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I had a great shoot with Luis. He was both professional and helpful. I found him to be great company and fun to work with. We have already made plans to work with each other again.

I would definitely recommend working with Luis for both experienced and novice models.

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Jade Lyon

Luis's communication was fantastic. He sent me lots of information. It was quite a creative idea he had in mind and he had made something himself for the shoot but he gave me a good idea of what to expect. We worked on location and he used lighting to make some very moody dramatic images. He had bought lots of smoke bombs to play around with as well. Luis had also bought us some lunch which was appreciated. It was still a bit chilly shooting out on location but we were so close to his home which was really useful so we could go and have lunch at his in the warm. A really enjoyable shoot. We shall be looking to work together again soon as well I believe! Definitely recommended.

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Jackie R

Had a shoot earlier today with Luis. He kindly picked me up from my home on time. Luis pre comms were excellent leading up to our shoot.I found Luis to be a chilled out guy whilst professional at all times.We planned a 3 hour shoot which ended up a 5 hour shoot as we got carried away haha He got some cracking shots from many angles in the 3 different outfits I brought along.From what I saw on back of his camera I can not wait to see again.Many thanks Luis for an enjoyable shoot. Highly recommend

Jackie x

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Luisa Model

Modelled for louis for the first time on a shoot today and time went so quick! He was professional and easy to get along with. Louis has a great view of perspective within photography, completely changing the dynamics of a photo with a few quick adjustments. Would love to work with him again the future, and look forward to seeing the results from today's shoot! obrigado por um ótimo dia! :)

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It was great to meet msdi last weekend, when he came along to see me with a friend. He was very friendly, made me feel completely at ease throughout the shoot, and he's a great laugh :) We're already talking about our next shoot.

Very much recommended by me! See you again soon :)

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Had the best time shooting with Luis at Platts Eyot last weekend. He had a great insight in the mood he wanted to give to his photography, and directed me perfectly into achieving it. Very happy with an image I've got back. I told him about dance and its history, and he educated me in classical music and Portuguese! So I think this will stand us in a good position for some interesting shoots in the future, which we're already thinking about. 😊

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Christian Lewis

Luis is one of the most decent guys you could ever meet. Well respected by models and photographers alike. Luis loves to be creative too. Shot with Luis today and will also be on another tomorrow. So highly recommended by me.

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Natasha UK

I had a shoot today with Luis at a group shoot hosted by two lovely photographers Christian and Shaun at Platts Eyot Island Hampton, I enjoyed my time there today, it’s different and unique to your normal studio or location to shoot in. It was great to work with you and I think we got some great shots. I would like to thank you for coming down, meeting me and shooting with me.

I got home pretty late but it was well worth it, to work with a great, lovely team! I hope to shoot and see you again soon and maybe for another visit to Platts Eyot Island as you know it very well!

Thank you once again! I highly recommend Luis for any project or shoot, he was so polite to me and a true professional! Please lets work together again lol...soon?



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Ria Fantastic

Luis attended both slots of a group shoot that I ran with Christian Lewis of LewisLloyd on Platts Eyot island.

What a great guy! Him being Portuguese already predisposed me to liking him but moreover we had an awesome time because he's so easy to get along and joke with. He made our shoots extremely enjoyable.

Can't wait to see our pictures!

Ria x

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