms Tiana Kaos

Ohhhh how i do love shooting with my friend Des!

I was so pleased he booked some hours on the afternoon of my studio day at studio fifty eight.

Des is a true gent! A polite man, a good giggle and we had a good time shooting together and creating fab images, they improve everytime we shoot which shows the working relationship we are able to build. Also shows how willing Des is to learn and improve his skills which i love!

Many more awesome shoots to come with this fab soul!

Definitely recommend!

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Monika Lara Smith

I had a wonderful first shoot with Des at Studio Fifty Eight and hopefully we can work together again! :)

Des was a pleasure to work with! He arrived at the studio on time and well prepared with a positive attitude! We had a lovely chat and I knew from then that we would have a lot of fun shooting together!

We went through variety of poses and outfits changed, Des was so incredibly easy to work with - he had his own ideas but was also open to my crazy, weird ideas too which I really appreciated! :D

We created some beautiful images while having a lot of fun time!

Thank you for an amazing shoot Des and I'm looking forward to working with you again one day! :)

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